Head Coach Stan Brock
“Today was a great win. It was something that the team needed. It was great to win in front of the Corps of Cadets. It was great to win for Homecoming and for all the alumni that were back. It was a tremendous win for the Army Football team. The team struggled through some things early on and made some adjustments and continued to play with a great deal of passion. They fought through and came away with the victory.”

(Ref.: The emergence of Collin Mooney over the last couple weeks.)
“He is the same Collin Mooney that we had in weeks one and two. It is the progression of teaching the triple option. Collin is tremendous runner. I thought that some of his third and fourth efforts on runs in the fourth quarter got us critical first downs when we needed them to win the game. We knew he was a good fullback in the spring and now it is all coming together.”

(Ref.: Wesley McMahand and his ability to change the pace.)
“When we pitch it out to him, he has got that stride that gets him around the corner and stretches everyone out. Defenses can’t just take away Collin Mooney. I think all the slot backs are doing a nice job.”

(Ref.: The way the defense played today.)
“I think they did a great job. What I am impressed with about the whole team is that it wasn’t perfect throughout the day. We didn’t tackle very well or fill the gaps at times and it was a little bit trying. The intensity and the way they continued to fight shows great growth in our football team and that they expect to win football games.”

(Ref.: Singing the Alma Mater at home after a win.)
“It is awesome. It is so great to be able to sing the Alma Mater to the Corps after a victory. It just sounds like the beat is a little bit faster and everyone is a little bit more excited. It is always good to see the smiles on the faces in the stands. The voices on the field have a little bit more life in them as well.”

(Ref.: How close he thinks the option attack is to running at full speed.)
“I don’t know that we will ever have it perfected. I think you continue to grow with it. Defenses will show you different things and it is hard to figure out what they are going to do. There are always different things that are going on. The more experience that the players and coaches get, the more we will continue to get better. I do like the way it is headed. The progression is there. Today, we had some opportunities to throw the ball, but it was my decision to just keep doing what we were doing. I didn’t really want to put the ball in the air. We just kept doing what we were doing.”

(Ref.: This win justifying the switch to the new offense.)
“I’m proud of what we did today. I think that the offense that we are running and the people that we have running it give us a chance to get to the fourth quarter and still have the opportunity to win. We got to the fourth quarter today and drove down and put points on the board. It gave us the chance to get a win. The offense is working. The kids believe in it and have confidence in it. When the offensive line comes off the ball, they know that they have a great fullback behind them, a quarterback that can really stick it up in there, and some slot backs that can run around the edges.”

Senior FB Collin Mooney
(Ref.: his 229-yard performance)
“I was feeling good. Once I got the ball, I was just running hard. The offensive line did a great job again today.”

(Ref.: grinding out the victory)
“I think we really showed we could fight no matter what adversity we face. We’re just going to keep pounding the ball and we’ll score eventually.”

(Ref.: the offense’s mind set)
“I talked about it earlier in the week. We just need three and one-half yards a play, and one of them is going to break eventually. We’re just going to keep pounding.”

(Ref.: the turning point for the offense after struggling at times during the game)
“I think we just picked up our intensity after halftime. We knew what we had to do. We just fired it up a little bit in the locker room and got it going.”

(Ref.: difference between this game and the Akron game)
“I think after that game, we knew we had to make a change. We needed a new mentality. We needed to finish. I think that’s something we’ve brought to the field finishing.”

(Ref.: what he does for an encore after two straight 180-yard games)
“We’ll see. We just have to go to work tomorrow, and then Tuesday through the rest of the week, just keep working and see what happens.”

Junior DE Victor Ugenyi
(Ref.: his blocked field goal)
“It’s not just about me. It’s about the whole d-line. The whole d-line had been pushing and fighting all day. When we got to that point, somebody had to do something. I just did my best, put my hands up and good things happened.”

(Ref.; the intensity of the crowd)
“The crowd is pretty deafening as Eastern Michigan found out when they were trying to drive and get their touchdown. It messes up your whole rhythm. When you have the Corps on your side and do something big to get them up yelling and screaming, we feel we’re unstoppable.”

(Ref.: the defense’s fourth-quarter stops)
“During the first half, we were playing our defense. We were fitting, but we weren’t getting off blocks and making tackles. In the second half, we just let it loose. Get in your gap and go. We just stopped thinking so much and started flying around.”

(Ref.: his mindset on the blocked field goal)
“It’s just man-on-man. Who is going to win? I knew we had to do something. We stopped them there, and I didn’t want them to put any points on the board. I just threw my hands up and good things happen like they did today.”

Sophomore LB Stephen Anderson
(Ref.: the defense’s performance)
“We play for each other. We like it when we have the lead because then the game is on our shoulders. That’s perfect for our type of team. They (the offense) are going to run the clock out and we’re going to stop them. We just rely on each other and big plays are made.”

(Ref.: comparing the feeling today with after the Akron loss)
“We knew we had to give all these fans and everyone who comes up here and supports us week in and week out a win. That was the biggest thing. Get a win at home and show everyone that this team has made a turnaround. We didn’t look so good in the beginning, but this team is clicking now. Good things are going to happen.”

Senior DB Lowell Garthwaite
(Ref.: stopping EMU on their potential go-ahead possessions)
“We really take pride in playing for each other. That’s really big for us. Every time we go out there, we know we’re doing it for the guy next to us. We really take pride in stopping them. Three-and-out is our goal every single time. If there’s a turnover, we look forward to the opportunity. It’s our time to play. We’re going to bring it every week.”

(Ref.: on his first home win since coming back to the team)
“It means a lot. We really appreciate the fans coming out every week. You could really hear them behind us from the very beginning to the very end. I’m so appreciative of them, and I’m so appreciative of the team. This is why you play the game. It’s a battle of wills. It’s whose will is stronger. I felt like we were there today. We all came together as a team and said we weren’t going to lose this game. We made up our mind we weren’t going to lose, and we didn’t lose.”

Sophomore QB Chip Bowden
(Ref.: the difference between this game and the Akron game)
“The biggest difference is we’re really starting to come into this offense. Everyone is starting to click and take care of their job. The fullbacks, the quarterbacks, the receivers, the linemen, we’re really all doing our job. The defense is seeing that even though we don’t get 60 or 70-yard runs every play, we get three or four. We just keep grinding on them. We can see it in the huddle. We’ve really developed our conditioning and just grind them every game.”

Senior RB Wesley McMahand
(Ref.: getting the offense off to a good start)
“The offensive line did a great job. George Fletcher, the lead blocker, did a great job. My job was pretty easy just run the ball. It was a total team effort on those two plays.”



Head coach Jeff Genyk
“I thought both teams played very hard. I was really was pleased with our defensive effort being able to rise up and force a couple field goals. I felt that we were able in the fourth quarter to provide our offense an opportunity. I thought offensively we needed to execute at a higher level. We had around five three-and-outs in the third and fourth quarters. Obviously, it is very tough to win a game that way.”

(Ref.: thoughts on RB Dwayne Priest’s 118-yard rushing performance)
“I thought he did a nice job. In the second half he got a little bit of an ankle sprain, so he was unable to continue, but I thought he did a nice job and really ran hard.”

(Ref.: performance of the defense)
“I think we did much better than I anticipated. I was pleased with our adjustments. I think we could have tackled better, but by and large, I think we played good enough defensively to have a chance to win the game.”

(Ref.: how the defense handled Army’s triple-option)
“I don’t think that you can fall into a situation of just stopping one aspect because all three phases can really damage you: the dive, the quarterback and the pitch. We just tried to stay patient and tried to stay disciplined. We caused two turnovers and gave ourselves a chance to win the game.”

RB Dwayne Priest
(Ref.: long runs early in the game)
“On the big runs I had, the lines opened up the holes. I just hit the holes and was running.”

(Ref.: improving for the rest of the season)
“We played hard, but I feel we have got to come out in practice tomorrow and on Tuesday and work harder. We just have to finish games.”


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