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Austin Luher Diary

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Sept. 21, 2004

Well, our season got started on the right track. We just got back from Central Connecticut's golf tournament, and we won! We won the tournament by seven strokes, beating most of the top teams in our district. One of our plebes, Patrick Beverly, played so well and won the tournament by playing as an individual. I hope he can keep up the good play and help us to be the team that we want to be. Another plebe, Joey Cave, played awesome for the Varsity in his first collegiate tournament. I hope that this is a sign of things to come. Who knows what this team can do if all our guys are playing well!

The tournament was initially supposed to be a 36-hole tournament. The first day was rained out due to Hurricane Ivan reaching the Northeast. It wasn't such a bad thing because we all got to watch the Ryder Cup matches. It was nice to have a day to relax. They re-scheduled the tournament to begin and end on Sunday. We played 27 holes on three different 9-hole courses. We were familiar with the first 18 holes, but most of us had never seen the final nine holes. We didn't play that great on the third nine holes, but it didn't hurt us because everyone else in the field played worse. We led the tournament after the first 18 holes with a round of 293. We were only leading by one, but then separated ourselves on the final nine holes, and ended up winning by seven. This sets us up well in the district, since all of the best teams in our district were there except for one team.

This weekend we are heading to the Service Academy Classic. There will be only four teams there: Air Force, Navy, Merchant Marines and us. This is the favorite tournament of the year for us for reasons other than golf. The tournament is held every year in Dallas, and we all stay at homes of past academy grads. My plebe year, I stayed with a retired General who graduated from West Point in 1958. That was a great experience, and I truly learned a lot from spending time with him. They treat us very well, and we are all looking forward to going this year. I think we are more focused this year than we have been in the past. We have a great shot at beating Navy this year and even knocking off Air Force, who has won the tournament for the past nine years. We need to set the tone against Navy this week, and show them that we are ready this year. We have the experience, depth and talent to beat them every time that we face them this year. It's only three weeks until the annual "Star" match, which will be held at West Point.

Go Army Golf!

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