Postgame Quotes - Army vs. Air Force (Nov. 1, 2008)


Army Head Coach Stan Brock
“I think the defense played an extremely physical game and played well enough to win. When you give the other team a lot of short fields like we did today and they only have 16 points to show for it, I think your defense has done a great job. I think Air Force’s defense did a good job of taking some things away from us and we needed to execute better on some of the plays we were running. When it is two good defenses playing, it is going to come down to field position and the turnovers hurt us in our field position.

“I’m sick for the seniors. I wanted very badly to get them a win over Air Force in their last game at Michie Stadium. I am very proud of the seniors. If it wasn’t for their leadership, we wouldn’t even be close to be able to compete with teams like Air Force.

“I just don’t think we were able to put a long drive together. We weren’t able to finish. We didn’t go from start to finish like we have in the past.”

(Ref.: How the Air Force defense played today.)
“I think they do a good job of mixing things up and making it difficult for the quarterback to read on the triple option. There is an old saying, if you can’t read em, block em and if you can’t block em, read em’ so we tried to block them. It was just some of the reads that they gave us. There was nothing we didn’t see them do on film. They are just very good at what they do. We went to some plays that we really liked and felt we were going to be able to do. But we weren’t able to put a long drive together. We scored on the third play of the game and didn’t score after that. We needed to put some drives together and get some good field position. They forced us into giving up bad field position. You can’t take anything away from Air Force. They have a defense that can play.”

(Ref.: Carson Williams getting into the game today.”)
“I think we got into a situation where we needed to throw the ball. They were taking the triple option away from us and Carson does a good job in the passing game and gives us a little different look. We came out and ran a spread that they hadn’t seen before and let Carson do what he does best. They were giving that to us and we tried to take advantage of it.”

(Ref.: Anticipating having to throw the ball more.”)
“We knew that they were going to give us the throwing game. We had more passing plays in our offensive package this week than in the past. We felt like Chip (Bowden) was going to be in a situation where he was going to be able to throw some good short passes. We had some opportunities that were wide open that we needed to complete.”

Senior LB John Plumstead
(Ref.: his evaluation of the defensive performance)
“I think the defense played pretty well overall. We had a lot of energy. We tackled well. I think there was one drive they kind of took it to us when they got the touchdown. Through the course of the game, I thought the whole defense, especially the defensive line, played well.”

(Ref.: the offense scoring on the third play from scrimmage)
“I thought it was great. It was great to see the offense coming alive. We had a lot of momentum when we went out there. It was great to see the offense playing well.”

Junior WR Damion Hunter
(Ref.: his touchdown reception)
“It was a five-yard hitch route. Chip looked to my side and threw it to me. I don’t know what happened to the DB. He fell or something. I just hurdled over him and scored a touchdown.”

Senior LB Frank Scappaticci
(Ref.: improving the scoring differential from last year)
“This team isn’t really satisfied with moral victories. We go out every week and expect to win the game. That in itself shows we’ve made progress. We’re a team that can overcome adversity and stay together when we need to. In that respect we’ve gotten a lot better.”

(Ref.: playing his final game at Michie Stadium)
“I’m very disappointed that it ended in a loss. During the game, I wasn’t thinking about it being my last game. I was just focused on Air Force and just playing football. Looking back, it’s sad that it’s ending a chapter in my life and it’s something that is very important to me. Right  now, all I’m thinking about is feeling a little disappointed about the game.”

Junior QB Carson Williams
(Ref.: getting his first snaps in three weeks)
“When the game is on the line, you just have to do what you’re told to do. They said, Go in and throw the ball,’ so that’s what I did.”



Head coach Troy Calhoun
“You just have two phenomenal institutions, and all of the guys that were involved in this game today have class. Army fought their guts out and our kids did too. It was just a good, hard, tough football game.”

(Ref: if he considered punting instead of having PK/P Ryan Harrison kick the final field goal in the fourth quarter)
“He’s been so consistent and has kicked field goals really well. We thought about if we should punt, but he’s a pretty consistent guy, so we decided to take a rip at it and get 16 points. We absolutely thought about it because of blocks or something like that.

“I just thought that we had a chance to go up by two scores. Anytime in this game I think you have to do it, and especially up here.”

(Ref: if he expected a low scoring game)
“I had a hunch coming in that it would be exactly like this. You look at it all season long and you think there would not be a whole lot of points scored just because Army has been involved in a lot of low-scoring games recently.”
(Ref: if Air Force had too many penalties)
“Absolutely. You look at it and there were some long gain penalties. There was a holding penalty that took away a touchdown early, there was the offensive pass interference, the roughing the punter and there was the pass interference at the end. So no question: too many penalties.”

(Ref: if Air Force’s poor third down conversion mark was a credit to Army’s defense)
“It is, and it is also on us for not executing, especially on first and second downs. There were times they converted but I thought maybe we would get stops. It ended up being such a game of field position. You  just had to hold your wall the whole game. Their guys played a tremendously physical, very spirited game.”

(Ref: keys to victory)
“You just have to find a way to win the turnover margin. I thought that would be the key part of the game. If there was one play, I would say that punt return just prior to the half. Reggie Rembert caught it and went for a long return, and then we got 15 yards tacked onto it. That was a big play.”

(Ref: low-scoring games between Army and Air Force)
“If you go back and look at the history of this series when both teams ran this offense, you can go back and look from 1989 to 1994, and they have been very, very low scoring games. In each one of those six years, we were fortunate enough to hold them to no more than seven points. That was the key again today too.”

(Ref: the importance of the defense’s play)
“The one thing that we did not do was relinquish the ball. Anytime you relinquish the ball in a game like this on a turnover, it’s a huge thing. Field position wise it is probably worth about 40 yards. Army is good, they are really good now. Their defense and their fullback have been extremely stout all season long. That was certainly the case again today.”

(Ref: if Air Force could have performed better)
“As Harrison’s kick was going through at the end, looking at that end zone I wish there was a photo right as it was getting close to the goal posts to see that whole Air Force section standing up. I couldn’t tell if it went through or not, but they told us that it did. We played this game the way we had to give ourselves the best chance to win. “

(Ref: if there was any embellishment on the part of Harrison on the roughing the kicker penalty in the fourth quarter)
“That was a solid contact hit, and I think anytime you hit the thigh area at the top of the knee, you never know. I don’t know if you’re ready to award him an Academy Award.”

QB Tim Jefferson
(Ref: thoughts on the game)
“We didn’t really find much that worked against their defense. Their offense runs the option so they knew how it worked. This is one of those games where the toughest team wins, and I think the toughest team came out on top.”

(Ref: if he had ever been involved in a tougher game)
“No, I think because this is a service academy game, that fact just puts it on top of everything else and all of the other teams that we play.”

(Ref: if the high number of penalties was surprising)
“It was definitely out of the norm coming off of a game where we had zero. We had one penalty that took points off the board, and that factored into it. It is definitely out of our games.”

(Ref: how he felt after Harrison’s field goal in the final minutes)
“That put it out of reach. I was kind of nervous all game because we really weren’t clicking. When he made that field goal, I just felt the weight was off of my shoulders again.”

CB Reggie Rembert
(Ref: how the defense shut Army down after giving up the early touchdown)
“You have to have a short memory. You have to overcome adversity in games and keep pushing through. We knew that we had a good defense and a good plan, so we kept our confidence and we kept driving.”

(Ref: how it is having a good place kicker in Harrison)
“It is nice to have Ryan as a kicker. You can always come away with points, so that is good have. He is a great guy on and off the field.”

PK/K Ryan Harrison
(Ref: thoughts on his 48-yard field goal)
“It was good and I was glad that we could be on the winning end. It was a well fought game. Those kind of kicks are what you live for, and it’s a lot of fun.”

(Ref: on how hard he got hit and if he embellished at all on the roughing the kicker play)
“Definitely, yes, there was definitely some acting going on. He hit me good, but I don’t know if it was worth 15 yards. Last game, I got hit and it was only five yards, so I really didn’t act well enough.”

(Ref: if that violates the honor code)
“I don’t know, I don’t think so. There was the intent to deceive, so yes, I guess so.”



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