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Bowl Quotes - Day 4

Senior LB Steve Anderson
(Ref.: Being to a bowl for the first time since 1996)
"We've been greeted with open arms since we arrived and have been shown endless support. We're just thankful for the opportunity to be here and able to bring so much more excitement to this game. Everything is multiplied with us being a military academy and this being the Armed Forces Bowl. It's definitely something that is appropriate."

(Ref.: What this game means to those serving)
"Ultimately, the soldiers that we're going to end up leading - the great men and women we have in this country - will be a privilege to lead. Being able to play this game, we're the lucky ones and the impact we have on men and women overseas who may be watching the game, it definitely humbles you."

(Ref.: Being labeled as the underdog)
"We're a program on the rise. We like being the underdog in games and like earning the respect of our opponents. The legacy we want to leave behind is that opponents are going to start respecting Army football again. They are going to start to have to understand that this team brings it every single play, every single week."

(Ref.: Recovering from the Navy loss)
"The ball just didn't bounce our way that game, but you can't live in the past. We have a great opportunity coming tomorrow. It's an opportunity to seize the moment and take advantage of one last chance us seniors have. As bad as this senior class want to win this game, the younger guys want to win it for us because they've seen how much we've put into this program."

Senior DE Josh McNary
(Ref.: Playing in his home state of Texas)

"At the beginning of this season, our schedule didn't have any games taking place in Texas. I thought my last game in Texas would be last year. After having the success we did, I got a huge reward at the end of the season, which is playing in my home state. It's going to allow all of my family members to attend the game."

(Ref.: How much fun this season has been)
"It's always fun to be able to partake in a team sport like this. You embrace each other as brothers, so anytime you get to go out there - win or lose - you get to hang out with your brothers. It's a fun experience. In addition to that, winning is what it's all about. If you're able to win within that brotherhood, it just makes it that much more fun."

(Ref.: Secret to getting a sack)
"There's definitely technique to it, but a lot of it is a fight ever play. You just have to be relentless and persistent. Having those attributes in my tool box is definitely beneficial in my position."

Senior SB Patrick Mealy
(Ref.: Returning to a winning tradition)

"The biggest thing is that the hard work is paying off. Yes, we've had some disappointments throughout the season, but we've continued to work hard. The amount of dedication we put into football is finally showing."

(Ref.: Support of West Point for the program)
"The Corps has always been our biggest supporters, especially now. At the same time, we have to stay humble with that."

(Ref.: How he fits into the offense)
"It's just the nature of this offense. You never know when your number is going to be called, so you have to be ready. You also can't be selfish. The biggest and best leaders aren't selfish. That's kind of where I come in. Previously, I've had a lot of success in terms of numbers. This year is more about being a complete team player."

(Ref.: Difference between going 6-7 or 7-6)
"We want a winning season. We want to bring the winning tradition back to West Point and that means going 7-6."

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