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The Army softball team will kick off its season Feb. 27 at the NFCA Leadoff Classic in Columbus, Ga. Senior team captain Ashlie Christian will be keeping a running diary throughout the season, so check back frequently to get the inside scoop on the Army softball team!

March 7

This week was a long and busy one, and we were all still tired from our trip to Georgia too. We always get a lot of work to do in all of our classes the two weeks before spring. I had two WPRs (written partial reviews, our equivalent to a test or midterm) which were all worth a large portion of the grade for the semester. I also had a law paper due.

We didn't have practice on Monday, so I went in to the training room and did physical therapy for my shoulder. The weather was beautiful, the temperature was in the low 60's which was so nice. Tuesday coach talked to us about the weekend and then we worked on defense for all of practice. The weather was pretty nice again and it felt good to actually be out on our field practicing. Wednesday proved to be primarily an offensive practice.

Thursday morning I had my two hour Design of Steel Structures WPR, which somehow I managed to survive. I went to practice and we had a seven inning scrimmage, and then we put the tarp on the field because it was supposed to rain. Practice went pretty well this week. It was the first week that we'd actually been able to get outside. It was great and we had very good practices in all week.

Friday I had my Business Law WPR, which I also got through. We lifted that day instead of practicing because of the rain. That night my regiment went to watch the Brigade Open Boxing Championships. Katie Thomen was boxing in one of the women's bouts, so a lot of the girls on the team were also there to support her. Saturday after breakfast and breakfast formation, we had the rest of the day off. Those of us that were around went down to the field to take the tarp off so that the field would dry off and be ready for our game the next day.

Today (Sunday) we had our first home doubleheader. The game was supposed to be next Tuesday, but because of weather forecasts they had pushed it up to today. In the first game, Iona scored first with a home run, but Nikki (Posey) hit an RBI double to tie the game up. The game stayed tied until extra innings when Iona managed to push across the winning runs in the 8th. We were all disappointed. I knew we had to get a win under our belt and got it in the second game.

Ronnie (Veronica Lauzon) ripped a two-run shot off the top of the scoreboard to put us up to an early 2-0 lead. Nikki added another homer, and Lisa (Huntington) and Darcy (Wilson) each had doubles to add more runs on the board. Chris (Stauffer) pitched a great game, and the defense played well too. Things finally just came together and everything clicked. It was such a good feeling after the game was over to have that mark in the win column. All of us felt relieved that we had gotten the win, and it wasn't just a close one-run game. We won by six runs, it was a great way to end the night.

Very Respectfully,

CDT CPT Ashlie I. Christian
Company D-2 2004
Captain, Softball Team


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