Past Army Athletic Association Award Winners

The prestigious Army Athletic Association Award is awarded annually to the male and female cadet who displays the "most valuable service to intercollegiate athletics during a career as a cadet." The award is traditionally presented during the Awards Convocation just prior to graduation. This year marked the 105th anniversary of the AAA Award that was first awarded to football player Horatio Hackett in 1904.

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AAA Award Winners (listed by year)

Year Awarded 
 1904  Horatio Hackett   Football
 1905  Ernest Graves  Football 
 1906  Charles Rockwell   Football
 1907  Lewis Watkins  Football
 1908  George Beavers  Football
 1909  Frank Besson  Football
 1910  Edgar Burr  Football
 1911  Alexander Surles  Football
 1912  Archibald Arnold  Football
 1913  Charles Lyman  Football
 1914  Frank Milburn  Football
 1915  Leland Hobbs  Football
 1916  William Britton  Football
   Robert Neyland^  Baseball/Football 
 Apr. 1917  Charles Gerhardt  Football
 Aug. 1917  Edwin House  Football
 June 1918  Elmer Oliphant%  Football/Baseball/Basketball/Track & Field
 Nov. 1918  Eugene Vidal  Football
 1920  Earl "Red" Blaik  Football
 1922  Francis Greene  Football
 1923  Walter White  Football
 1924  George Smythe  Football
 1925  William Wood  Football
 1926  John Roosma  Basketball
 1927  Maurice Daly  Football/Hockey
 1928  Harry Wilson  Football/Lacrosse
 1929  Louis Hammack  Football
 1930  Richard Hutchinson   Football
 1931  John Malloy  Football
 1932  Ray Stecker  Football
 1933  Lawrence Lincoln  Football
 1934  Harvey Jablonsky  Football
 1935  Joseph Stancook  Football
 1936  William Grohs  Football/Hockey
 1937  Charles Meyer  Football
 1938  Harris Rogner  Football
 1939  Henry Sullivan  Football
 1940  Harry Stella  Football
 1941  William Gillis  Track & Field/Football
 1942  Raymond Murphy  Football
 1943  Jan. Vasco Fenili  Football
 1944  John Hennessey  Football
 1945  Dale Hall  Football/Basketball
 1946  Max Minor  Football
 1947  Glenn Davis  Football/Track & Field
 1948  Charles Nash  Track & Field
 1949  James Rawers  Football
 1950  Arnold Galiffa  Football
 1951  Harold Shultz  Football
 1952  Dick Shea  Track & Field
 1953  Donal Fuqua  Football
 1954  Lowell Sisson  Football
 1955  Godwin Ordway  Football
 1956  Ralph Chasnauskas   Football/Hockey
 1957  Robert Kyasky  Football
 1958  Thomas Harvey  Hockey
 1959  Pete Dawkins  Football/Hockey
 1960  Robert Anderson  Football
 1961  Harold Hannon  Basketball
 1962  Al Rushatz  Football/Wrestling
 1963  Mike Natvig  Wrestling
 1964  Bill Straub  Track & Field
 1965  Ronald Butterfield  Football
 1966  Mike Silliman  Basketball/Baseball
 1967  John Boretti  Baseball/Soccer/Hockey
 1968  Mike F. Palone  Hockey/Soccer
 1969  Charlie Jarvis  Football/Lacrosse
 1970  Lynn D. Moore  Football/Lacrosse
 1971  Dan Scioletti  Hockey/Soccer
 1972  Ray Ritacco  Football/Wrestling
 1973  Leslie Alm  Track & Field
 1974  Jerry Johnson*  Baseball
 1975  Dorian Anderson  Sprint Football/Wrestling
 1976  Dennis Trujillo  Track & Field
 1977  Ted Kanamine  Swimming
 1978  Gary Winton  Basketball
 1979  Clennie Brundidge  Football
 1980  George Mayes  Football
   Terry Tepper  Track & Field
 1981  Michael Fahnestock  Football/Track
   Kim Hall  Basketball/Softball
 1982  Mark Palzer  Wrestling
   Kevin Kullander  Football
   Harlene Nelson  Track & Field
 1983  Mike Williams  Football
   Eileen Mulholland  Basketball/Softball
 1984  George Slabowski  Lacrosse
   Tracy Hanlon  Track & Field/Basketball
 1985  Nate Sassaman  Football
   Randy Cozzens  Basketball
   Lelia True  Tennis
 1986  Don Smith  Football
   Julie DelGiorno  Basketball
 1987  Kevin Houston  Basketball
   Laurie Goetz  Basketball
 1988  Tory Crawford  Football
   Linda Schimminger  Basketball
 1989  Tyno Carter  Track & Field
   Ann Wycoff  Swimming
 1990  Benjamin Barnett  Football
   Diana Wills  Track & Field
 1991  Mike Mayweather  Football
   Colleen McCabe  Softball
 1992  Myreon Williams  Football
   Jacob Garcia  Wrestling
   Kim Kawamoto  Basketball
 1993  Mike McElrath  Football
   Gina Scarsella  Basketball
 1994  Jason Stewart  Track & Field
   Tara Williams  Soccer
 1995  Mark Houston  Football/Baseball
   Mikell Harper  Sprint Football
   Catherine Gaffigan  Cross Country
 1996  Steve Marshall  Gymnastics
   Alexis Albano  Soccer/Track & Field
 1997  Brad Fenske  Wrestling
   Ron Leshinski  Football
   Susie Corlett  Softball
 1998  Jarret Mathews  Wrestling
   Mike Scioletti  Baseball
   Holly Pedley  Soccer
 1999  Andy Lundbohm  Hockey
   Joe Novak  Swimming
   Heather Lawson  Track & Field
 2000  Brian Gebhardt  Track & Field
   Shaun Salmon  Baseball
   Sarah Hatton  Softball
 2001  Marshall Clay  Tennis
   Heidi Borden  Swimming
 2002  Omari Thompson  Football/Track
   Nicki Robbins  Softball
 2003  Dustin Greenhill  Gymnastics
   Lauren Rowe  Soccer/Track & Field
 2004  Jeff Weaver  Track & Field
   Katie Macfarlane  Basketball
 2005  Phillip Simpson  Wrestling
   Marissa Limsiaco  Tennis
 2006  Carlton Jones  Football
   Brad Roberts  Hockey
   Chelsea Haviland  Swimming & Diving
 2007  Milan Dinga  Baseball
   Nick Hill  Baseball
   Meghan Venable-Thomas   Track & Field
 2008  Chris Abalo  Rifle
   Cole White  Baseball
   Katelin Grant  Track & Field
 2009  Zach McKelvie  Hockey
   Elizabeth Lazzari  Volleyball
 2010  Matt Kyler  Wrestling
   Lindsey Adao  Diving
 2011  Jeremy Boltus  Lacrosse
   Erin Anthony  Basketball
 2012  Andrew Rodriguez  Football
   Kelly Buck  Rifle
 2013  Garrett Thul  Lacrosse
   Ariana Mankus  Volleyball
 2014  Kip Webber  Gymnastics
   Molly McGuigan  Soccer

 ^ Robert Neyland was undefeated heavyweight boxing champion for three years running among the Corps (1914-16).
*Jerry Johnson was Brigade Boxing Open Champion and New York Golden Gloves Champion in 1974.
%Elmer Oliphant also earned monograms in boxing, hockey and swimming.

The Army Athletic Association Special Award is not awarded on an annual basis, but only presented when a worthy candidate arises. The Special Award is presented to a cadet-athlete for "exhibiting outstanding achievement and exemplary leadership in athletic competition."


Special Award Winners (listed by year)


 Year   Name   Sport 
 1966  Frank Kobes   Soccer/Hockey/Lacrosse 
 1968  Greg Camp  Track & Field
 1970  Gary Steele  Football/Track & Field
 1978  Curt Alitz  Track & Field/Swimming
   Leamon Hall  Football
 1981  Dena Caradimitropoulo   Basketball
 1983  Cardwell Williams  Track & Field
 1984  Dave Cannella  Rifle
   Alma Cobb  Basketball/Track
   Melody Smith  Basketball
 1986  Dennis Semmel  Wrestling
 1987  Paul DiGironimo  Wrestling
   John Van Sant  Swimming
   Clare Hramiec  Swimming
 1989  Greg Gadson  Football
   Kim Seminiano  Track & Field
   Teresa Sobiesk  Track & Field
 1990  Jen Fleming  Basketball/Softball
 1996  Ian Winer  Hockey
 2000  Travis Burns  Tennis
 2006  Micky Mallette  Basketball
   Ashley Magnani  Basketball
   Adrienne Payne  Basketball
   Megan Vrabel  Basketball
   John Walker  Lacrosse
 2008  Mike Viti  Football
 2009  Sarah Goss  Soccer
 2010  Elizabeth Betterbed  Soccer