Army vs. TCU Postgame Quotes (10-21-06)

Army Head Coach Bobby Ross
"First of all, we were playing a heck of a football team. That is a good football team and they can run. They've got people at every position that can run, and that's both offensively and defensively. But if we don't turn the football over four times in the first half, we're still in a competitive situation and we still have some opportunities. I've said all year long we can't (commit turnovers) and expect to win. The one thing that I think is positive from all of this was that I was very pleased with the way we came back in the second half. I thought our defense played better. We played more aggressively. We had a little better field position, which helped us somewhat. We kicked the ball better and we started to look like what I think we can be.

"I was very pleased with the play of our quarterback, Carson Williams, who came in and did a very fine job. What I'm most pleased about with him was his poise. He was under some duress, now. We had two tackles that were out of the game, so we were playing with a sophomore that we moved from guard to tackle this week. We changed our lineup a little bit to get a little more athleticism in. But I was very pleased with the way Carson Williams came in and did the job that he did. I was pleased with the way our football team showed some strong character in the second half, both offensively, defensively and even in our kicking, where we punted the ball a little bit better in the second half than we did in the first half.

"You also need to understand that that's a heck of a football team. That might be the best team that we've played, certainly in line with Boston College (from last year). That's a football team with a lot of speed, a lot of speed."

(ref.: whether Carson Williams be Army's starting quarterback next week)
"We'll sit back and take a look at it. That's a strong consideration. I'm not going to back down from that one. We'll just have to wait and see. In fairness, we need to look at the whole thing to see what happened in the course of the ball game. I think we'll take a real close look at it. I have to sit down and think about it. It's hard to give you an answer on it right now. I first need to look at all the film to make that judgement. My biggest concern now is to get ourselves healthy. We're pretty banged up right now."

(ref.: problems experienced by QB David Pevoto)
"The turnovers tell you the problem. David was having a bad day. We'll have to see what exactly happened, why the interceptions took place."

(ref.: needing to win three of last four to earn a bowl berth)
"That's not even a consideration right now. What we have to do is to just think about getting out and getting better as a football team, and stop turning the ball over. I think that's the first thing we have to think about. That will be our total concentration. We won't be thinking about anything else but that right now."

(ref.: second-half improvement)
"We made a (quarterback) switch at halftime for the simple reason we needed to do something. Our team caught a little bit of a spark. That has to be a big part of our consideration when we think about making a change, if we make a change at quarterback. We do have a very poised youngster in (Williams). We'll consider it and make that decision later on. He provided a little bit of a spark. Defensively, we got off in three-and-out a couple of times; the interception was a nice play for us; and we had a nice punt that put them down deep in their territory. All of those plays contributed to us gaining confidence. You need to make some plays to regain that confidence. What I told our squad at the end of the game was that we're going to take that half and build on that the rest of the season."

"I think their quickness gave us some trouble. Defensively, they're one of the best in the country defending the rush. We had to be very careful in what we were doing. A couple of times their quickness just beat us to the ball. They were real quick up front and that caused us the biggest trouble. If you don't have anything working, it just builds their confidence and tears yours down. We struggle with that some time. We came back in the second half and got a break or two that lifted us a bit, we got some confidence and started to do some things. When you're a team that's struggling for confidence, you're looking for early success. When you don't get it, it has an effect on you as a football team. We've got to overcome that and keep going."

Army QB Carson Williams
(ref.: how he felt playing for an extended period of time)
“I was pretty nervous. When I got out there, things just fell into place. I guess I did all right for the first time, but I still see where I could have done better.”

(ref.: the possibility of starting next week against Tulane)
“I’m just going to prepare as best I can. There’s not much more to it than that. You just do what you have to do.”

(ref.: when the nervousness went away for him)
“Everything goes away after one play.”

Army C-OG Pete Bier
(ref.: the play of Army QB Carson Williams)
“I think Carson did a good job in the second half. He came in pretty poised and pretty calm, and he threw the ball well. Our entire offense picked up in the second half, so you can’t just attribute it to one thing. We didn’t play well in the first half, and we played better in the second half.

“He did a great job in there. He was real calm, and he directed the offense well. Everyone on offense was focusing on their own thing, and they all got the job done. He was focused on his portion and he did well.”

(ref.: the starting quarterback position)
“It doesn’t matter to the rest of the team. We’re not really focused on that; we’re focused on our own goals. The offensive line has enough problems as it is right now; we played horribly in the first half, so we have to focus on that. Whoever’s behind us taking the snaps, handing it off and throwing it; it doesn’t matter if it’s Carson, (David) Pevoto or Coach Ross.”

Army FB Mike Viti
(ref.: the play of Army QB Carson Williams)
“I think he was very efficient. The results are there; he was 12 of 18. He came in and ran the offense very well; like he does in practice. The results speak for themselves.”

(ref.: the team’s mindset in the second half)
“I think in the second half we realized that, being down 28 points, the only thing to do is to come out and put plays together. The only thing we had our mind was coming out and proving something. Our whole goal was making them remember who they played.”

Army SS Caleb Campbell
(ref.: his thoughts of qualifying for a bowl game)
“To tell you the truth, I haven’t thought about it. The only thing I have on my mind is the Green Wave of Tulane. If we win there, we will look at the next game and then just keep taking it one game at a time. If we make it to a bowl game, that’s awesome. My focus right now is on Tulane.”

(ref.: the TCU offense)
“They had incredible speed. I think those are the best wide receivers that I’ve faced all year. They did a good job of keeping us spread around the whole field, and they executed their plays well. We came up short a few times, but we picked it up in the second half and got some turnovers.”

(ref.: TCU’s 16-day layoff prior to today’s game)
“Whether they had 16 days off or five days off, they were going to come out and play. TCU is a great team, and I give them credit for going out and playing. We didn’t capitalize when we needed to capitalize on a few things defensively, and that hurt us.”

TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson
(ref.: getting back on winning track)
“It took us a month to win another ball game. For us it was good to see some younger guys play. I wanted to play them a little more in the second half, but we had turnovers so I wasn’t allowed to keep them out there too much. I wanted to rest my starters a little more down the stretch, but I had to make sure we won the ball game. I have a lot of respect for (Coach Ross). I think they’re doing a heck of a job here. From where Army was when we play them here in 2004 to where they are now, I’d say they’re a different football team.

(ref.: Army’s offense in the second half)
“They moved the football on us. They had the one reverse where we missed about six tackles, but you have to give them credit. When they made the quarterback change at first (Carson Williams) seemed a little tentative, but once he settled in he played very well in the second half.”

(ref.: team’s response to 16 day layoff)
“For having 16 days off and coming off of two losses, I thought our kids responded well. They played hard. We had some young guys play well. It was nice to get some guys healthy and work in our backups because we’re going to need them to be ready over the next six weeks. We’re going to have to play good football to keep winning.”

(ref.: troubles with kicking game)
“We missed the two field goals early. We decided to go for it on fourth and three that one time because we felt that we would need to convert on those types of situations in the future in order to win. We were able to hit the field goal at the end of the first half to put us up by four scores and get our guys confidence back.”

(ref.: defense taking over in the second quarter)
“It was exciting. That was the group I saw a year ago when we led the nation in takeaways. We were flying around and having fun making plays. It was fun to watch. The turnovers weren’t necessary things that we caused, but I was pleased with how we capitalized.

“It was the first time our defense had scored all season. It was nice to see us put some points on the board. We have a young secondary and they are just going to get better with each game. In the past that was the key to success on defense, so it was nice to see them play well.”

(ref.: short field position helping offense)
“That’s what we did all last year. We played with a short field a lot and that was one of the keys to our success. We had it a lot in the first half, but were unable to get good field position in the second half. We’re going to have to keep getting good field position to do good over our next six games.”

(ref.: effectiveness of Aaron Brown and Lonta Hobbs)
“One’s an inside runner and the other is an outside guy. This was the first time all season that we had both of them back there. It gives us a chance to rotate them and keep them rested. We’ve going to have to run a little better as the season moves on though.”

TCU TE Chad Andrus
(ref.: difference in play from first to second half)
In the first half we came out to play and in the second half I guess we relaxed a bit. Football is a four quarter game, so we have to make sure that when we get up big, we have to keep the other team down. We can’t let them back into it like we did today. We didn’t make any adjustments. We just let down our guard in the second half.”

(ref.: play of Jeff Ballard)
“We won so I think that’s the biggest thing. I thought he did a good job managing the offense, and we were able to get a win. We played well. He made the plays he had to make for us to win.”

(ref.: getting off to a good start in the first half)
“It felt real good getting points on the board. In the first couple of games we started slow and came on strong in the second half. Today we came out and took control early, but in the future we need to play a full four quarters.”

TCU LB Jason Phillips
(ref.: play of defense in first half)
“The 16 days off gave us a chance to work on a lot of things. We were also real hungry coming off of two loses. We played with a lot of passion and good things happened for us. We had a pretty good grasp on what their offense runs as well, we got to watch a lot of film over the past two weeks so nothing surprised us out there.”

(ref.: play of Carson Williams)
“He seemed like more of a thrower than the first guy. He did a good job of putting the ball where he wanted to. Some of it was mistakes on our side of the ball, but he moved the offense very well.”

TCU DB Marvin White
(ref.: play of defense in first half)
“We started getting back to our old ways. We caused a few turnovers and got the ball in our offense’s hands. We can be a pretty good defense when we want to and today we wanted it.”

(ref.: Army’s offense in second half)
“It wasn’t really anything they did different that allowed them to move the ball. We just had some breakdowns that gave them the opportunity to gain more yards.”

TCU QB Jeff Ballard
(ref.: play of offense)
“We proved that we could move the ball. We showed that we are capable of throwing and running the ball. We’re a good offense and we’ll continue to get better.

(ref.: getting back on the field)
“I felt after the second drive that I made a few good throws. I got in a rhythm and read the coverage well. My arm felt good, I just need to get back in sync with the receivers. The time away really makes me appreciate practice, that’s for sure. I’m not that far from being completely back, I just need to fine tune some of the basics.”


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