Army at Baylor Postgame Quotes (9-23-06)

Army at Baylor Postgame Quotes (9-23-06) (PDF)

Army head coach Bobby Ross
On going for it on fourth down:    
“I’m calling time out to decide what play to call ... I just wanted to hear everybody’s input, and our offense wanted to do what we did. They didn’t have to convince me. I wanted to hear them out. I was going to go for it. I felt like we needed a touchdown to put the pressure on them.”

On the win:
“I think it’s a good step. We’re playing a tough schedule. These teams are not easy. They’re big; they’re physical. They’re bigger than we are. But we’re hanging in there and showing a lot of character and playing with a lot of character.”

Army DE Cameron Craig
On Army’s defense:
“Unbelievable. We were down in the first half. Baylor was throwing a lot of screens, mixing it up pretty well, but we hung in there until the very end, coming down to that last play. I think all the guys on defense really showed their character and played with heart. When it came down to third-and-3, it was all about heart and character. That’s what defense is about stepping up at those times. And it saved the game, I think.”

Army QB David Pevoto
On the win:
“It means a lot. With seven games left, we’re 2-2. Baylor played a great game. They’re a great team, very athletic, very fast, and they played their hearts out too. So credit goes to them. But it’s great for us. We have two wins under our belt.”

On minimizing mistakes:
“That’s what we focused on this week, minimizing mistakes, and we did. Overall, we played very efficiently. We executed very well. The credit goes to our offensive line. In the second half, they couldn’t stop us from running the ball. The offensive line just sucked it up and played a hell of a game.”

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