USA Men's Basketball National Team Quotes

Aug. 18, 2014

Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski (USMA '69)
(ref.: having your team visit West Point)
"What an honor. You walk around this place and you just feel good about being an American. You feel a little bit more proud of being a USA Basketball player or coach. That is what we wanted our guys to get today. You can talk about it and see it, but today we all had a chance to feel it. That is why we do these things with the military."

 (ref.: on today's experience)
A day like today is one of the most important days because these guys get a chance to feel like an American. Feeling what it is to be on a U.S. team. We have done that with all of our teams. We have gone to the Arlington Cemetery, the Statue of Liberty and gone to visit wounded warriors. To spend a day here is better than any offensive or defensive drill you can have. It bonds the team together and that is what today was about."

(ref.: on coming back each year)
"I come back each year because they have an award named after me and I get to speak with the Corps of Cadets. I love West Point. It is the foundation of who I am."

(ref.: on creating your foundation)
"Well you go to the best leadership school in the world and something has got to rub off, the understanding of teamwork and not accepting failure. I never take my West Point ring off, along with my wedding ring. I was married here on graduation day at West Point. It has been a pretty neat place for me and I lived here for five years when I coached, so it's been a cool place."

(ref.: what is the first place you visit when you come back)
"There isn't one place. I come and visit the Academy. I retrace and relive, like anybody would if they were coming back to their old neighborhood."

 (ref.: on bringing the team back to West Point)
"You just can't talk about or see a movie on this place. You need to feel this place and our guys were able to do that and the Academy did a marvelous job on providing opportunities for us at the cemetery and we got a chance to eat lunch with the corps. It was great to see the obstacle course and the survival swimming class." 

Assistant Coach Jim Boeheim
(ref.: on your day at West Point)
"It's was a great day, we started at the obstacle course and the swimming demonstration this morning then lunch with the cadets, it was just great to come here and see West Point."

Assistant Coach Tom Thibodeau
(Ref: experience at West Point)
"It was a great team building day for us. This is a majestic place and it was beautiful to be up here. We've heard Coach K talk about West Point a lot and it was great for us to have the opportunity to be here and see the history at West Point and share the experience with all the cadets. It was a spectacular day for our team."

Assistant Coach Monty Williams
(Ref: experience at West Point)
"We had an awesome time. This institution is a place I have great respect for, especially because I have some family members who have served in the military. From touring West Point, I have more respect for what these people do day in and day out to prepare themselves to protect our country."

ESPN talent Jay Bilas
(ref.: spending the day at West Point)
"I loved it. I've been here before, and most every time I've been it's been with Coach K. Having played for him, he would always talk with reverence about West Point and you could always tell it was something that was incredibly meaningful to him. When I came back with him the first time, I was blown away by it. Every time I come back, my appreciation for the Corps of Cadets and what West Point is all about grows. It was a real honor for the players on the men's national team to be here, and I think they took so much from it. Coach K says, `you can't just tell someone something, they have to feel it.' When he brings you here, you leave with an amazing feeling about the place that people just couldn't describe."

G Stephen Curry
(ref.: experiencing West Point)
"Some of my family and friends have stepped foot on this campus, but to be here in person and to see what the cadets' day-to-day is like and to see where most of that service starts is pretty amazing. They treated us well the whole day, gave us a huge welcoming applause in the Mess Hall and just felt welcomed. This is a day I'll remember for a long time."

G DeMar DeRozan
(ref.: your visit to West Point)
"It was a great experience, we definitely had fun. I was good to get out here and see what these cadets go through with military training and school at the same time."

F Kenneth Faried
(ref.: your favorite part about U.S.M.A.)
"My favorite part was just being out here meeting the people and the kids, I love that part. The Army gives so much to us so it is so nice to give it back to them.  Just as much as I look to them for protection they look up to me basically to entertain them and it was great to be out here to give back to them."

G James Harden
(ref.: favorite part about your visit to West Point)
"Just being on campus and seeing what the cadets go through every single day. They go to class, have to train, get prepared and we got to see it all firsthand so that was an unbelievable experience."

F Gordon Hayward
(ref.: visiting West Point)
"It was an unbelievable experience. To come to an Academy like West Point and tour it a bit and see what the cadets do on a daily basis is pretty incredible. It is a pretty extraordinary commitment for these guys at such a young age. We're training for a world cup game and they are training for a war. It puts things in perspective for you."

G Kyrie Irving
(ref.: spending day at U.S.M.A.)
"It was an awesome experience to get to see what the cadets go through on a daily basis. I met a few officers and saw how they spend their days. We didn't want to intrude too much but it was a great opportunity to get a feel for what they go through."

G/F Kyle Korver
(Ref: experience at West Point)
"It was my first time being here at West Point. Having the chance to talk to all the cadets and seeing what their day is like and asking why they wanted to be here was a great experience. You watch all the organization and see the rules and guidelines that everyone lives and operates by and how they work together is just a really cool thing to see. We also were able to practice here and have some fun and it was just a really good day."

G Damian Lillard
(ref.: visiting U.S.M.A.)
"It was a great experience just to see what the cadets go through with the military requirements they have, the workouts, the tests under pressure, and then have to go to these tough classes and survive away from home. I enjoyed the experience."

 F Chandler Parsons
(ref.: favorite part about visiting West Point)
"Seeing the cadets do the underwater survival test was unbelievable, I've never witnessed anything like that."

F Mason Plumlee
(ref.: time at West Point)
"It has been great. Going from the cemetery to the Mess Hall and seeing some of the landmarks around campus has been really fun for us. It was a great first trip for me."

G Derrick Rose
(ref.: visit to the Academy)
"It opened my eyes to a lot of things, went to the cemetery, saw the survival pool course, it was really cool. That's something I've never experienced before and I'm happy that I did it with the USA team."

G Klay Thompson
(Ref: experience at West Point)
"I have so much respect for these cadets who serve our country. It was cool to see what they go through on a daily basis and the grind that they embrace is motivation for me. Seeing how great of shape they are in is really impressive and shows how hard they work. I feel like this is one of the best institutions in the world."

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