Joe Alberici Inducted Into Auburn H.S. Hall Of Fame

This article originally appeared on Thursday, October 9, 2008 in the Auburn (N.Y.) Citizen.

By Jason Gabak / Special to The Citizen

It is difficult to think of Auburn athletics without the Alberici family coming into the picture.

Gino Alberici, one of Auburn's most well known and well respected football coaches and Auburn Athletic Hall of Fame member, passed his skills on to his sons.

In 2007, his son John was inducted into the Hall of Fame and this year, his other son, Joseph, will follow in his family's footsteps into the Auburn Hall of Fame.

Alberici, a 1987 graduate of Auburn High School, has gone on to a great deal of success in the field of athletics, success he attributes directly to the way he grew up.

“Growing up I played everything,” Alberici said.

“Baseball, CYO. Auburn was a great place to grow up and even more now I'm thankful for that. I'm one of five boys and I can't remember a day that we weren't out in the field next to Owasco School, every day after school we were out there playing something.”

By the time he reached high school, Alberici had begun to focus on lacrosse, again following in his older brothers' footsteps.

“As a young guy I really enjoyed baseball,” Alberici said. “My two older brothers played lacrosse and it just seemed like a more natural fit for me.”

Alberici joined the modified team as a freshman and kept working at his game throughout his high school career.

By his junior year, Alberici said he had grown six inches and put on 45 pounds, helping him become a stronger player. In his senior year, he also played football as a quarterback for Bob Adams.

After graduation, Alberici went on to Alfred University, where he played lacrosse and earned his master's degree.

“I was an OK high school lacrosse player,” Alberici said. “In college, my athletic career really grew.”

Alberici said that he had the good fortune of working with Alfred coach Al Brown during his junior and senior years, a factor which helped Alberici grow as a player and earn some impressive accolades. During his senior year, Alberici was one of five Academic All-Americas in the country. He also garnered recognition as a two time All-American, and three time first team all conference, ultimately earning Alberici induction into the Alfred Hall of Fame.

Alberici would go on to serve as a graduate assistant coach for two years while working on his master's degree.

“It was good timing,” Alberici said. “Al Brown was a real mentor to me and he helped me develop my style of coaching.”

Alberici said he knew that coaching was something he wanted to pursue and that he was influenced by Brown as well as his father and Adams during his high school career.

Alberici went on to be head coach at Oneonta for a year, before going on to be an assistant coach at West Point for two years and then moving on to be an assistant coach at Duke for nine seasons.

In 2006, he was offered the opportunity to take over as head coach at West Point.

During his tenure, Army has built on its success.

With 699 wins, it has the fourth most wins of all time. In 2007, the team would go on to beat Syracuse, the first win over Syracuse in at least 23 years.

But even with the great success he has had in his career, as a player and as a coach, Alberici is greatly moved by the honor he is receiving here at home.

“It is a tremendous feeling,” Alberici said. “It is a tremendous honor, especially to be in there with my brother and dad. I am very humbled, it is a real honor.”

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