Postgame Quotes - Army vs. Navy


Army Head Coach Stan Brock

“Navy beat us today and is a better football team, but I don’t feel like the score truly indicates our opportunities. With that said, we need to be able to take advantage of those opportunities. We had the ball at the 1-yard line, and another time close to the 10-yard line early, and we came away with no points. We turned the ball over twice on offense and we allowed a return for a touchdown. When you do that against a good football team, it doesn’t take very much for the score to turn out like it did.”

“Defensively, I think we played well enough to win, but I don’t think our offense or our special teams did.

“Navy out-played us and out-hustled us. They came away with plays and we didn’t make plays. I’m disappointed for the seniors and the Corps of Cadets that we didn’t’ give them an opportunity to beat Navy. That is my job and that is what our goal is.”

(Ref.: What Navy did defensively to limit Jeremy Trimble’s production)
“Some of it is the way Navy played him, but he also was not 100 percent and was limited by an injury he suffered during the Tulsa game. He didn’t practice very much the last two weeks and we were hoping we would be able to get something out of him today. We also just couldn’t get the ball to him.”

(Ref.: Tony Dace and his 100-yard rushing performance)
“Navy has the type of defense that we felt we would have the opportunity to run on. Tony did a nice job and so did the offensive line early on, but when we really needed it or had to get a first down, we didn’t come away with it and those things hurt you.

“It ended up that he was really the only running back we had left. We had some guys that got hurt two weeks ago (vs. Tulsa) and some that got hurt during practice. Tony went in and did a nice job. He has done a good job all season and is a hard working kid that will be a good football player for us.”

(Ref.: What he saw today that will be good for the future)
“We have to learn how to finish drives and put points on the board. We drove down to the 1-yard line and fumbled on one drive, and missed a field goal another time to come away with no points. I don’t think this is the game I want to base the future on for our team. We need to play a lot better than we did today. I know that the players are there, the heart is there and the desire is there. As coaches, I know we want to be better. As long as it is not a lack of effort, I think we’ll be alright.”

(Ref.: Senior fullback Mike Viti)
“Mike epitomizes the Army Football program and really the United States Military Academy. He is a guy that is undersized for his position and has played four years with no knees whatsoever. I don’t think there are many people that could walk around with his legs the way they are. He nearly broke his leg two weeks ago (against Tulsa) and not only made it back to play today but practiced all week. Mike Viti is important to this team because his teammates look up to him and respond the way he does. It was too bad he fumbled the ball and I know he is sick about it, but I don’t think it takes away from his character or the person that he is.”

(Ref.: Swinging the rivalry back in Army’s favor)
“First you have to make it a rivalry. 38-3 is not much of a rivalry. I think that we have to play better football. We have to get better players and be able to do a lot of things better. Offensively and on special teams, we need to get better. Defensively for the past two years, I thought we have played pretty well against a very high-powered offense. I think it is an attitude. Winning and all the things that come with it, breed within itself. It is a process that we have to work through.”


Senior LB Brian Chmura
(Ref.: The defensive effort)
“It’s a hard game. They played well. We had a good scheme for them. Defensively, we practiced two weeks hard. I don’t think we had one practice with no pads. I think we were ready. I think we showed them we were ready. We held them pretty well. The score doesn’t reflect how we played defensively. It’s hard to lose this game.”

(Ref.: His feelings after the game)
“It’s hard seeing the seniors, especially because they’re some of my best friends. They’re not going ever play again. Me, I’m not going to play again. It was hard seeing everybody sing first for the fourth time. It was hard seeing everybody in the locker room with tears in their eyes. I had tears in my eyes. Knowing that I’m never going to play again really hurts. It’s a hard concept to grasp right now. It hasn’t hit too hard yet, but I’m sure in the next couple of days I’m going to feel it.”

(Ref.: His dad taking leave from serving in Iraq to come to the game)
“It meant a lot. I wrote, Make him proud,’ on my wristband. I think I have. I always call him every Saturday before the game. It was nice to see him in the stands today and know he got to see my last game.”

(Ref.: Having lost to Navy four times)
“We hear a lot during Navy week about when you go out into the Army your soldiers are going to ask you, Did you beat Navy?’ That’s a big thing for them too. The fact that I’m going to have to say no hurts. Obviously, I don’t know exactly how it’s going to feel when the time comes around, but I know it’s not going to feel good.”

Sophomore QB Carson Williams
(Ref.: Losing the game)
“There’s a lot of hype that goes into it. Practice is intense. You practice, and you really don’t think about the fact that you could lose the game. I guess it’s definitely a shocker, because you do everything you do and the outcome isn’t what you expected. You just have to keep going.”

(Ref.: The offense’s confidence)
“Two weeks ago we were on top of our game, and this week was a completely different team. Confidence level is inconsistent. It’s up, it’s down, it’s up. I’ve been saying it all year, if we can do what we’re capable of doing without shooting ourselves in the foot than it’s a different game, and it would have been the entire year.”

(Ref.: Not capitalizing on opportunities)
“We had our chances and shot ourselves in the foot many times. We got all the way down into the red zone, couldn’t execute and missed a field goal. We had a touchdown pass dropped. It was just that kind of day.”

(Ref.: His thoughts after the first drive)
“At that point it was early in the game and I thought if we got that opportunity and that good of a look early in the game that this would be a good game because we’re going to get many opportunities to score.”

(Ref.: Thinking about this year’s seniors)
“It just emphasizes the fact that it’s that much more important. It’s the second year that I’ve had this feeling, and I would prefer not to have it again.”

Senior FB Mike Viti
(Ref.: Playing for Army)
“That’s what makes it special. That what makes Army football just a little more important because it’s not just about the football.”

(Ref.: His thoughts during the playing of the alma mater)
“It’s almost like the fat lady singing. That’s what the alma mater is like for the seniors. Honestly, one of the thing that’s always helped me through my career is the corps. Some players feed off of that, some don’t. For me, those guys fired me up because those are my classmates. A lot of those guys are my closest friends so I feel like I let them down. It’s really tough to face them because I know they want us to win as much as we do.”

(Ref.: What he can do to help the team now)
“I guess from this point, it’s just helping the guys who can make a difference in the future because it’s good to look back on mistakes and talk about your experience and talk about what’s important to you, and how those hardships aren’t okay. You have to take it on your shoulders. That’s part of being a leader, and that’s part of accepting responsibility because people rely on you. If you don’t make a play or make a mistake, you have to take complete ownership, and you have to live with that.”

(Ref.: The meaning of the game to everyone involved)
“You do play for everyone in the Corps, the Army and former players, but when it comes down to it those 60 minutes are about the guys you spent four years at West Point with. I feel horrible not getting a win for those guys. A lot of the team looks to me to make plays in big situations. We lost, and at some point I have to say that’s my fault. I feel bad for my seniors because I know how close of a friendship and brotherhood we have.”

(Ref.: Playing with his injury)
“If this wasn’t Army-Navy, probably not. The trainers and the doctors looked at it that way too. Even if it’s horrible and I hurt it that much more, it doesn’t really hurt anything and it would probably hurt more to stay out. We have time now to let it heal. It’s one of those things where if it’s not your senior year Army-Navy game, then you probably don’t go.”

Senior WR Jeremy Trimble
(Ref.: His feelings after the game)
“Dedicating four years to winning that one game at the end of the season and not getting it done, now I know how it feels. It hasn’t all set in, yet but it’s going to be that much worse when it does. Hopefully the young guys can learn from the senior class and not have to have this feeling.”

(Ref.:Playing in this rivalry for four years)
“It’s been a great experience. I never really knew about it before I came. That first year, coming out and feeling how big this game was, you could tell how it meant so much to so many people. I’ve been blessed to play in four games and it’s unfortunate how it ended but I cherish the moment.”

(Ref.: Only recording one catch in the game and his injured foot)
“Credit Coach Johnson and his staff. They came with a good scheme that was able to keep the ball out of my hands. The injury didn’t play a factor. I was good until late in the fourth.”

(Ref.: Senior teammate Mike Viti)
“Being on the offensive side of the ball with him, I get to work with him everyday in practice. You get to see how tough the guy is and how much he loves the game. He gives everything to this team and to the game. Even two weeks ago against Tulsa, thinking he might not play today, he tells us at the end of the game, Oh, I’ll be ready. Don’t worry.’ I give credit to him. I looked up to him. He was a role model for the whole team. I’m fortunate enough to play with him for four years and we’ll have a friendship that will last forever.”

Junior RB Tony Dace
(Ref.: The offensive performance)
“I feel like we had a really good scheme against them, and we moved the ball really well, but it’s actually pretty bizarre because we couldn’t get into the end zone. We were on the one, the four, and we just couldn’t get into the end zone. I felt like we moved the ball well, but the players, we just didn’t finish the drives. That’s kind of been a theme throughout this season where it’s been tough for us to finish drives.”

(Ref.: No pass interference call late in the game)
“I’m not going to make excuses. We didn’t finish drives. We moved the ball well, but we just didn’t finish well.”

(Ref.: Thoughts on his performance)
“Obviously, I didn’t do enough to win the football game. I don’t even know how I did. I’ll have to watch the film to see how I did, but our offensive line really protected the ball and made some creases up front. I was confident in those guys. I definitely need to step my game up for next season so we can come out and win some games and beat Navy in my senior year.”

Senior DB Jordan Murray
(Ref.: Reflections on the game)
“It’s the game of football. It takes everybody doing their jobs and we didn’t do our jobs well enough. We’re all disappointed right now. There’s nothing more to say about it.”

(Ref.: His senior teammates)
“We lived together for the last four years. We’re brothers. When you’re hurting you just want to be with the people that are closest to you.”

(Ref.: Thoughts on the season)
“It’s all about the attitude. We’ve been losing for I don’t know how many years now. It’s tough. I mean, this year we kept inching closer and closer but couldn’t put it all together.”

(Ref.: Frustrations with the offense)
“It’s frustrating, but we’re all in this together. If the offense doesn’t pull through on one end, we have to pick our game. That’s kind of how we have each other’s backs. We play as a team. I don’t blame the offense for anything.”

(Ref.: The defense’s performance)
“That’s what I’m disappointed in. You look at the statistics and think the defense played well, but they have a zero in the turnover column. It’s frustrating.”





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