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Alex Williams is in his first season as an assistant coach with the Army golf team and will be providing blog entries as the Black Knights compete at the NCAA Arizona Regionals. Williams played for Oregon State for four seasons and was a two-time captain before earning his degree in History and joining the Army staff. Army opens the 54-hole, 14-team regional Thursday morning.

May 21, 2011

Golf. Well I'll rephrase, sport, can often times put a veil over what is really important. People who are true competitors consume themselves with bringing out their best. Early morning workouts, practicing long hours in the rain and cold, all to gain an advantage, to get better. All of this is great and many people are praised for this quality but without some perspective on what is truly important, it is all worth nothing. That perspective came tonight in the form of a well-prepared steak.

Matt Krembel is in a unique situation Unlike all of the other Firsties at West Point who are going through the graduation ritual back on post, Matt is with his team. This could be seen as unfortunate because of just how special and gratifying graduation from West Point is to the cadet. But Matt is having a special graduation of his own. First off he gets to compete for the chance to play in a National Championship. Second it is at a beautiful setting with perfect weather. Last, with the hard work of his dad Denny and our very own Major James Schreiner, he is getting an experience he will never forget.

Tonight we dined in his honor. Perfectly prepared steaks and a 'roasting' of the guest of honor were intertwined with sentimental words from family members. The night was filled with holding off tears for a loved one and laughs at our favorite memories. The time was spent with people who care about each other and love each other enough to celebrate just that. It was a perfect evening.

And that moment truly outweighs the golf this week. The guys played great golf today and although we didn't quite finish off the round like we would have liked we know we are alive and well, surrounded by people who care. The score will either be better or worse tomorrow but the perspective of that steak is the victory.


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