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Feb. 9, 2005

It has been a while since I last wrote an entry, but I am excited to be doing it again. I'm especially excited because it also means that we are back on the road playing tournaments. I am writing this as we are on the plane heading back to New York. We have been in Houston for the past couple of days playing in Rice's home tournament. A lot has gone on since I last wrote:

We beat Navy in the annual Star Match. It was a great feeling to accomplish something that we have all been wanting so badly for such a long time. None of the current members of the Army Golf Team had ever beaten Navy before we won this year. I know that the seniors were very excited that they could accomplish it before they graduated, and I am glad that the plebes could experience it their first year. We are now going to start our own streak.

It was a long winter in New York this year. The "gloom period" was in full effect and it remains in full effect. We left about a foot and a half of snow behind when we left for Houston. We spent the winter working out as a team three days a week. It was a good way to stay in shape and see some of the other guys on the team. We don't see each other as much as when we are in-season.

Playing this weekend was the earliest that any Army Golf Team has ever played in the spring. It was nice to get down to a little warmer weather and start the spring season. We got in a day earlier than we normally do for tournaments, and spent the day practicing and playing at Champions Golf Club. Champions is one of the more famous courses in the country. It has hosted Ryder Cups, and most recently the Tour Championship. We had the privilege to meet 1956 Master's Champion and Hall of Famer Jackie Burke. He talked with us for a few minutes, then came out to the range, and worked with a few of us on our approach to the game and our swings. It was certainly something that I will remember for a long time. We also were able to play golf with a class of 1971 graduate, Mr. Dick Graf. He was classmates with the current Superintendent and was able to tell some good stories about his days at West Point and in the Army. It was a great opportunity to meet and spend time with him.

I think that the tournament went well for us. After not seeing grass for the past 4 months, we went out and shot some good numbers. The first day of the tournament was scheduled for 36 holes, but we were only able to get in 18 because the weather was so poor. After nine holes during the first round, the weather got so bad that they called us all in. After about two hours, we were called back out to finish our rounds. The weather had not gotten any better, but they wanted us to finish at least 18 so that we could turn it into a 36-hole tournament. We put up a good number considering that it was our first round of the spring and the weather was so bad. I think that we play just as well in bad weather since we are so used to playing in the Northeast so often. The weather for the second day of the tournament was a lot more of what I expected from Texas---sunny. We improved on our team score from the first day by a couple of shots. Overall, I think that it was a very successful tournament for us. I hope that we can build on this these next couple of months and make a run at the NCAA Regionals again this year. We are off now for the next four weeks. During the first week of March, we are going to be traveling to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. That is when our season will really get going. I am looking forward to hitting the road again and winning another Patriot League Championship.


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