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Face-Off With Spracks #4

Hockey senior forward Chris Spracklen will once again provide an insiders' look at the Army hockey program. A center from Kennewick, Wash., Spracklen will share his insights, introduce teammates, provide a glimpse into life on the road and much more for the second consecutive season, continuing the long tradition of Army hockey diaries. Click here to read Spracklen's biography.

December 13, 2010

Dear Santa,

As we are approaching that special time of the year, the guys and I have been discussing holiday presents and how we are seeking your assistance this season.

We will get to individual players soon but I think I can speak for the team when we make a request for winter jackets. You have probably given many of these jackets so you know the type, thick, long, sheepskin liners, something appropriate for a team on the East Coast. I see a lot of teams wearing them so there are different models out there. We have been asking for them for many years, so my guess is they are back-ordered. You see, my zipper is busted and we spend a lot of our time in an ice box and pre-game warm-ups outside on the east coast are not very warm. I would recommend dropping them off for Coach Riley and allowing him to distribute the jackets. This way, he can share the credit with you and we won't be as mad at him for the bag skate we will have when we come back from Christmas break.

You were kind enough to assist in bus repairs last year and we are happy to report we are able to watch DVD's on roadtrips this year and we are hopeful you can assist with the jackets.

The guys have all been very busy this semester so we haven't had time to make it to the mall to see you.  Some of the guys gave me their wish lists so I could just give you everything all at once.  Please make sure we get them, it is very important.  Thanks!

Starzy (Andy Starczewski) would like a diagnosis for his right leg.  None of the doctors them have been willing to give him a new leg even though I know he wants one very badly.  I think a comfortable pair of crutches would make him smile.

Mags (Kyle Maggard) would like a small portion of the cookies you collect Christmas night.  You can't possibly eat them all...but Maggard can. 

(Mark) Dube would like a new ring to give his girlfriend.  He likes her very much...and her family too.  Meanwhile, (Alex) McRae is asking for a shotgun.

(Mike) Santee just wants his marbles back...he's losing them rapidly.  

(Drew) Pierson would like a lighter pair of suitcases - his back is starting to hurt from the ones he has now.

(Cody) Omilusik would like at least a dozen of those helicopters they sell in the mall before Christmas.  You know, the ones that break the first time they hit the ground?   He wants one to represent every year that he now has to serve in the Army.  Also, he loves flying and his short attention span makes this a perfect gift.   Additionally, a big, empty box would entertain him for hours as well.

(Brian) Schultz would like some peach fuzz. 

(Anthony) Cadieux would like a week of amnesty from kangaroo court.  He gets maxed out every week and his funds are running low. 

John Clark wants you to employ him in your workshop.  He would fit right in (in terms of height), he works very hard, and he always has a smile on his face.

(Marcel) Alvarez would like his own tiger.  His favorite show is Big Cat Diaries on National Geographic.

(Bryant) Skarda would like a new visor, sticks, skates, hands, shinpads, etc.  He says none of his stuff currently works.

(Cheyne) Rocha would like 20 lbs.

Joey Ammon would like a new pair of walking shoes.  He had to walk a lot this semester and the soles have worn out.  He says the Cadet Store is overpriced.

(Eric) Sefchik, our AI, would like a work computer that doesn't shut down in the middle of games when he is trying to mark the stats.  He gets very angry when this happens, and frankly, I'm tired of listening to it.

I would like a new back.

Thanks Santa,

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