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March 22, 2005

It has again been a while since I last wrote an entry. We just got back from an exhausting two weeks of playing and traveling. Two weeks ago, we were in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a tournament hosted by Fairfield University. It was nice to get down there and play even though we were somewhat disappointed with how we played. The weather was pretty awful both days thus the reason for the high scores. Granted, we won the tournament, but we all walked out of there wishing we had played better. Nonetheless, a win is a win.

Later that night, we showed up to the airport to find that our flight back to Newark had been cancelled due to weather in the New York area. We had already missed classes on Monday and Tuesday and now we were going to miss Wednesday classes because the earliest flight that we could get out was the next afternoon. We ended up staying in Myrtle Beach that night and getting back to West Point late on Wednesday night.

We got back to West Point only to be leaving again in less than 30 hours from when we had arrived. Eight of us headed to Southern California early on Friday morning for our annual Spring Break Trip. This year, we were able to play some of the best courses in Southern California that included the Los Angeles Country Club and Shady Canyon Country Club. This week served as our getting ready for the stretch run for the rest of the spring season. Playing in the great weather of California does wonders for your game as opposed to the driving ranges of upstate New York where we have been playing throughout the winter.

One of the most exciting parts of the trip was playing with the Men's team at Dove Canyon Country Club, Scott Manley's home course. This team included one PGA tour professional. The rest of the team was better than scratch. We definitely had our hands full, but it was a good time. We did reasonably well against them winning roughly half the matches. Most of them were retired and middle-aged and were able to play golf whenever they wanted so we were happy with the result of winning half the matches.

On Thursday, five of us packed up and headed to Tampa Bay, Florida to play in a tournament hosted by Marshall. We played a course called El Diablo, the Devil in Spanish. The course was just that. It was a very tricked up course that was in pretty bad shape thus the high scores that were shot during the tournament. We played very well during the first 36 holes finding ourselves in the final pairing for the final round and sitting in third out of 19 teams. We sputtered coming in during the final round, but playing with those teams in that situation will certainly help us coming down the home stretch into the Patriot League Championship and NCAA Regionals.

Again, our flight back from Florida was delayed and we did not end up getting back to West Point until 3:30 the next morning. It is going to be nice to have a week off and recuperate from all the playing, traveling, loss of sleep and the missed days of classes. In two weeks, we head to Towson's tournament in Maryland where many District 1 schools will be playing. If we can beat all of them during the tournament, we will almost assure ourselves of an at-large bid to NCAA Regionals. This is going to be a big tournament for us and we are going to have to play well in order to achieve our goal of getting back to Regionals this spring. If we can play well this tournament, it will take a lot of pressure off us during the rest of the season.


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