Blog: Journey To The Tourney With Jordan Elliott

Jordan Elliott

Jordan Elliott

March 20, 2014

Jordan Elliott is a senior tri-captain of Army's women's basketball team. She will chronicle the team's journey to the NCAA Tournament following the Black Knights' 2014 Patriot League title run.

Zeroing In: After a couple of days of skill-focused practices, we're really starting to buckle down on our opponent. A lot of our focus has been centered on ourselves, and for good reason. Sunday's game presents a unique challenge but we are well aware that we are playing the same game we've been playing all season long. Sunday is about execution and grit.

Outside of our on-court preparation, the team has also taken advantage of the ample down time we have while the Corps is on Spring Break. Team dinners, couch surfing at ORs' houses, and the occasional retail therapy have made our break from academics all the more enjoyable. Despite all of the freedom that we have this week, we still choose to spend a majority of it together, as a family. Most times we don't know how to function without one another, and this week has been no exception.

I think that's the greatest preparation that our team can do- continue to trust and rely on the person to your left and right. That's where our success on Sunday lays. Our spirit of "family" and determination has gotten us to this point, and with the addition of greater execution and a little more grit, Sunday's game will be a great display of Army basketball!

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