Army mourns loss of former player, officer representative Kennedy

Tom Kennedy

Tom Kennedy

Aug. 10, 2012

By Todd D. Milewski
Executive Editor, USCHO News

Before Tom Kennedy had much of a chance to use his hockey skills to make an impression on the recruiter, he gave that observer all he needed to know with a gesture of compassion and maturity.

Then an Army assistant coach, Brian Riley was on a trip to see Kennedy play for the Salisbury School of Connecticut in the mid-1990s when the game was halted for about an hour because of a major injury.

The injured Salisbury player was on the ice, being tended to by the team coach and athletic trainer.

And there was Kennedy, unwilling to leave his teammate's side.

"I remember thinking, wow, I don't know what kind of player this guy is because I haven't had a chance to see him play," said Riley, now Army's head coach, "but there's something special about him."

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