Cadet Q&A: Kyler Martin

Oct. 15, 2012

Why did you choose to come to West Point?
I chose to come to West Point originally because it gave me the opportunity to play football, as well as run track at the division one level. I also had been interested in the Army from a very young age. When West Point came to me and asked me to play football I knew that I was going to get a little bit of everything that I was interested in.

What does it mean to be an Army football player?
Being an Army football player means that you are willing to sacrifice. You are willing to sacrifice for your teammates on and off the field. It means you are willing to sacrifice time with your family and friends. It means you are willing to sacrifice the "normal" college experience. It means you are willing to sacrifice the precious time that you have for school and other tasks to prepare to win. Finally, it means that you are willing to one day sacrifice your life for your country as a officer in the United States Army.

How has playing football at Army shaped you?
I have had struggles here at the Academy, much like we all do. Football has shown me that I can overcome those struggles. I can rise above doubt and become something more. Football has shown me that I can do whatever I put my mind to, no matter the harshness of the environment. Mental strength, as well as physical toughness, is learned on the gridiron.

Describe your fondest memory of Army football.
My fondest Army football memory is when we beat Tulane during my junior year. Winning the Armed Forces Bowl game was great, but when we beat Tulane at home that year, I felt a sense of pride and joy which only comes once so very often. I felt that our team had accomplished a great task, and I had been a large contributor to that accomplishment. We did not have the most successful year that season, but that victory stands out to me as a shining moment in my career.

You have changed positions quite a bit in your time at West Point. Do you have a favorite position?
I have changed positions quite a few times. I like any defensive position. I cannot just choose one. Each position has negatives and positives in terms of your job description. I also love to play kickoff. It is awesome to be a part of the special teams unit and make those critical plays happen. I love to add to the team in any and every way possible, regardless of the position.

What kind of mental toughness does it take in being such a versatile member of the defense?
You need to understand every position on the field in order to fully comprehend the goal and attitude of the defense. Physical and mental toughness is a must. I rely on what I have been taught. My dad won the Most Inspirational Player award on his college football team because of his unwavering work ethic. He taught me that if you work hard, you can achieve your goals. Work, work, work... That is mind set you need when playing defense.

If you were not playing football, what other sport would you play and why?
I run track here at the Academy. I run the 110 meter hurdles and 400 meter hurdles. That is the sport I would be playing here if not football. If I was not able to run track, then I would play basketball. I love shooting hoops. When I am home, pickup basketball is an addiction. That addiction is another trait I get from my dad.

What branch do you want to enter after graduation and why?
I want to go into the only branch, Infantry. I say Infantry is the only branch with a tone of jest. Never the less, I will feel extremely blessed if I have the opportunity to serve in the Infantry. I love being physical and staying active. The Infantry branch is exactly the life style I want to lead.

What is the most important lesson you have learned while at West Point?
The most important lesson I have learn at West Point is consistency. If I trust in the Lord Jesus and continue to do what I know is right, things will work out as they are supposed to. I did not understand the value of a consistent mind set and attitude on my arrival here, but as I have matured, it is clear that a significant amount of value can be placed on consistency.

What do you like to do in what little down time you have?
In my free time I eat, sleep, train, and learn new things. I also like to go hang around my friends and watch movies. The Academy does not give us a lot of free time, but we learn to make the most of it and enjoy ourselves.

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