Blog 1: Journey To The Tourney

Jordan Elliott

Jordan Elliott

March 18, 2014

Mission Accepted: March 18, 2014

What do you do after taking the Patriot League by storm? Celebrate a little and then you get right back to work because that's what we do best. We've received another opportunity to suit up alongside one another to battle it out the only way we know how.

Coming off the excitement of yesterday's NCAA Selection Show (being on ESPN is kind of a big deal!), we knew it was time to hunker down for our next game against the four seed, Maryland. Needless to say, the Terps present a challenge. That's what is so exciting about being a part of the tournament- we get to really prove what Army is made of. Today's practice took us "back-to-basics" and it was great to have the opportunity to hone in on our individual skills. Today was about refocusing our sights. Now that we have our next target in sight, all we need to do is execute the mission, as ordered. And if the Army has taught us anything, we know how to carry out an order.

Check back tomorrow for another look into our journey to the tourney!

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