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Senior Tripp Johnson will author a blog throughout the week leading up to the annual Army-Navy Star Match on Saturday, April 9. The Black Knights host Navy at Lichtenberg Tennis Center at 1 p.m. Johnson is the lone senior on Army's 2011 roster and hails from Hickory, N.C.

Army-Navy Week: Friday

As much as this season and semester have flown by, to me this week was in warp speed.  I woke up Friday and couldn't believe that we would see a bus full of Midshipmen rolling up in the next few hours. 

The men's and women's tennis teams hosted all of the Brigade Tactical Department for a morning PT (physical training) session so a handful of us, Allen Xu, Josh Cook, Rommel Verano, Andrew Clark, and I showed up to the tennis center around 0600 to run our TAC officers and NCOs through some tennis drills.  I have taught a lot of tennis, mainly to younger kids, but dealing with all of the TACs was an entirely different challenge.  Not only do we have ZERO authority to tell them what to do but they were more rambunctious and destructive than any group of kids I have ever dealt with. The challenge of the day was who could get the most pegs on their fellow TAC counterparts. 

After dealing with an interesting morning of tennis clinics, I had the pleasure of visiting the dentist to have a few cavities filled before my lone class of the day, Military History.  After class I met Coach Rowley for a bite of lunch at Grant Hall with his fiancée, Martha.  I then went up to Kimsey with Kush and "Big Country" Holland for a workout consisting mainly of shoulder mobility in order to get us loose for the match tomorrow. 

Our practice began after we finished our workout and we did our typical pre-match warm-up and drills which left the team in high spirits as we departed the Malek Tennis Stadium.  At the end of practice we were alerted that if Congress couldn't pass a budget by midnight that all varsity athletics would be cancelled.  As hyped up as this week as been with Army-Navy tennis, baseball, and track and field, it would be nothing short of a small tragedy if we were unable to battle it out for our respective Stars. 

The team went to dinner at Fridays and besides the usual rousing of freshmen and other shenanigans we were aware of the possibility that we would not be playing the next day.  After dinner we headed back to school and I waited anxiously by my computer for any word on whether we would be playing. 

Just before midnight after hitting "Refresh" on Google news for the hundredth time I saw that a 72 hour extension for Congress was given.  Our match is on!  That news was a huge relief as we have alumni events and many of us have family and friends coming up for the match.  At midnight I figured it was best I get to bed before a big day.  I hope to see many of you out at the match tomorrow, it should be a great day of competition. GO ARMY! SINK NAVY!

Real time updates from the match will be on Twitter @armymenstennis.  GO BLACK KNIGHTS!

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