Tripp Johnson Blog - Tuesday

Senior Tripp Johnson will author a blog throughout the week leading up to the annual Army-Navy Star Match on Saturday, April 9. The Black Knights host Navy at Lichtenberg Tennis Center at 1 p.m. Johnson is the lone senior on Army's 2011 roster and hails from Hickory, N.C.

Army-Navy Week Blog: Tuesday

It's never easy to jump back into the school routine after a good weekend of tennis and today was no different.  The day started at 0630 with our regiment having its weekly haircut and uniform inspection followed by mandatory breakfast with my company.  After breakfast I had three classes which took me up to lunch with the team.  It was taco Tuesday at the mess hall so that is always a good morale booster.  Everyone was in good spirits though it seems like most people have a lot of school work to get done while we get our minds, bodies and tennis games ready for the big Star Match this weekend. 

As usual after lunch I headed up to Kimsey to get a work out in with Gary "Kush" Kushnirovich and we were followed shortly after by Alex Holland.  Then it was time to head up to the tennis center.  The team had the day off, though that didn't stop a few of us from hitting for a couple, but most of the team took the day to focus on academics before we ramp up the intensity in practice the next few days. 

As I mentioned yesterday, I can't believe our season is winding down with only Navy and our Hudson Valley rival Marist left for the regular season.  Besides the match against Navy in four days I am also looking forward to graduation and that means knocking out many requirements, doctors appointments, uniform issues, etc., so that my stay at the Academy is not unnecessarily extended.  I always thought the seniors last year were making life sound harder than it is but Firstie year is no doubt the best and most stressful of them all.  I better get back to some homework in order to get some good rest before Army Men's Tennis takes the courts again tomorrow in preparation for our much anticipated rivalry. 

Thanks to everyone who supports the Army team and remember you can follow our matches on Twitter @armymenstennis. 


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