Army vs. VMI Postgame Quotes (10-7-06)

Army vs. VMI Postgame Quotes (PDF)

Army Head Coach Bobby Ross
"We're glad to get the win and on top of it we played well. I thought there were two things we really wanted to accomplish: Number one, win; and number two, play well. I think we did that for the most part. One of the biggest things that I think was important was to get this turnover thing turned around a little bit and we did that today. We forced some turnovers defensively, and offensively, except for the one fumble that we lost, we were okay there. Possession time was important to us and that got better. I thought our defense did okay against the wishbone. They had the one long run ... we had started substituting early in the second quarter and (Sean Mizzer), who's a good football player, broke it and got a long run. Other than that, I felt we were thorough defensively, and that I was pleased with. Obviously our tackling was much better. We had some pretty good tackling out there today. Now we just have to carry that to the rest of the season."

(ref. playing his alma mater)
"I've got some real mixed feelings, not about winning, that's for sure. But I have to tell you I hated to see that score going like it was going, to be very honest. Not that I didn't want (our players) to score; I'm never going to tell our players not to try to do what they've got to do. That's what we teach them and train them to do. I felt for their team. They lost their quarterback and I don't like that, but I think he's going to be okay. I'm glad to get the win. I'm glad we played well. We're through half of our season. Now we've got to get ready for the second half."

(ref.: how his team responded from last week's loss)
"The tone of practice was very good this week. Our focus was very good."

(ref.: playing against the option)
"I was very anxious to see how we were going to play against the option. We were looking at some things that we had worked very hard on over the summer to get right. At least for this time, we passed that test. Now we've got to direct ourselves to Connecticut and get ready for them. It is a very, very important game for us."

(ref.: remainder of season)
"The rest of our schedule is pretty challenging. They're going to be challenging. We've got our work cut out for us.  We'll take it one at a time starting with Connecticut."

"I had no idea today's game was going to be like that. We got off to a good start. Our execution was pretty solid. I'm very pleased with it."

(ref.: scoring on first play from scrimmage after turnover)
"It set a tone early. We were fortunate enough to get (the fumble). And then (Wesley) McMahand went in on the score right away. It was a 'momentum-builder' so to speak.  After that, we were executing pretty well and did some good things."

(ref.: scoring 60 points for the first time since 1958)
"I wasn't aware of that. It's nice to get that, but at the same time, I've got some mixed feelings about that to be very honest with you. The biggest thing is our kids very were excited and playing very well. I watched them closely, particularly the young ones. They're improving. We've got some good, young players in this program that eventually are going to help us a lot."

"We had to get back to the things that we have to do to win. I'm talking about, defensively, running to the ball; proper play entry; good breakdown position. Just the techniques and fundamentals to being a good, solid football team. That's what I wanted to get back. All of these things were very, very important to getting done in this game. I think for the most part we did that."

(ref.: punt return exploits of Jeremy Trimble)
"He's been a real weapon for us back there. He had one earlier in the year against Baylor. Jeremy has done a great job. Moving him back there has been a good, solid move for us. We lost Scott Wesley, who we thought was very good, and Jeremy has really countered that loss. I'm very pleased with what he's doing. I've got a lot of confidence in him in that phase of the game."

(ref.: Army's balanced running attack)
"We felt like we could run the ball coming into the game, and we did. Our running attack is getting better. Even last week against Rice, we ran the ball pretty good. We overcame some of the things that were bad in our previous game and I was very happy to see that. You always like to use your next game as a way of getting some of your things corrected, and we did that."

Army LB Barrett Scruggs
(ref.: coming back strong this week after losing to Rice last week)
“Last week, for me personally, was a bad performance. I think the entire team worked very hard during the week to get back to fundamentals. We worked on blocking and tackling and things like that.”

(ref.: forcing a fumble early in the game)
“Forcing that fumble set the tone for the entire defense for the entire year. We forced a few fumbles and we did some things well on defense. The game plan against the option was executed very well today. Everyone did a very good job on defense.”

(ref.: the importance of the win)
“This game was definitely a big confidence builder. We were all frustrated and aggravated after the loss to Rice. To come out here today and play the way we did reinforces the fact that we know we’re a good team. It was good to come out and execute and do all of the small things right, because we’re going to have to do those things down the stretch. It was a very important win for us.”

Army QB David Pevoto
(ref.: the improvement of the Army passing game)
“After last week, we were very disappointed in the way we threw the ball. We focused on executing perfectly in practice. If we didn’t run a play correctly, we would stay out there until we got it right. That was a big focus this week, and we came out and made sure that we were on track executing our assignments. It worked out for us today.”

(ref.: coming back after the loss to Rice last week)
“Our big focus was to put the Rice game behind us and come out and play well and execute. We didn’t even let the fact it was homecoming come into play. We knew we needed to come out and execute both offensively and defensively and prove that we can really play. I think, based on the outcome of the game, we proved that we can play.”

(ref.: Army’s upcoming schedule)
“It’s going to be tough. We face a lot of good teams coming up. We’re going to have to focus and execute every week. We can’t let one play in practice slip. It’s going to take everyone focusing and concentrating and executing our assignments and playing hard on every play. We have to play hard for the next several games. We’re a good team and we’re going to come out and play hard.”

(ref.: the team’s week of practice leading up to today’s game)
“The focus wasn’t there when we came out last week to play Rice. The coaches reminded us of that every day in practice this past week. We had a week of tough practices last week. We kept the loss to Rice in the back of our minds, and we let it fuel our fire to never come out and play like that again. We focused on the little things. We have to give VMI credit though; they hung in there and played tough until the very end.”

(ref.: playing at Connecticut next week)
“We haven’t played UConn very well the last two years. They’re a great team, and we’re going to have to come out and focus again in practice. We have to focus on what we need to do and execute our assignments. We’re going to come out and play as hard as we can next week.”

Army WR Jeremy Trimble
(ref.: bouncing back today after losing to Rice last week)
“I think everyone took that sour taste we had in our mouths from last week and used it as motivation. This week, we got back to basics and focused on one play at a time. I think we all wanted to come out here and show our fans how the real Army team plays. I think we showed that today.”

(ref.: becoming the first Army player to have two punt returns for touchdowns since 2000)
“It feels great. I need to give all the credit to the blocking. The punt return team gets the blocks, and I just run to daylight.”

(ref.: coming back this week to play after losing to Rice last week)
“I think everybody was anxious to (get back on the field) as soon as we left the stadium last week. We wanted last Sunday to be Saturday again so we could go out there and show how we really play. We had that feeling all week and we used it to our advantage. We came out excited to play. We played hard as a team and we got a win out of it.”

(ref.: describing his punt return touchdown)
“It was a good high punt and it allowed all of my blockers to set up. I took a couple of steps to the right and then just took it up the left sideline. Frank Scappaticci came off the sideline and made a big block on the kicker. I made one man miss and it was just open field from there. I give all of the credit to the blockers because they’ve been doing a great job all year.”

Army RB Wesley McMahand
(ref.: the performance of the Army running game)
“I think the running game performed really well. It seems like the offensive line never has an off day. VMI did some good things to try to slow down our rushing attack. They’re a tough team; you have to give them credit for hanging in there. We have a lot of backs who can contribute. We have good depth at both the running back and fullbac

VMI Head Coach Jim Reid
(ref.: opening statement)
“We got outhit and outplayed the entire game. To me, that was an angry football team we faced out there today. I knew that they would play that way as soon as I saw the film from Rice. (Army) is a very physical group. They’re good on tape, but they’re even better in person. We tried to keep our gameplan simple so our guys could play with them, but we had too many breakdowns today. (Army’s) secondary really comes up and hits you. They played very good this afternoon.”

(ref.: struggles with field position)
“We’re having trouble with the amount of people we’re able to put on special teams. We’re just running out of players, which is something I feared would happen with more injuries. At one point we only had 10 people on the field because we were struggling to find men to put out there. We have some problems with personnel.”

(ref.: playing at Army)
“All week, I told my guys two things. Number one, this was going to be the best football team we played all season and number two, this is the greatest environment that anyone can play in, in the country. With it being Homecoming and all, I felt it was very true this afternoon. There were some special men on the other side of the field that we were playing against.”

VMI K Adam Peters
(ref.: playing at Army)
“It was a great atmosphere. There is a lot of history at (Michie Stadium). You couldn’t really ask for more. When they came over for our Alma Mater at the end of the game, it was a very classy thing to do.

“I don’t think anyone was intimidated. We were all excited for this game. We just didn’t get any breaks and sometimes that’s what you need when you play a good team like Army.”

(ref.: outcome of game)
“It was rough. We could have come out fired up and made a game of it, but today simply wasn’t our day.”

(ref.: special teams effect on field position)
“On my first punt, Coach told me to kick it out of bounds, maybe I kicked it a little too far out of bounds. I was disappointed with myself, maybe I was a little nervous. I settled down and started doing a better job, but after they returned one, Coach told me to go back to kicking it out of bounds.”

VMI DT Charlie Liesfeld
(ref.: outcome of game)
“We just didn’t come out to play. We had a bad day. Army came to play. They outhit us. Defensively we struggled. We didn’t play well until the end, and offensively, we couldn’t move the ball. Army’s just a good football team.”

(ref.: atmosphere of game)
“It wasn’t intimidating. I’ve played in front of crowds like this before so it was nothing new to me. Maybe it got to the freshman a bit, but that’s not why we lost.”

(ref.: playing Army)
“It was special being able to play Army. It was a special game, on ESPN, and I know our guys were excited about that. It was very respectful of them to come over for the Alma Mater after the game, then we did the same for them. That is what the military is all about staying together.”

VMI FB Sean Mizzer
(ref.: touchdown run)
“I got a couple of good blocks and it looked like the safety over-pursued. One guy had a chance, but he tried to arm tackle me and after that it was open the rest of the way. Once you get out there you start thinking about watching the film with the team and have everyone making fun of you for getting hawked from behind, so I made sure to run as fast I could.”

(ref.: fumbles on offense)
“The first one didn’t feel like I really got the ball and the second one was a combination of different things. With me and Kyle (Hughes), it’s only our second week together, so it’s tough. We’re still learning how to play with each other. He’s really starting to come along, but we’re still feeling each other out on the field. With the option, everyone has to be on the same page. If someone gets pushed into the backfield, it can break up the play and the ball is more likely to come out.”

(ref.: playing Army)
“The score doesn’t show our ability. We played very, very bad. You can’t come into a place like this and play the way we did or else it’s going to be a blowout. The field position in the first half really killed us. They never had to go more than 30 yards for a touchdown. You can’t expect to win playing like that. (Army) played very well today.”

(ref.: atmosphere of game)
“This place was a little more exciting than when we went down to Navy my sophomore year. It was definitely exciting, and a game on ESPN, you can’t ask for anything more.”

VMI QB Kyle Hughes
(ref.: starting against Army)
“I thought it was a pretty big deal. Being able to play my second game on ESPN was exciting. It was cool being able to play in front of the crowd. I just tried to block out the noise and play my game.”

(ref.: offensive struggles)
“They weren’t doing anything special on defense. We stopped ourselves, we couldn’t execute or get the job done. We’re still young in the system, it’s just a matter of us sticking with it and getting our reps until we do it right.”

(ref.: Army’s intensity)
“They came out with lots of intensity. I think both teams did, they just wanted it more than we did.”

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