Day And Knights: Blog #1

Bill Day

Bill Day

Nov. 14, 2011

Day And Knights: Blog #1

Senior forward Bill Daywill take Army hockey fans inside the Black Knights throughout the 2011-12 season with his blog Day And Knights. Day has played both forward and defense during his tenure with the hockey program and will offer frequent updates throughout the season.

First off I would like to apologize for the late start to the Army Hockey Diary. Coach Riley was really deliberating over who would take the reins of the blog from Chris Spracklen. He must have forgotten to look my grades from my English classes over the past three years otherwise I would have been the first one eliminated. I want to start by introducing you guys to the new additions to Army Hockey this year. I'll start off with our staff. We were fortunate enough to pick up a great new assistant coach in Mike Warde. Coach Warde comes to us from the University of Alabama-Huntsville, but this isn't his first time at West Point as he was an assistant coach here from `99-`03. He brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the bench. Guys have started to notice that he is a lot different from our previous assistant coach Rob Haberbush. For starters he doesn't eat just yogurt and salads for every meal like Haber, and doesn't train like he is trying to ride in the Tour de France. If anyone is looking for a Christmas gift ideas for him you can start with getting him a pair of hands. Coach is on the verge of putting him on passing restriction during practice

Our other addition to the program is Jason Rule taking over for Tim Kelly as our Athletic Trainer. Jason comes to us from the Muskegon Lumberjacks in the United States Hockey League. There have been rumors floating around the locker room that Pat Ryanis actually older than Jason but I'm still waiting on an official ruling on that one.

Now on to the players: Josh Richards: Known in the locker room as J-Rich or Richie. He is a forward from the South Shore Kings like sophomore Brian Schultz. He is a real entrepreneur having recently taken over the hair cut business run by Jon Bobband has quickly adopted the new nickname of slim fadey due to his talents with the razor.

Mac Lalor: Mac adds to our collection of Massachusetts players as he comes from the Boston Junior Bruins. His name has caused a lot of confusion as the locker room as we already called Alex McRaeby the name Mac so we have to go with Lalor. Coach if you're reading this maybe you can adopt these new nicknames. You have really been confusing us.

Rob Tadazak: "Taz" comes to us from the Michigan Warriors of the North American Hockey League, which has become known as the NHL in the locker since they have recently surpasses the actual NHL in number of teams. Pat Ryanand I have gotten to know Taz real well as he is in the same company as both of us in school and sit at the same breakfast table as us in the morning so hopefully he has been taking notes and can learn a few things from a few grizzled vets.

Zak Zaremba: Tom Doran tried to give Zak the nickname of ZZTOP by putting that on his sticks but I have noticed recently that Zak has been blacking out the TOP part so we just call him Z. He comes to use from the Brockville Braves of the CJHL in Canada, also the former team of captain Marcel Alvarez. Z might be one of the fastest players in the league. We are working on having Joey "Jammin" Ammon come back and have a skate off with Z to award the title of fastest Army Hockey player.

Maurice Alvarez: The younger brother of Marcel Alvarez, "Mo" can usually be found walking around carrying a bag of yogurt covered pretzels. He played last year for Pembroke in the CJHL where he won the RBC Cup, which is Canada's version of the national championship for junior hockey. Cody Ikkalais the other active player on the Army Hockey roster to have won an RBC championship. Having one Alvarez was tough enough for us scout PK players but now that we have both Alvarez's playing together you can almost guarantee that you are going to end up taking a slap shot to the feet.

Matt Walsh: Our last addition to the team, Walshy is a goalie from Lawrence Academy in Massachusetts. Walshy has taken a few years off from hockey as he is a Junior at West Point, but after getting his skating legs back under him it looks like he hasn't missed a beat. It is always nice to have more New England Patriots fans on the team since it makes for a nice Monday when we can chirp them about losing to Eli and the New York Giants again.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about the new additions to the Army Hockey team. Next time I'll be sure to get in to a little more about what goes on during road trips and our recent bad luck with buses.

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