Postgame Quotes


Army Head Coach Stan Brock
“I disappointed in the way we executed, the way that we played and the way I got the team ready. When you lose like that, everyone has to look at themselves, myself included. I am very disappointed for the seniors and our captains. I think they earned and deserved better than going out like that.

“In all my disappointment, I am not discouraged. I feel that we are going in the right direction. I think that this immediate wound is going to heal and we’ll see the positives of where we have been and where we are going. I think things are going to get better.

“You have to give Navy credit. They played a heck of the football game. I think, defensively, they played as well as anyone we played this year, and we played some good football teams. I think their coaching staff deserves a lot of credit along with the players.”

(Ref.: how to make the rivalry competitive again)
“I think we just need to continue to work. I think that we’ve got a plan that is in place and that is to build the program. We have made some definite changes and strides, and I don’t think you can base our season and our growth on one football game. I don’t think the difference between the two categories is 34 points. I think we just need to stick with the plan, and go back to work.

(Ref.: the caliber of athlete at Army compared to Navy.)
“I think we are doing a good job of recruiting and we need to keep it going. We had a lot of recruits here today. We had two recruits commit to us on the field today. I think that we have established that we can recruit good players. I don’t think that there is any question that it takes some time to move from a pro-style offense (to the triple option).

This season, we had a quarterback that had his first shot at running the option for a whole year and a coaching staff that had their first shot at running the offense. I think there is a lot we can improve. I think that we are pretty similar (with Navy) in athletes and athletic ability. I think our kids are mentally and physically tough. I just need to make sure I prepare them well enough to play.”

(Ref.: Colin Mooney setting the single season rushing record.)
“He should be proud of breaking that record. He should be proud of the personal goals that he has achieved. You go from three years as a blocking back to just riding him and handing him the ball.  Everyone knows that we are going to hand him the ball. For him to accomplish the things that he did is outstanding. I know someday he will be proud of this, but right now, I’m sure he could care less about it if we had a win, but someday it will mean something to him and his children.

Senior FB Collin Mooney
(Ref.: what Navy’s defense did to stop Army’s offense)
“I said earlier in the week that it would come down to who executes better, and their defense executed better than our offense.”

(Ref: the offense’s difficulty converting on third down)
“That was frustrating for us. Our goal is to get three or four yards a play, and on third down we should be able to convert, but we weren’t able to get it today.”

LB Frank Scappaticci
(Ref.: Navy’s success running with the outside pitch)
 “We have to beat blocks. I know when they go to the weak side, I have to run over and get to the pitch. They were looping the tackle and he was waiting out there, but I still have to beat that block. As a defense, we have to beat blocks outside.”

(Ref.: emotions on the game)
“I’m incredibly disappointed. I’m not really an emotional person, but when I was in the locker room, I was devastated, especially because I wanted to go out and have my best game today, and I don’t think that I did that. Our defense takes a lot of pride in holding people under a certain amount of yards, and we didn’t really reach any of our goals defensively as team, so it’s not a good way to go out.”

(Ref.: looking ahead to next year)
“At this point there is nothing more than I want for my boys on the team than to come back next year and put a whooping on them. I know it hurts them as much as it hurts me. I know all the hours of work that they put in. Hopefully, I can stick around next year and help out coaching because I want it real bad. I want to help get them over the hump.”

(Ref.: what it will take to get Army over the hump)
“Hard work. You have to put things behind you no matter what, and you just have to work. That’s what every college football team that has ever had success has done. Talent takes you to a certain point, but good teams keep working hard and they get better as the season goes on.

Sophomore LB Stephen Anderson
(Ref.: using this game on motivation for 2009)
“We just have to continue to build. We have a good team here with a lot of young guys. What they (the seniors) have taught us through their leadership is something that you can’t describe. It is something you just have to feel. We have to continue to build on that, and the captains next year will have to do the same. The underclassmen just have to keep doing it.”

Junior DE Victor Ugenyi
(Ref.: comparing this year’s loss with last year’s)
“There’s no difference. A loss is a loss. We have to start building off it. We have a lot of younger players that are stepping up like Stephen (Anderson) and Chip (Bowden). That’s something to look forward to how good we can be, but the loss last year and the loss last year are the same thing.”

(Ref.: the defense’s performance)
“We just didn’t execute. That’s the bottom line. You can’t say we didn’t try because everyone was trying hard, but you have to go out there and execute. It’s as simple as that.”

Sophomore QB Chip Bowden
(Ref.: the effect of his injury suffered in practice this week)
“Going into the game, I’d say I was about 90 or 95 percent. The training staff did a good job this past week. I felt my injury didn’t affect my play at all this week.”

(Ref.: Navy’s defensive effort)
“I think Navy did a real good job of taking care of Collin (Mooney). He’s our leading rusher has the most yards and most yards per carry. When you can eliminate someone like that from the game plan, that’s a real good job on their part. We tried to make up for it with the pass. We had some big third down conversions but not enough.”


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