Postgame Quotes



Army Head Coach Stan Brock
“That was a was a wonderful win. It was a great victory because, when the last bell sounded, we had more points on the board. Defensively, I think we played outstanding. We turned the ball over enough to where Louisiana Tech started in our territory five times but  the defense kept coming away with stops. They played an outstanding game, from the linemen to the linebackers and defensive backs.

“Offensively, we have to stop the turnovers, but in the fourth quarter they put together a 10-play drive that ended in the score when we really needed it. We have to continue to work on the fumbles, but we’ll take a lot of positives out of this game.”

(Ref.: The ability of the team to overcome the turnovers.)
“I think the defense came out and did a great job. They are a live group. They really want to get out and play. They don’t care where the ball is; their goal is just to get in there and go three-and-out. They did that today. They are playing with an intensity over the last six games that I’ve never been involved with. To keep that intensity up is not an easy thing to do. They come out and work very hard in practice and carry that intensity over into games. It is a real feather in their cap that they can do it.”

(Ref.: The running backs’ play with Collin Mooney being held in check.)
“That was a good defense we played today. There are some big men on that team that can move very well. They did a good job of playing disciplined football against the option. Collin is the guy that we have been going to and they did a good job of putting a big linebacker on him taking the dive. It was hard for us to get it to him sometimes. I think Chip (Bowden) played very well, along with Ian Smith and the other running backs. Everybody pitched in offensively, but the defense was the biggest difference in this game.”

(Ref.: Ian Smith’s breakthrough and how he made the most of his opportunities today)
“Ian has been doing a great job in practice and it has been carrying over into games. He is very solid. I think that is just our football team. It doesn’t matter who is out there. It starts with anyone that is not starting. Take a look at our scout team guys. They don’t get any credit. They stood out there in the rain watching the game and come to practice every day too. The selflessness from this whole football team is a big part of our ability to compete.”

(Ref.: The increase in Army’s sacks over the past couple weeks.)
“Our defense has just been working hard at it. Josh McNary has great speed and strength that people underestimate. He has got speed off the corner that makes those big offensive linemen move. The lineman he was playing today was a mountain out there and sometimes quickness can take care of that. Sometimes those sacks come from coverage too. It is a team effort when any single player has some success. You have Victor (Ugenyi) playing hard on the other side, so the defense has to choose who they are going to double. The linebackers also step up and show blitz. It is a team effort with everyone continuing to work hard.”

(Ref.: Changes in the defense this year.)
“We made some changes defensively too, but no one really talks about them very much. We’ve changed during the season. We’ve changed during games. Sometimes we’ll end up with a three-man rush, or a four-man rush with different people in there. Sometimes we bring the linebackers in and drop the defensive linemen back in coverage. Having the speed and quickness that we have been recruiting for is helping us out a lot.”

(Ref.: Winning three of the last four games after a 0-4 start.)
“What makes it so special is the kids. I have associated with other teams that where, if you start 0-4, you are going to have a hard time keeping everyone’s heads up and keeping them mentally in practices and games. A lot of credit needs to be given to the senior class, their leadership and how hard they work and have motivated themselves. Players play and win football games. Coaches can try all the motivational tricks in the world, but if players don’t believe in being motivated, it won’t work.”

(Ref.: Winning a grind-it-out type of game like today.)
“I don’t care how we win. I think the mental toughness that this team has showed today. Maybe in the past, the turnovers we had today would have made the players think, here we go again.’ But today there was none of that. They didn’t matter. The defense just went out and got the stops and the offense just went back out to try and get things going and they finally put a drive together in the fourth quarter. Grind-it-out games that you win in the end are a sign of mental toughness.”

(Ref.: The win being even more satisfying after last week’s OT loss at Buffalo.)
“I think it was a huge sign of the growth of this football team. We talk about the 24-hour rule all the time where we allow ourselves a day to put the previous game behind us, but it is hard to shake a loss like that off sometimes. The guys really did shake last week’s game off and had no problem coming back to work last Sunday and working all the way through the week. I think the way they came out and played today showed that last week wasn’t on their minds. The intensity was there. Every day has to be a good day. Today just happened to be Saturday and we knew that we had to go out and play.”

Sophomore QB Chip Bowden
(Ref.: his evaluation of the offensive performance)
“I think overall, we definitely have some things to work on. In this type of game, we did what we needed to do to win. It’s not always going to be easy. It’s not always going to be a 10 or 11-play drive and then six points. We did what we needed to do. There is definitely a lot of work that needs to be done before Air Force, but getting the W’ today was big for us.”

(Ref: Louisiana Tech taking limiting Collin Mooney)
“They were playing their ends down crashing on the dive and crashing on the belly. They took that away so in the third and fourth quarter we started running triple (option) outside and toss away, and I think that really helped out a lot.”

(Ref.: the game-winning touchdown drive)
“Once we take the field, it’s 10 yards. That’s all we have to get. We focus on 10 yards in three plays, and that’s it. Once we get that, then it’s 10 more yards, and 10 more yards. I think the best way to be productive as an offense is to worry about getting the next 10 yards and a first down.”

(Ref.: the game-winning touchdown pass to Ian Smith)
“We ran that a lot in practice. We felt real comfortable with it, and I think that’s why Coach (Tim) Walsh called it. The defense gave us what we needed to score. As soon as I saw him pop out, I just tried to put the ball on him and make sure he could catch it and fall into the end zone.”

(Ref.: the passing opportunities)
“The passing game has a lot of work to do. I, personally, didn’t have that good of a passing game today. The numbers speak for themselves. I threw an interception, and that is just not acceptable, especially with as few times as we throw it. We’re definitely going to be working hard this next week because Air Force is a good team. I expect to throw it against them and be successful with the few times we get to.”

(Ref.: using a different players)
“The biggest thing on offense is that when the defense takes something away, someone else steps up. I definitely think we have enough depth where if someone isn’t getting the job done, someone gets the chance to step up, and they do. Our guys did what we had to do to get 14 points on the board. That was a real big game for us.”

(Ref.: Ian Smith’s game)
“If they try and take one person away in this offense, someone else steps up and I think today, Ian definitely did that. Just look at his numbers four carries for 41 yards, that’s huge. I think the biggest thing is that if something happens or if we have trouble, we all know and we’re all mature enough to know that we have a job to do. I think Ian did that today.”

(Ref.: the meaning of the victory)
“I think this win definitely speaks about our maturity from game one to game eight. We have some big, strong linemen up front and they take care of their job, which lets us take care of our job. As we all work together, we can definitely grind out some teams. That really speaks to how we’ve matured over the last eight games.”

(Ref.: whether this type of game will become a hallmark of the Army offense)
“I hope so. It’s always good to get the W’ at the end of the day. It might not always be the flashiest or have the biggest plays, but if we do what we have to do to get four yards a play, score touchdowns and put up more points than the other team that’s what we want to do every Saturday.”

(Ref.: winning three of the last four games)
“Again, it shows the maturity of our team. We’ve progressed by leaps and bounds. I think the biggest change is how we practiced. We really focused on finishing and taking care of our jobs, making sure we have a perfect practice. That allows us to have a near perfect Saturday and get the wins.”

Sophomore DE Josh McNary
(Ref.: the defense’s performance)
“I think we definitely executed what we had to. Often times, we were out in front of our own end zone and we came up with multiple big stops. We held them under 200 yards, and that speaks a lot  by itself. We just executed our assignments. We played really fast and aggressive.”

(Ref.: the defense’s ability to make plays in the backfield)
“My guy was a real big guy. Often times we had a one-one-one battle and I was able to use my speed to get around him. Otherwise, we ran a lot of stunts, and that messed with their pass protection. We swapped with the defensive tackle and defensive end, going outside and inside and that helped us get into their backfield.”

(Ref.: Louisiana Tech’s final drive)
“All of us were on the same page. We knew we had to make the stop and seal the deal. We just pinned our ears back as a d-line and went after the quarterback. I’m not too sure what the people behind me were doing, but obviously, they held it down.”

(Ref.: the team’s mindset after winning three of four games)
“We’re feeling confident, and getting our swagger back. We’re ready to keep this momentum going and carry it through Air Force and everyone else on our schedule.”

(Ref.: what the defense showed today)
“I think we got after it. We played fast, aggressive, hard and tough. We really exhibited our mental and physical toughness by staying with it in the fourth quarter. We let one slip out of our hands last week, mostly in the fourth quarter, so our ability to close it speaks to the maturity of this team and where we came from. I’m real proud of the team’s effort.”

(Ref.: the number of sacks in the last two weeks)
“There is no change in what we’ve been doing on the d-line or the whole defensive scheme. It’s just that if we get the opportunity to get around our man or get free at all, we’re going to try and take advantage. Today and last week, we’ve  just seized those opportunities.”

(Ref.: the first of his two sacks)
“What happened was the offensive lineman overstepped me. I guess he anticipated me going upfield real hard. I took a couple of steps up and then stepped back inside. There was an open lane right there, and I just went after the quarterback.”

Junior RB Ian Smith
(Ref.: his two-touchdown performance)
“I just got my opportunity. I stayed with it. I started the season slow, but my coach gave me an opportunity today and I was lucky enough to take advantage of it.”

(Ref.: his 32-yard run on 4th-and-1 on the game-winning touchdown drive)
“I was just trying to follow Geoff Hewitt’s block. I saw a little crease. I didn’t think I was tackled so I just put my hand down and tried to use my ability to get downfield. I just saw it and hit. It was as simple as that.”

Sophomore LB Stephen Anderson
(Ref.: the defense’s performance)
“Through this week of practice, our biggest focus was finishing. Last week, we let a game slip away from us. The biggest thing is you have to learn from your mistakes and learn from your experiences. If that experience we went through last week, helped us not do it this week, than it was worth it. The biggest things were finishing and third downs. We got them in third down, we had to get off the field. They were 2 of 14 on third downs, which is money right there. We knew if we kept fighting, we would be fine.’

Junior DE Victor Ugenyi
(Ref.: the defensive effort)
“The defense had a good effort today, but we were all just building off each other. The special teams makes a good play, the defense goes out there. The defense makes a good play, the offense goes out and puts seven points up. It just keeps rolling like that. It’s a complete team effort. It’s not just the defense won the game or the offense won the game, it’s everyone doing their part to get a win.”

(Ref.: getting a sack)
“As soon as you come free, you know it’s going to happen. It’s just you and the quarterback so you’re trying to inflict as much pain as possible. You’re just trying to hit him as hard as you can, and sometimes you’re jumping and hollering before you even hit the man. It’s a frozen moment in time when it happens, and you just go crazy.”

(Ref.: winning three of the last four games)
“We can’t get complacent and think that we’ve won three of four so we’re great. We have to keep going back at it like we were when we were losing the first three or four games. Every day going back and looking at what we can get better at and what we can work on, and then taking it out there on Saturday.”

(Ref.: the defense’s play on first and second down)
“Coach (John) Mumford was hard on us about last week when we were giving up too many yards on first down. We just came out and started being stingy. When they get even one yard it makes you angrier and want to finish them off the next play and make sure they don’t get more yards. We were trying to limit their yardage and get it to zero. That’s the dream. You’re always striving to work for that.”

(Ref.: the defense’s improvement in the last few weeks)
“I think the defense hasn’t been the greatest, but we’ve been jelling since the first game. The biggest thing is having Josh (McNary) on the other end. That’s opened up a lot of things we can do differently. We can go to a three-man front and have him rush as a linebacker, or we can put him down and have him rush as an end. That opens up a lot of packages and blitzes. It gives us a lot more variety so people don’t know exactly what we’re doing every play.”


Head coach Derek Dooley
“It was one of those old fashion rain, wind and field position games. In those kinds of games, the team that makes the fewest mistakes wins, and we made an inordinate amount of mistakes on offense as far as penalties, dropped balls and mental errors. We had a turnover that gave them seven points. When you make those kinds of mistakes, you are not going to win against a team that shrinks the game and does not give you as many opportunities.”

(Ref.: Army’s five sacks vs. Louisiana Tech, who had surrendered just six total this season entering the game)
“I thought they were quicker than us up front. They have little quick guys who were beating us off the ball, and we didn’t do a good job of protecting.”

(Ref.: the performance of the Louisiana Tech defense)
“We played pretty well, but in these kinds of games, it wasn’t good enough to win. We gave up a drive after we tied them up in the third quarter. Army answered the bell and played well offensively.”

(Ref.: playing against Army’s triple-option offense)
“I thought we defended their attack really well. Anytime they hit us with a play, we answered. They kept searching and they hit us a couple times outside, but then we stopped that when we had too.”

(Ref.: his mindset before the 51-yard field goal attempt to start the fourth quarter)
“I thought about going for it and we were in a four-down offense, but we didn’t get anything on the third down play. I took the wind in the fourth quarter, so I let the clock run out to end the third quarter. We had the wind at our back and (placekicker Brad) Oesiecher has plenty of leg, but we didn’t execute the kick. We missed a couple of long field goals, and they were tough field goals, but I felt like we had a better chance to go and take the lead then getting five yards on an offensive play.

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