Army Head Coach Stan Brock
“We’re happy with the win. Our goal is to be 1-0 every week and this week we reached our goal. It was a tribute to everybody on the field offense, defense and special teams.

I think that in the first half, we were probably a little wound up. That could have been me having them a little too excited. They settled down in the second half and got where they were supposed to be and knew what they were supposed to do.

I was pleased with the offensive line and the three guys that I played in new positions. I was happy with our protection and the way the line came of the ball. I was happy with how we ran the ball as well as how Carson Williams stepped up in the pocket and made some plays.

I thought Jeremy Trimble and Owen Tolson had great games on special teams. The defense stepped up when they needed to, and I thought they played a solid football game.

I think that Temple is a very good football team and is only going to get better. They played a lot of kids and only traveled one senior and are playing a lot of young kids and are playing very hard.”

(Ref.: The various ways Army was able to put points on the board)
“We’ve talked before about how we are not a team that will just line up offensively and beat you. We know that our defense and special teams are good. When we all pitch in and all help, that solid performance all the way around is what we are looking for. We know that there are still a lot of things we can improve.”

(Ref.: Jeremy Trimble and his 85-yard punt return late in the third quarter)
“I don’t remember what the score was at the time, but I knew we needed a play. I’d like to tell you I knew we were going to have that return, but quite honestly, I called a block and we didn’t get it. Jeremy made that on his own. That was not a return call. That was actually a call where I was actually trying to block the punt.”

(Ref.: Trimble responding after the early fumble)
“I got on him early. I jumped on him because of that early turnover, and he almost lost another one. Some kids will fold when you put that kind of pressure on them. Jeremy doesn’t and never has. He steps up and takes it. He knows that he is our guy back there as a punt returner. He knows that he is our go-to guy and everyone else knows that too. For him to come away with those kind of plays makes it even more special because it wasn’t like we surprised anyone by sneaking someone in there. It was Jeremy Trimble and that is who were going to give the ball to. He is a heck of a football player. He responded very well today. He could have pouted early on but he didn’t. He stepped up and played better.”

(Ref.: The way the defense played with a bit of an attitude today)
“I think that is fair to say. I also think that we will realize when we watch the tape of the first half that we were kind of all over the place. Some guys were just trying to make big plays and weren’t where they were supposed to be and allowed Temple to make some plays. At halftime, (defensive coordinator John) Mumford made some adjustments and had a little chat with them and got them settled down. They came back out and played assignment football, which is what we are good at.”

(Ref.: Special Teams Coach Gary Miller and the special teams play)
“Coach Miller works all week to break down the other team and comes to me and lets me know what he thinks is going on. His core group of special teamers go out and practice hard every week. Most of them aren’t guys that start all the time. Coach Miller has done a fantastic job and has some pretty talented players to work with like Jeremy (Trimble) and Owen (Tolson). Players make coaches better.”

(Ref.: Owen Tolson’s play)
“I don’t know if you can really look at him statistically and show all the things he did. We tell him we need the ball tight inside the 20-yard line, and he gets it done. We’ve also asked him to come out and kick extra points and field goals. He had enough leg on (the 54-yard field goal attempt) but it was just a little wide. He is a big time special teams football player and I truly believe that he’ll have a shot in the NFL. He has those kinds of capabilities.”

(Ref.: The play of running backs Patrick Mealey and Tony Dace)
“I don’t know that the statistics tell the true story about those two. They were running behind an offensive line that basically has been working together for one week and that is hard to do. I thought they turned the ball up into the holes and pounded it pretty good today.”

(Ref.:Caleb Campell and the play of the defense)
“I think that people know that if they are going to catch the ball over the middle that he is going to come up in there and hit them. He had some great hits today. He practices with the same type of intensity. He is one of our captains and goes out there and leads by example. We are very fortunate to have him back there. The whole defense has been playing with a bit of an attitude. Sometimes you get into this later part of the season and there is a bit of a let down. There was no let down today. I am very proud of them.”



Army WR Jeremy Trimble
(Ref.: His overall performance)
“I might have had one of the worst first halves of my career. I just had the mentality that the first half was done, and I had to come out and make some plays for my team. I had some opportunities on the punt return and the open space on the catch so I was able to do that.”

(Ref.: Responding with a big play after his first-half fumble)
“I lost that fumble earlier, and Coach Brock talked to me. On that other play, I actually lost it out of bounds again. Coach Brock, in a nice way, threatened not to play me any more so I kind of had to secure the ball in the second half.”

(Ref.: His punt return for a touchdown)
“We were in punt safe. It was 4th-and-short, and we were trying to make sure they didn’t come with a fake so we had our defense in with me back there. On punt returns, everything has to be perfects the blocks and the kick. I got a good kick. It was short, and I got a good run on it. I had to make one guy miss and the defense took care of the rest. It was easy from there.”

(Ref.: His long reception for a touchdown)
“I caught it, and Mike Wright had a beautiful block on the corner to the outside that sprung me. The guy that was over me had a bad angle, and I outran him. I just saw a lot of green and thought, You know what? I’m going to try and take this.’ I outran them, which is surprising.”

(Ref.: The importance of the victory)
“It shows that all the effort we’re putting in is paying off. We played two tough teams in the ACC on the road the last two weeks and had some tough losses. Coming back here and playing in front of the corps again, and getting this win today, really ensures our mentality that we can win, and that we’re going to win. It was a good day for Army Football.”

(Ref.: His breakout performance)
“One thing that the coaches have been stressing is not getting frustrated on offense. We struggled early on. I think we showed some highlights today. I was lucky enough to have some opportunities to make plays.”

(Ref.: Corey Anderson running a kickoff back for a touchdown)
“Corey and I talked in practice about who was going to break one first. Corey got the opportunity to get that kickoff return, and I told him I was going to get one too. Corey and I making plays like that definitely puts our team in a position to win.”

Army FS Jordan Murray
(Ref.: The meaning of this win to the team)
“Coming off the tough losses the last couple of weeks, it shows all the hard work is paying off. We’re going to keep running with it.”

(Ref.: His fumble recovery for a touchdown)
“I was just coming down to do my responsibility and I saw Caleb just knock the ball about 20 feet in the air. I was running toward the goal line, and I saw a Temple player and John Laird diving for the ball so I was expecting it to end up in the end zone. I just jumped on it. I guess I got lucky.”

(Ref.: His thoughts going after the fumble for a touchdown)
“We’re trained to run after the ball every day in practice, and I think that pays off during the game. Once I grabbed that ball, I had it. I wasn’t letting it go. I was glad to get a touchdown this week. Brian Chmura got one last week so I just tried to keep the defense on the board.”

(Ref.: The hard-hitting nature of the game)
“It just shows the emotions that were in the game. It was two teams that have losing records. They were looking for their first win, and we were looking for our second. It just shows how much each team wanted it.”

(Ref: Playing at home after two weeks on the road)
“It was very important, especially playing in front of the corps. We had a great crowd today. We just want keep up that run and shut Tulane down next week.”

(Ref.: Playing at Michie Stadium)
“It’s great playing in front of the corps. I know we have some guys travel with us, but when we’re playing in front of 4,000 guys that we go to class with and live with, we represent them. It’s not just the entire Army, but also the corps. Going out there and pulling out a win in front of them is great.”

Army SS Caleb Campbell
(Ref.: His hard-hitting performance)
“On the one that caused the fumble, I didn’t even know I caused a fumble. I heard the crowd just erupt. I was just laying on top of the running back, and I looked back and Jordan had the ball in the end zone and thought, Whoa, we just scored.’ When I got back to the sideline I asked if I caused that. I was just trying to get the tackle. The last one, he was coming across the middle, and it was a play I had seen in practice. It just kind of came to me that he was running a backside post and I could drive it. That’s what I did, and we had a good collision.”

(Ref.: Winning the first two games at Michie Stadium)
“It’s great. This is our house. This is our field. No one comes on this field and takes a victory from us. The fans are incredible here at Michie Stadium. They’re loud, and they stay throughout the whole game. We want to win for them. We want to win for the players and the Army tradition, but without the fans, we wouldn’t have what we have. I love playing at Michie.”

(Ref.: Patterning his style of play after anyone in particular)
“Honestly, I’d have to say no because growing up I was always on the offensive side of the ball. I always wanted to make the big score and the big touchdown. I wanted to be more of the Jeremy Trimble. On defense, I kind of take after Jordan (Murray). He’s the one in practice that makes the big hits. I remember thinking when I was a freshman, I need to start hitting like this kid.’ Every year, it’s just grown and grown, and now we’re making hits.”

Army DT Ted Bentler
(Ref.; Disrupting the opponents’ offense)
“The coaches kept us real fired up, and had us pumped up going out. We just tried to make a lot of tackles and sacks.”

Army QB Carson Williams
(Ref.: The offense’s performance)
“The first drive we started off kind of slow. We got it pretty far down the field on our next drive, but couldn’t capitalize. In the first half, overall, I think we did pretty well. We had a good amount of passing yards, and the rushing game was doing alright. The second half, it seemed like it slowed down a little bit. Some penalties hurt us, and there were a few situations where we probably should have done something that we didn’t. You can say that all day long. I think overall, especially considering we had a few people starting that had never started before, that we did pretty well.”

(Ref.: The defense and special teams taking pressure off the offense)
“Anytime special teams or defense scores, we’ll take that. The overall goal is to win. Any time you put points on the board, it’s definitely a positive.”


Head Coach Al Golden
(Ref.: thoughts on the game)
“I just got done telling the team, when you turn the ball over, you have penalties that take points off the board and you play like [garbage] on special teams you’re going to lose. That is compounded when you’re on the road. It’s not a real good effort. We’re going to look at the film, and I know there is going to be a lot of positive things. I think the defense was in a lot of jams and they showed a lot of fight, but not a winning performance obviously.”

(Ref.: “Do you think the penalties and turnovers took points away from your team?”)
“How could you not. Obviously we had a holding penalty that took six points off. I think that is correct. I think we had an interception for a touchdown. We fumbled at least three times. From that standpoint, it’s just a disaster.”

(Ref.: Army’s two kick return touchdowns)
“We were in a mess right away on that opening kickoff. Our contain element on that side of the field broke down. The kid (Corey Anderson) fumbled it and it looked like we were going to be in good shape but he ended up scoring, so that was a disaster. The punt return, there is just no excuse for that. We allowed him (Jeremy Trimble) to catch it on the run. We did 30 minutes a day on special teams this week. That’s an extraordinary amount of time on special teams, and for that to be the result, we have to get it straightened out.”

(Ref.: Army’s special teams play)
“Obviously their kicking game was tremendous today. Their kicker (Owen Tolson) is excellent.”

(Ref.: Jeremy Trimble’s performance)
“He did it all. I mean, he must have had 250 yards of total offense. He’s a good kid. We’re glad he’s graduating.”

(Ref.: the effort put forth by Temple today)
“I think you saw the effort. I mean, our defense was keeping us in the game. I think you saw the effort and then it gets away. It got away from us a little bit with the interception and the return. You have to give them credit but I thought our defense really hung in there on the short field.  We’re not doing a good enough job on offense. I thought we would do so much better on offense today. It looked like we were going to play well on offense and then the fumbles occurred and that’s just discouraging. Quite frankly I’m shocked at those plays.”

(Ref.: “Has the offensive line improved?”)
“From last week, was it an improvement? Yeah. Obviously the couple penalties we had were awful and came at really bad times but it’s going to be really hard to evaluate those guys because we didn’t get a chance to finish three drives. We’ll evaluate them on plays but in terms of the whole unit, we didn’t get a chance to finish three drives because of fumbles, the interception and the kick returns.”

(Ref.: the defensive performance)
“That’s two weeks in a row and 42 points on the board that the defense really didn’t let up.”

(Ref.: Terrance Knighton’s performance)
“Maybe he grew up today. He had a tremendous look in his eyes all day. He was a leader on the field. He seemed to have some fire and maybe he grew up. It’s always a challenge right now to see if these guys can do it two weeks in a row. We still have too much inconsistency around the line though.”

(Ref.:”How do you keep from getting discouraged?”)
“I don’t listen to what the kids hear. All I know is that I go into each game thinking we’re going to win. Last year was a little different. We played some guys we shouldn’t even have been on the field with but as you can see from the scores and the even flows of these games, we belong on the field. Are we going to grow into a team? That’s it right there. Right now we’re still a collection of individuals.”

(Ref.: Army’s defensive performance)
“That was a team over there. That was a team over there on defense. They didn’t make any mistakes. They have nine seniors over there on defense. They didn’t crack. They didn’t give up big plays. That was a team.”

(Ref.: outlook for the future)
“Am I disappointed? Yea, but I’m not going to get discouraged. I just left a locker room with every guy coming back next year. We’re going to come up here next year with every guy that was in that locker room. How can I get discouraged? There are two seniors that made the trip. I think we played 20 freshmen today. If you want me to get discouraged, it isn’t going to happen.”

(Ref.: Temple’s play thus far in 2007 and looking ahead)
“We have not played a complete game yet. We just have not done that. We have not finished a game for four quarters and those are all challenges. We’re going to take a lot of positives out of this game and we’re going to try to correct the negatives and keep moving forward but I’m not concerned about our talent pool and we’re just going to add to it with 25 more recruits. We just have to keep growing up and move forward.”

Punter/Kicker Jeff Wathne
(Ref.: the opening kickoff)
“It was supposed to go left and I just miss-hit it. It’s so frustrating too because he caught the ball and he fell down so I thought we were going to get him. Regardless, he just ran around and got by everybody.”

(Ref.: “Is there anything you could have done to stop Anderson on that kick return?”)
“At that point, when he’s got that full momentum and I’m still back pedaling, it’s not impossible but it’s very hard to stop, especially an athlete like that.”

(Ref.: Jeremy Trimble’s punt return TD)
“It was a plus territory punt trying to down them inside the 20. I hit it right where coach wanted it right on the numbers. I guess the coverage was a little slow getting down there.”

QB Adam DeMichele
(Ref.: the offensive performance coming out of halftime)
“It’s obviously frustrating. The same exact thing happened last week. Our first series this time around, it wasn’t bad but we just came up a little short. We had a three and out, and another three and out, and then the turnover. We shot ourselves in the foot continually turning the ball over and put our defense in a bad position. I think Army had the ball inside the 30 to start a drive and they held them to a field goal. We put our defense in a predicament that is hard to handle, and I thought they played really well. We just didn’t help them much on offense.”

(Ref.: “How do you get passed the mistakes as a team?”)
“It comes from within. We’ve been taught how to fight through adversity. It’s adversity that we’re putting ourselves through though. It’s nothing they are doing or the referees are doing. We put ourselves in those predicaments. We’re the ones holding, I’m the one throwing the interception, we’re fumbling on the 14 yard line. We continue to hurt ourselves on offense and it comes from within to get passed that and I think the coaches have really taught us how to get passed that.”

"I thought that we ran the ball early in the first half well. We opened it up with some pass plays and some play action. The second half we went to the two minute drill pretty early when they went up two touchdowns. I got hit a couple times but they’re progressing and we’re all progressing as a team."

"The first one was a screen play, a slip screen. Every other team we played, the end has rushed up the field but he (Thompson) sort of sat and if I would have waited another second we would have completed it. The second one, their kid just made a play. "

RB Jason Harper
(Ref.: fumbles in the open field)
“Every time I’m in the open field I have the tendency to get the ball away from my body which I’m going to be correcting this week. We practice everyday about making open field moves and keeping the ball high and tight and not letting it get away from your body but obviously I didn’t do that today.”

(Ref.: “What happened on the fumble that went for the touchdown?”)
“I thought I had the ball away but his helmet landed right on the ball and the ball popped right up in the air.”

(Ref.: Army’s defense)
“Army has a good defense. They’re not as fast as everybody else but they’re tough and they’ll run to the ball and that’s what makes their defense a good defense.”

(Ref.: “Could you see 0-5 at the start of the season?”)
“No. Never, but we have to bounce back. We have seven games left and we just have to do what we have to do to win.”

DT Terrance Knighton
(Ref.: reflections on the game)
“They out-executed us and they made plays on special teams. Coach is always preaching how special teams is very important in the game and obviously a couple guys didn’t believe it and it didn’t go our way.”

(Ref.: effect of  penalties and turnovers)
“It was very frustrating. We always talk about playing a complete game and until we do that, we won’t win.”

(Ref.: the blocked field goal attempt)
“Coach made a call. We ganged up on the guard and I got through. They (the coaches) always put us in position to make plays and that’s what I did. We practice special teams a lot, probably more than anybody. Coach is always stressing the importance of special teams. Our field goal unit believed we could block a kick this week and that’s what we did.”

(Ref.: “How is the  defense developing”)
“I just think that we’re practicing better and our coach is putting us in good position to make plays. We study a lot, watch a lot more film as a defense and its showing on the field. We’re finishing and we’re in good shape. Our defensive ends get a lot of pressure and that’s how the inside guys get our sacks. Our D-line works real hard.”




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