Postgame Quotes - Army vs. Tulsa


Army Head Coach Stan Brock

“Everytime we come out, it is our goal to win the football game and we didn’t’ get that done today. I proud of the way our guys answered the bell after last week (and the loss to Rutgers). The kids came out and played well today and that indicates a lot. It says that they started preparing and practicing well last Sunday. They had the right attitude. They came out and worked and we got better. I’m very proud of them for that.

“Tulsa is a very good football team and I thought we played right with them. The (Tulsa TD at the end of the first half) hurt us, as did missing a field goal and giving up a touchdown at the end of the game.

“I’m proud of the way we played. I’m proud of the way we came out and practiced. We know where we’re going and we think we know how to get there and we have a big game in two weeks.”

(Ref.: The way the offense performed)
“I think the performance tells me about the character of the kids. That is what makes me believe we are going to get where we are going. It would have been easy to roll over and die after last week, and our guys didn’t do that. To play a game, it doesn’t just happen on gameday. It started last Sunday with (the players’) attitudes and preparation to play a very good Tulsa football team. That is a heck of a football team we just played.

“Offensively, we made some good reads and the offensive line played better. It was really the first time this season we had that group (of offensive linemen) in there (together). That was the most experience we’ve had on the line all year. Carson (Williams) played well. Our wide receivers (Corey Anderson and Jeremy Trimble) made some good catches. Everyone knows we are going to throw the ball to Jeremy and he had 11 catches for over 160 yards.”

(Ref.: Jeremy Trimble and the career records he set today and during the season)
“It is a tribute to him, the way that he was raised and the way he has gone to work everyday since he has been a freshman. This year, he has been our go-to guy and he finds a way to get open and make catches. You can’t say enough about how he just goes to work every day. He is a great punt returner too. He is a leader, a team captain, and the kind of guy you want on your team. You need a bunch of them. If you had 11 of him, you’d be in great shape.”

(Ref.: The senior class that played their final home game)
That is one of the things that is so disappointing. They have worked hard for four years and not had a lot of victories. Today, we had an opportunity to close out the (home) season with a win. We said from the beginning that this senior class was going to play a big role in how we were going to perform this year. While our win-los record isn’t exactly where we wanted it, without that senior leadership, and I’ve been a part of teams with out that kind of leadership, it can go south in a bad way. I feel like our seniors are the reason we are able to go out and pick ourselves up off the mat and go back to work. They also have shown the younger guys exactly how to go to work and how to prepare to win a football game.”

(Ref.:The mood on the sideline after recovering the fumble toward  the end of the fourth quarter)
“We felt like we had to move the ball and get things rolling. I think I only had one timeout left and we had to throw the ball. They weren’t going to give us anything rushing. The mood was we were going to take it down and score to win the game.”

(Ref.: Army QB Carson Williams’ Play)
He made some clutch plays when he needed to and was calm and saw the field better. He had some bad throws and had some super good throws. When he had pressure on him, he made some great decisions. One play, when he was being pressured, he just took the sack and we were able to kick the field goal. I think he made some smart decisions today and keeps getting better.”

(Ref.: Recognizing all the seniors before the game)
It has been emotional for me. I think I coach with a lot of emotion and it means a lot for me to be here to see those kids and their parents out there for all the right reasons. They have all done the things that we have asked them to do and they are getting ready to make some terrific sacrifices. It is more my honor to be able to shake their hands than anything else.”

(Ref.: Expecting such a shoot-out today)
“I expected to win.”


Senior WR Jeremy Trimble
(Ref.: His 11-catch, 167-yard, 2-touchdown performance)
“It was my last day here at Michie Stadium, and I wanted to go out with a bang. I was fortunate enough to get the ball in my hands a couple of times and find some space. There was some great blocking by the receivers on the outside on those quick screens, and Carson hit me down the middle on that one touchdown. It was a good day, but I wanted a win.”

“It starts off with the run game. We started running the ball, and that opens it up for the passing game. Overall, it was a good day for me, but I wish it would have been different for the team.”

(Ref.: The difference in the offense’s performance from last week vs. Rutgers)
“I think it comes from the fact we had a great week of practice, and from practice you get confidence. We came out with confidence that we could move the ball today. We just had a different mindset.”

(Ref.: His place in the Army record books)
“Honestly, people tell me all the time that I’m close to this or close to that. Every week it’s all about wins and losses. We just lost the game, and that’s my mindset. The records are great, and 10 years from now I’ll be able to look back and say that I did pretty well.”

(Ref.: The positives to be taken from the game)
“We definitely have to pull some of the positives from this and realize that we can put points on the board and we can move the ball like we did today. We’re going to correct our mistakes, and we’ll be confident going into the Navy game.”

(Ref.: His thoughts before the game)
“In the back of my mind I knew that this was my last time leaving the hotel and going to Michie Stadium to get ready for a game. When I walked out with the rest of the seniors and the rest of the captains, it was bittersweet. It was a fun adventure with them for four years, and it’s kind of sad that it all comes to an end. It went by so fast.”

Senior LB Brian Chmura
(Ref.: On the team’s effort)
“We battled to the end. We battled the whole game. The offense put up points and helped us a lot today. They helped us more than we helped them. It was a good game throughout, but not the outcome we wanted.”

(Ref.: On the team’s confidence heading into the Navy game)
“The offense is clicking, and it’s great to see that. There’s a lot we can take out of this game. We have one more left against Navy, and that’ll be the biggest game of my career. I can’t wait.”

(Ref.: His emotions on Senior Day)
“Obviously, it was my last game at Michie Stadium. It was hard, but we have one more left. That’s my last game. I want to win that game no matter what. I know every senior and every player on this team does. Navy is a huge rivalry. We’ll go out there and do everything we can to win.”

(Ref.: Being honored before the game with the rest of the seniors)
“It was nice, but we had to think about it as just another game. It was our last game (at Michie Stadium), but we had to go into it thinking it was another game. Of course there were a lot of emotions, especially after the game and running on to Michie Stadium for the last time. There was a lot of emotions, and I think that helped us.”

(Ref.: His thoughts prior to the game)
“I was trying to just go into it like any other game, and I guess I thought that way going into the game. At halftime I really realized that I was running on to this field for the last time. I think we gave it all. I don’t think there’s any player that went on that field that didn’t leave it all out there, especially the seniors.”

(Ref.: His mindset after forcing the fumble in the fourth quarter)
“I was thinking it was going to be Tulane all over again. I was thinking, We’re going to win this game.’ I don’t think it left any of our minds that we were going to win the game. Deep down, I think we all knew we were going to win. We think that every game actually.”

Sophomore QB Carson Williams
(Ref.: The difference in his performance from last week vs. Rutgers to this week)
“A lot of things have to do with the defenses we face. Our offense matched up really well with this defense as far as size goes, as well as defensive schemes. That’s the biggest thing this week.”

(Ref.: Where he ranks this game among his performances at Army)
“I played like I should play every other game. It’s kind of a disappointment when you say, I wish we could have done this,’ or, I wish could get that back.’” Not that I’m pleased with the outcome of the game, but with my overall performance, I’d say I’m pleased.”

(Ref.: Whether he did everything he could on offense)
“No. There are still some plays. I can think of a few different ones that if I could go out and replay them, they probably would change the outcome of the game.”

(Ref.: Army’s final offensive possession)
“One of the plays was a bad pass. The last play, the 4th-down play, they had Jeremy (Trimble) bracketed and they played man on the outside. They were expecting us to pass, which they should have been, which makes it hard.”

(Ref.: What Jeremy Trimble means to the team)
“I’m sure the stats show it Jeremy is my favorite receiver. Any time I throw it to him I have confidence that he’s going to at least help me out.”

(Ref.: Trimble’s record-breaking career)
“That’s definitely an awesome achievement. Jeremy is a great athlete. I don’t know what it’s going to be like next year, but we’ll definitely miss Jeremy.”


Head Coach Todd Graham
(Ref.: “You mentioned at the half you were disappointed.”)
“I would say the coach of the game was Army’s coach. I wouldn’t say I was. I’ll tell you that saying that I was a little disappointed was an understatement. It just goes to show you that you have to get ready to play. What I was most disappointed in today is that we had some guys that needed to sit out because they are banged up and we’re trying to do that for next week and we do everything we can to try to get guys ready.”

(Ref.: Tulsa defense vs. Army offense)
“We shut out the fourth best offense in the country and then come out today and get 500 yards put on us. You have to give Army’s staff a great deal of credit. They had a great scheme. They had us schemed up. The kids were smart and they were disciplined. They had us jumping offsides. We just were not focused and we have to get our guys ready to play. Thank goodness our offense was [ready to play] and we could basically outscore them. Give their coach a lot of credit. They did a great job.”

(Ref.: Charles Davis)
“Well he’s the guy I gave the game ball to at the end of the game. I mean, the guy really was banged up, really was hurt and didn’t need to play.  I tried to hold him out and I couldn’t do it. We couldn’t win the game the way things were going. Charles has meant a lot to us. He comes in there and stuffs up, lays some big hits, plays unbelievably. He’s a warrior.”

(Ref.: today’s outcome)
“Let me tell you this, it’s win number eight. We’re real proud of that. You know you have a great football team when you go out and you play ugly and you can still win.”

(Ref.: playing a non-conference game in November)
“I never want to do this again, play a non-conference game [at this point in the season]. I don’t know what in the world we were thinking by doing that because it’s not something we want to do. It’s just real difficult to get guys ready and count on new guys to come in and play. Hopefully we didn’t get too many people banged up today.”

(Ref.: next weekend’s matchup against Rice)
“It’s for the Western Division Championship. I mean, we have to win and the game is simply about that. It isn’t about me. It isn’t about Rice and me or any of that stuff. Our guys have worked extremely hard all year and we’re focused on going there and winning the championship. If we win next week we are Western Division Champions and we’re going to the conference championship. That’s our focus. It’s not going to be easy. I know those guys are going to give us all we want. They’re going to play extremely hard. They are going to play their hearts out I will promise you that.”

(Ref.: the young guys on offense)
“Those guys always play well. I don’t think they have played a bad game. I’m really really pleased with where they’re at. Paul Smith with that throw before halftime was just absolutely phenomenal.”

(Ref.: final thoughts on the game)
“We found a way to win. It’s a game where we didn’t play as well as we could but we did some really spectacular things today to go ahead and get a win. I’m really proud of win number eight. A win is a win and you move forward. We’re excited about it and the opportunity to go get win number nine.”

RB Tarrion Adams
(Ref.: reflections on the game)
“Army always comes out ready to play. They play the whole game, the whole four quarters as you saw at the end. They got behind two scores and they still came out and threw the ball and tried to score again before the time ran out. They’re a good team and we know they were going to come to play hard. I think we got off to a slow start and we were a little lackadaisical but in the second half we stepped it up and our defense made some stops.”

(Ref.: his touchdown pass)
“I saw when they pitched the ball to me that it was going to be wide open. I saw the safety bite down hard. That’s a play we ran a couple times last week and we scored a couple times, myself and Jamad. He was wide open. I just tried to remember everything the coaches told me in practice about throwing the ball. I’m not the best quarterback in the world but I tried to throw the ball like they told me.”

(Ref.: the start of the second half)
“We just came out slow. We had a couple penalties on that first drive and it kind of killed momentum and they came out ready to play and firing on all cylinders. They came out and moved the ball fast offensively and got in the end zone quick. I don’t know if people were trying to adjust to the weather or whatever it may have been but there is really no excuses. It’s football at the end of the day and we just came out slow, but we got the job done.”

(Ref.: looking ahead to next week)
“Rice is a good team. They always come ready to play and we always end up getting in a dogfight with them but we’ll go out and play hard, we’ll play good. They’ll come out ready to play and to play at home but we’ll come out ready to play and we’ll get our jobs done. “

QB Paul Smith
(Ref.: “How do you think the team carried over momentum from last week to this week?”)
“I think we did a really good job. I was proud of the younger guys. Some of the inexperienced guys showed a lot of maturity this week in preparations. We took it just like any other game and I felt like that is what we needed to do to stay on track.”

(Ref.: the touchdown pass before the half)
“We just knew that if we could get the momentum before halftime it would be a big thing for us coming out in the second half and it was a big thing for us last week too. Guys made some plays. Obviously the catch in the end zone was really great. I left the pocket and tried to buy a little more time and the guy came down on Charles a little bit and I thought I had a small window so I just tried to make it so he could catch it or no one did and he just made a great catch.”

(Ref.: running back Tarrion Adams)
“I’m really proud of him. He takes it so hard with the fumble. He was just trying to get some extra yards there on third down. That’s a great 1-2 punch with him and Jamad. I was happy to see that touchdown pass because he’s been practicing it all year.”

(Ref.: playing here at West Point)
“I thought it was amazing. Just being here at one of the Academies, you sense the environment and you understand that there are bigger things in life. A lot of these people, when they get done, are giving a lot of their time, energy and efforts for this country. It makes football seem trivial at times.”

(Ref.: “Was there a lack of focus this week?”)
“Maybe a little bit but like I said I was proud of the guys, especially the last couple days. Thursday and Friday, guys were really in tune and focused on preparing like this was a game we had to win. I was proud overall. Maybe there were some let ups during the week but we responded and came away with a win.”

(Ref.: the weather at West Point)
“It wasn’t cold enough today to do a whole lot. It was chilly on the sidelines so I just tried to keep my hands and my feet warm so I had good feeling in them but it wasn’t bad. I wore my lucky hand warmer from the state championship when I was a sophomore at Deer Creek so I think that helped me battle the cold.”

(Ref.: looking ahead to Rice)
“I talked to the team after this game and we broke it down. I challenged them to prepare for Rice the way they prepared for Houston because this is it. This is where we wanted to be at the start of the year, to have a chance to play in the conference championship and win it. I’m excited about a good week of practice and getting going.”



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