Postgame Quotes - Army vs. Akron



Army Head Coach Stan Brock
“I’m very disappointed for the players and our coaching staff because they worked so hard the last two weeks for a win. That is what you go to work for. But we’ll answer. I just think we are going through growing pains, offensively with execution. On a positive note, I think our special teams were much better and I think our defense played well at times. We just have to become more consistent with our execution.”

(Ref.: The turnovers the team made today)
“We work on it and talk about. When you play three quarterbacks during a game, different things happen. There was one that I think was going to be a very good play, but the defender tipped the pitch. Until we look at them on film, you really don’t know, but we have to stop making them. You can’t win making that many turnovers. It puts everybody in a tough position.”

(Ref.: Team’s 2-for-11 performance on third-down)
“This is an offense where we have to keep ourselves on track. Being second-and-long, or third-and-long is a tough situation to be in, so there are a lot of things that go into making this offense successful, and we just have to keep working at it.”

(Ref.: The team’s effort after having two weeks off)
“These kids work very hard and were excited for the game and not finding some success is what is most disheartening for me. But they will come out tomorrow and have a good practice and we’ll work hard to fix the things we need to fix.”

(Ref.: Rotating the three different quarterbacks)
“You have to take a look at what the defense is giving you. When they are forcing your quarterback to run, you want to have one in there that has some strength in running. If they are going to bring safeties and corners and blitzes, then you want to have a passing quarterback in there. That is who we are. That is our personality and I’m not going to ask any of our quarterbacks to be anyone that they are not."

(Ref.: Decision to start Carson Williams at quarterback)
“We base everything on practice and whoever is practicing the most efficiently, that is who starts. Carson has been making the most efficient reads and has put us in the best position to win. He earned it.”

(Ref.: What quarterback Chip Bowden brings to the game and what losing him to injury would mean)
“Chip is a stronger runner than Carson and is better at sticking those runs up in there. If we lose him, we lose a good runner. I think he needs to keep getting better with his reads but I think he runs the option well. We just need to get him to do it on more of a consistent level on the practice field.”

(Ref.: What Carlo Sandiego brings to the quarterback position)
“Carlo is one of those scat kind of runners. One of the biggest things in making this offense work is having the ability to take a bad read and turn it into a three or four yard gain. Carlo can do that. He can make a read we wish he would do differently, but has the ability to escape and turn it into something positive. I think it forces defenses to play a little differently when Carlo is in the game.”

(Ref.: The type of improvements the team made from the New Hampshire game)
“I think the team just gets to see more things. We are a young team to begin with, but we have really grown into a better football team. We are running some new things and continue to evolve with all the new stuff that we do, including on defense. The experience we gain in practice is beneficial and I think it shows on the game field. We all really want to win and it is just disappointing that all their hard work doesn’t show up in the win column.”

(Ref.: Keeping up the intensity for the team’s first road game next week at Texas A&M)
“It won’t be hard with this group because we have a great group of players. I’ve been on and coached teams where it has been difficult to focus after losing three games. Not this group. They will come out and the senior leadership will show up. They really set the standard for hard work. We will continue to work and continue to get better and get ready to play Texas A&M.”

Senior C Trey Miranne
(Ref.: the feeling in the locker room following the game)
“Any time you lose, it’s very frustrating. We set the standard for how we’re going to work these past two weeks, and we’re going to come back tomorrow and get right back to work to get this thing straightened out.”

(Ref.:  how close the offense is to breaking out)
“I felt like we were close today. I think we did a lot of things better, but there were just a few things that killed us. We need to stop killing ourselves.”

(Ref.: preparing for the first road game at Texas A&M next week)
“I think we’ll be fine. We talked about it all week. We want to win each day. As long as you win each day, and break it down even further and further focus on each period, each play as long we do that, we’ll prepare ourselves well to go down to Texas A&M.”

Junior QB Carson Williams
(Ref.: correcting the turnovers)
“A lot of it is just practicing and getting the feel of it. I don’t want to make excuses, but you have to understand that up until last year this was a pro style offense and the people the running the option are pro style people. It’s going to take some time to get used to it. It’s going to take time, but eventually we’ll get used to it.”

(Ref.: the first two series)
“It seemed like it was going okay. We practiced for six practices on Akron. We felt comfortable going into it. There was a loose ball, it wasn’t a turnover, but it shook the offense up a little bit. Overall, I’d say it was a lack of execution. A lack of execution results in no yards.”

(Ref.: being replaced by Chip Bowden)
“I actually told (offensive coordinator) Coach (Tim) Walsh it’s there. I think if the two plays we did run, if Carlo or Chip would have been in, it would have been more yards. I said that, and coach said we’d see what we can do.”

(Ref.: coming in and out of the game based on the situation)
“I don’t mind. Do what you can to get the offense going. I’ll admit that I’m not as good of a runner as Carlo or Chip. It’s awesome to see Chip take a ball and turn it up. It makes me get on fire inside. You do what you’re told to do.”

Senior RB-QB Carlo Sandiego
(Ref.: correcting the turnovers)
“When you learn a new offense, there are so many new aspects that you try to concentrate on, especially from the quarterback’s point of view. Sometimes it can be easy to take the ball for granted because it seems so elementary to just hang on to the ball. It comes down to practice. We need to focus more on the little things like taking care of the ball.”

(Ref.: the team’s effort)
“We really did have two great weeks of practice. We came out with a lot of electricity, and I think we did play a lot better. You take away those turnovers we had on offense and we’re right in the game.”

(Ref.; his two fumbles)
“On the first one, the guy I was supposed to pitch off he kind of sat in between me and Tony Dace. I felt like if I could pitch to Tony the defender was in a bad position and it would turn into a big play. Unfortunately, I took a risk and it didn’t pay out. The second one, the ball just got knocked out of my hand. I just need to take care of it better.”

Senior LB Frank Scappaticci
(Ref.: the defense’s play)
“I feel like the effort was strong. We stayed together in a lot of tough spots with sudden change turnovers. We never got down on ourselves. I think a lot of the yardage in the run game came on people not getting to their gaps. Their offensive line played a strong game. If we want to get better we have to be more consistent better tacklers, stay in our gaps and play our responsibilities.”

Senior DB Lowell Garthwaite
(Ref.: whether the defense is frustrated with the offense)
“I want to make it clear that we’re not frustrated. Every time the defense comes out there, we’re very excited. I’m not like, Oh my gosh, another fumble.’ I look at it as our time. We’re going to get the ball back for the offense, and we’re going to march down and score.”

(Ref.: whether the defense is tired)
“We’re excited. This is Division I football, we’re all excited. The offense is like No. 3 in the country in time of possession so we’re not on the field that often. When we do get out there, we want to make it count.”

(Ref.: the team’s attitude)
“I think it all starts with practice. We set the tone with how we’re going to practice. As long as we keep sawing wood, I’m confident the victories will come.”

(Ref.: the team’s increase in enthusiasm at practice)
“I think the captains really took ownership of the team, and all the seniors and everybody really got around them and embraced what they were trying to do. We want to play a lot more excited and have fun playing the game of football. We all came out to win that particular day of practice and to have fun, and when you do that and you’re there in terms of your intensity level, the plays will come.”



Head coach J.D. Brookhart
“Looking at the stats, this is the kind of game I thought it was going to be. I am a little surprised we had the time of possession advantage that we had. I thought we did some good things defensively. We had a good system to handle this and some change up calls, so I thought they did a great job with short preparation time. Offensively, we did the things we needed to do. We had some long drives, we kept the ball out of their hands, but we didn’t sustain the drives and finish the drives with points and that’s frustrating. The kicking game is a little frustrating, but we’ll continue to grow up. This is what the Army defense does. They are going to make you drive the field and convert and hope you make some mistakes along the way. Between penalties and other things, we did make those mistakes and didn’t get the points we are capable of getting. We were playing a team that is very disciplined and fights hard, but I thought our kids fought hard too.”

(Ref: winning despite missing starters due to injuries)
“If someone said six weeks ago that Shawn Lemon, Wally Pendleton and Dan Marcoux would be the key to this game, I would have said they aren’t even on the two-deep roster.’ But they started for us on the defensive line. You don’t have an excuse, you play who you have. They fought very hard and did some good things.”

(Ref: frustration on not converting on early scoring opportunities)
“You’d love to get up and take them out of their game, but we were not able to do that. We let them play in their system and keep the game close. Fortunately, our defense made plays to keep them off the board for the most part. That was not an ideal execution of the game plan, but it was good enough.”

(Ref: impact of second quarter touchdown pass from QB Chris Jacquemain to WR Andre Jones)
“I think that was big. Army does not give you many big plays, so for us to go down like we did really gave us a little momentum. That put them behind the eight-ball a little bit with what they were trying to do.”

WR Andre Jones
(Ref: winning despite missing starters due to injuries)
“It’s always a good feeling to have a win. Luckily in practice we have a bunch of receivers and a bunch of quarterbacks, so everybody gets an equal rotation in practice. By the time the game comes, everyone is fresh.”

(Ref: getting more wins during the season despite injured players)
“We are always ready. That is what we practice for. Fortunately we have another running back, Joe Tuzze, and he should be a big part of the offense. Injuries happen, so you just have to keep pushing forward.”

QB Chris Jacquemain
(Ref: winning despite missing starters due to injuries)
“The training staff and the coaches do a good job of taking care of the players and making sure that we are fresh for the games. I think that helped us out today. We came out fresh and ready to play.”

(Ref: getting more wins during the season despite injured players)
“We just have to keep pushing and play with what we have on the field. We just have to worry about the offense. We lost Alex Allen at running back, but the line is healthy and the receivers are healthy, so we are in good shape for the rest of the season.”

(Ref: impact of second quarter touchdown pass)
“It was huge for sure. We would have liked to have touchdowns on the first two drives, but it didn’t happen for whatever reason. Army hung around, and I am kind of happy that they did because we learned lot about our team. It was a great team victory. Our defense held them in check. It was a pretty close game, so the touchdown was important because it got us going and gave us momentum.”


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