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Alex Williams is in his first season as an assistant coach with the Army golf team and will be providing blog entries as the Black Knights compete at the NCAA Arizona Regionals. Williams played for Oregon State for four seasons and was a two-time captain before earning his degree in History and joining the Army staff. Army opens the 54-hole, 14-team regional Thursday morning.

May 19, 2011

I've been with the team since January. In that short time I've got to know the weather in the Northeast, and I'm going to stand by my opinion - it's not the best golf weather. Aside from our trip to San Diego in February and the Patriot League Championships, weather has been a defining obstacle for Army Golf. Florida, rain. Towson, snow. Philadelphia, cold and windy. Penn State, rain out. Rhode Island, storm out. And this doesn't include the number of times we have practiced in some of the Northeast's "finest" weather. Bad weather defines Army Golf and we have gotten a rough deal this winter.

I spoke about the fortitude of this team earlier, how they just believe. And after today's practice round when Tucson got a break from its beautiful 90-degree average temperatures with a "hard to handle" 80 degrees and a little wind, I feel Army Golf is being rewarded. This place is a gift, a blessing, and the guys are truly appreciating the fortune we have to be here.

Eighty degrees and a little wind are in today's forecast, to be followed by 75 degrees with a little breeze, then 80 and sunny, and finally 90 and sunny. Tough to handle while the Northeast is being pounded with torrential down pours. But this experience is not just the weather, the resort is phenomenal. We wake up a lag putt from the 9th green, maybe only a flip wedge from the breakfast table and short iron to the driving range (For those of you without your golf dictionaries, that translates to close, really close, and "wow, I think I can see my bed from here" close). Not only is the driving range nearby but it is stocked with Titleist Pro-V1X practice balls, the equivalent to a Rolex in golf ball standards. And then the golf course is in perfect condition, with "the best greens I've ever putted," quoted numerous times by the team (pretty neat). To top that off, the course is PGA Tour quality, having held the Tucson Open in the late 90's and early 2000's, (One of the best!). Top that off with some fine dining at a local Mexican restaurant where not only do they make fresh salsa in front of you, but a mariachi band will sing happy birthday to you six times (surprise win).

All in all it boils down to this, someone has been looking out for our rain soaked, windblown, snowed-in bodies, and we sure do appreciate the gift!


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