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Tripp Johnson Blog - Thursday

Senior Tripp Johnson will author a blog throughout the week leading up to the annual Army-Navy Star Match on Saturday, April 9. The Black Knights host Navy at Lichtenberg Tennis Center at 1 p.m. Johnson is the lone senior on Army's 2011 roster and hails from Hickory, N.C.

Army-Navy Week Blog: Thursday

The day started a little later for me as I didn't have to get up until 0645 to make it to formation and breakfast with my company.  After that I had about an hour before my three classes (Law, Political Economy, and Golf) which I tried to spend time doing homework but as our big weekend approaches academics seem to be on the backburner, I'm hoping most of my teachers aren't reading this...

Anyway, lunch was Rueben sandwiches, a personal favorite of mine from the mess hall.  After lunch I went in to my Game Theory instructor's office to get additional help on an upcoming project before it was off to practice.  Big Country, Kush, and I showed up a little early so we could get in a couple hours of tennis before going up to Kimsey for a work out.  Today was just about ideal for tennis, somewhere around 60 degrees, sunny, and no wind.  The team looked strong throughout practice as we are adjusting to playing outdoor tennis rather smoothly. 

Our workout at Kimsey was a "functional lift" so instead of using a lot of weights there was more tennis specific exercises using mainly bodyweight and a variety of other interesting devices (swinging big ropes, TRX, bosu balls, etc).  It was a full body workout but designed to leave us fresh for the next day. 

With Thursdays come mandatory spirit dinner where the Corps is given a theme (last night it was '70s night) however I don't think anyone on our team was trying to win the best dressed award as many of us came straight from working out or practice.  After dinner I had to go to a law briefing which consumed a few hours of my evening before doing a little reading for Military History.  I called it a night around midnight deciding that I better get some rest before the men's and women's team host the Brigade Tactical Department (all of our company TACs, RTOs, etc.) at 0630.  I am sure it will be interesting to see our TACs trying to play tennis and you can look forward to some interesting stories I imagine.  Navy is only about 36 hours away, the competitive juices are already flowing. 


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