Epp-Ic Thoughts: Blog 2

Feb. 21, 2014

For the second straight season, junior Kevin Epp shares stories, knowledge and general lacrosse team news in his weekly blog entitled "Epp-ic Thoughts."

Epp is a three-year letterwinner and long stick midfielder for the Black Knights. He made his way to West Point from Naperville, Ill.

Week 2

Army Lacrosse Fans welcome back to the second week of the blog. Last week I went over what everyone did this past summer. Some folks travelled to Washington State while others decided to take it easy and go to the Pentagon. No matter the case, everyone had something to do. This weekend was our first away game at VMI, which brought to light yet another tradition on the team: Away game roommates. Some were surprised; some may have been disappointed, all were relieved to finally know who their roommate would be.

Your away game roommate on the team can be crucial to your performance come game time. For a lot of guys on the team, their past roommates have been pivotal in their development not only as lacrosse players, but as people in general. I remember my past roommates vividly. My freshman year I roomed with Coach A and he had me cut up film from our practices earlier in the week; Sophomore year I roomed with Coach Georgalas and we recited pregame speeches together; Junior year I roomed with Coach Mac...I don’t recall what we did exactly but I remember eating a lot of Chinese food and watching Rocky several times. At the end of the day, it was a formative 3 years. Here are a few of the roommate combos on the team this year:

Reaves Klipstein and John Burk (Lunch Box Room)
This room is named ‘The Lunch Box Room’ because both of these roommates have had, or currently own, the coveted lunch box. John Burk in 2011, and now Reaves Klipstein in 2014, who will carry it for us this season. (Read Blog 1 from last year if you don’t know what the lunch box is). What Reeves may lack in the size of his cleft chin, he makes up for in work ethic. Coach probably put this room together for John to mentor Reeves as a new defensemen. However, in my opinion, these two were picked as roommates because of their love for romantic comedy films and dark chocolate. Nicknamed ‘Psycho’, Reeves was forced to sleep in the bathroom because he started to scare John with his pregame rituals.

Max Krieg and Ehret Faircloth (Team West Coast)
Too chill for other roommates, welcome to the West Coast. Max is from California and Ehret is from Colorado. Yoga, conditioner, kale, and Greek yogurt are just a few things you’ll see in this room. Their unofficial slogan is “buy local, strictly organic.” They also like to meditate a few hours before each game and threw a fit when they found out there isn’t a Trader Joes within 100 miles of Lexington. On a side note, Max almost put a Waffle house out of business last week and has been known to put Just-For-Men on his mustache when on break from school. Ehret Faircloth, on the other hand, dresses really well. 

John Glesener and Cole Johnson (The Kennel)
John, AKA Doberman, slept the entire time. Cole watched Breakfast Club and tried to point out Virginia on a map. Both were comfortably asleep before 8:30 p.m.

Gunnar Miller and Nick Isnardi (?)
What an interesting room this is. To start things off, Nick challenged the hotel staff to his “one-slice-one-bite” contest. The contest consists of exactly what you may imagine: one slice of pizza, one bite to eat it. Nick is the current reigning champ but almost lost to Hannah, the hotel manager, this past weekend. He then proceeded to demand that his room only have one twin bed, and no pullout couch. Gunnar had to earn his right to sleep in a bed and was forced to wrestle Nick for it. Although it ended in a draw, Gunnar claims to have won. As his initiation, Nick microwaved Gunnar’s favorite ice cream and claimed he “didn’t know where it went.”

Highlights of the Week

-Ryan Morgan discovered he has the voice of an angel on Bus Karaoke.

-Tom Shade can bench more than your father.

-Jimbo Moore went to high school with a Waffle House employee.

-Ray Horgan drank a gallon of buttermilk.

-Mike Larrabee doesn’t like Almond Joys and has considered becoming a vegan.

See you out at Michie.



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