Postgame Quotes - Army vs. Rhode Island (9-8-07)


Army Head Coach Stan Brock

“We are excited about our win. We don’t care who we play or what the score is. A win is a win and we’ll take every one of them.

“I must say the difference in this game was the Corps of Cadets. I think that having them there made all the difference in the world. They were strong through the whole game and they are a big part of this football team and a big reason why we won.”

(Ref.: Winning play call in overtime)
“I thought that Coach (Tim) Walsh did a great job. He was calling good plays all day. I think we kept them off guard. We were moving the thing around. The problem is a mistake here and a mistake there, we got down 3rd and short. We had some penalties that hurt us that backed us up.”

“We had a real good feel for them. They are a really aggressive football team and we lined up and showed them what they had been seeing and they came up to stuff it and Justin (Larson) got open over in the corner. Good call, good execution.”

(Ref.: Carson Williams’ play at the end.)
“That’s just Carson. I think if you really look at what he really has done over the last two weeks from the time we name David (Pevoto) starting quarterback, there was not a moment on the practice field or in any of his preparation that he hasn’t acted as if he wasn’t going to be the starting quarterback. “

“If it was a lesser quarterback who doesn’t have that character in him, we don’t win that game. You’re bringing out a guy who has been sulking for two weeks. So a lot of that is just Carson and his makeup and the way he was raised.”

“It goes back to his preparation. As a competitor you want to be in that situation. You want to be in that do-or-die situation. You want the pressure on you. You want to be the guy who is going to take the last shot. I told the whole team when it came down to overtime, this is what we want. It’s one shot, do-or-die and let’s get it done. And they did it. They went out and executed. It is a tribute to Carson and his character and the way he is made up. “

(Ref.: Stopping Rhode Island on the ensuing drive and stopping them four-straight times.)
“We have said all along that our defense is the strength of our football team. We talked about that at the beginning of the game, we talked about it at halftime and talked about it in overtime. We jumped on (the defense’s) back and we rode them. They new we were going to lean on them and we did. “

“I had to play to kids on the offensive line because of injuries during the game that had not started before, but they played and gained experience and we won the football game. So we are going to be alright. “

(Ref.: Justin Larson and the plays he made during the game.)
“Justin is a great kid and works very hard. He takes a lot of pride in his run blocking he is probably one of the best run blockers we have. And he takes a lot of pride in being able to catch the ball. I think that the offense that we have, we have to fight some blitzes sometimes and we let him be the hot receiver along with Mike Evans. He calls himself Money’ and I’m good with that. 8-0 is the pin number you type in when you need to get money out of the bank.”

(Ref.: Rhode Island defense and being held to 46 yards rushing.
“We thought that they were a very athletic football team. Our running game has to be a lot better to get things done. What we do now, just like we did last week after we lost, is go back and watch the film and correct the mistakes and each week we’ll get better. We played a couple of offensive linemen that hadn’t played. Did that hurt us or not, I don’t know. We’ll watch film and we’ll see. We’ll get the mistakes corrected and we’ll carry on.”

(Ref.: What was talked about on the sidelines heading into overtime.)
“Coaches don’t win football games. I really believe the players do. When the players are accountable for what they do, then you have the opportunity to win. Basically all I told them was, this is their game. They have to make up their mind. If they decide that they are going to win the football game, then they can win it. I believe they made up their mind that they (were going to win the game) and they got it done.”

(Ref.: First collegiate victory as a head coach.)
“It is nice but, the strangest thing as a coach is that the wins are very short. Immediately, I am ready to go in and watch the film and make corrections. I am very excited for the team. The wins for me have never been personal. The coaching staff and the players have worked very hard so I am happy for all of us. I am so excited for the United State Military Academy that we got a win today. Tomorrow, the sky is going to be bluer and birds are going to chirp and school is going to be better for the kids. It is just a good situation all the way around. “

(Ref.: David Pevoto’s Play before the injury.)
“I think he’s been playing pretty well. Last week was a good game as was this week. People will talk about the interception, but there is a lot more to it. I have a left tackle who gave up a lot of pressure. We had a lot of people that were getting into the quarterback’s face. I also have to look and see if the receivers are running the right routes. Part of it is also on David. I still think he was making good decisions.”

(Ref.: Seeing any improvements from a week ago versus Akron.)
“I still need to watch the film because there are so many things going on but I still think that we should be able to run the ball better. Nothing taking anything away from Rhode Island. They are a heck of a football team and we knew it. I think they were more emotionally ready to play this game than we were. We were excited and ready to play, but they were really excited. There are going to be some negative things that we bring up and talk about and try to get corrected. The win makes it a lot easier to go in and make your corrections.”


Army SS Caleb Campbell
(Ref.:  Rhode Island’s overtime possession)
“I told the defense as soon as we got into overtime that we’re going to win this ball game. I looked them all in the eye, and said, This is what it all comes down to.’ We needed to step up and make a play. I challenged the whole D.’ We came up big time.”

(Ref.: Army’s goal-line stand to end the game))
“I got the whole D-line together and said, Somebody needs to make a play.’ They got good pressure up the middle to stop the fullback, which made them get the ball on the perimeter.”

(Ref.: the Rhode Island offense)
“They didn’t throw anything out there that we haven’t seen. We watched the Fordham from last week, and they pretty much ran the same things. It was nothing new. It was all about reading and making the play.”

(Ref: the locker room environment after the game)
“We got excited. We went nuts.”

(Ref.: cornerback John Laird’s effect on the last play)
“We knew there was a toss coming. We all looked to the sidelines and the coaches were signaling toss, toss. Laird did a good job of getting off that block by the wide receiver. I didn’t really see what happened because I was trying to fight off a block myself. I fought it off and he was stumbling a little bit, and I was able to clean it up.”

Army TE Justin Larson
(Ref.: his two big receptions during the game and his nickname of “Money”)
“Coach said that? I guess it’s okay then. It’s actually for me and Mike Evans. The pin code is 8088, not just 80. Those were big plays. When coach calls my number, I need to do it for the team. The offense was struggling, and someone had to make a play to spark the team. At the end, I knew the defense was going to come out and hold them so I knew we had to put a touchdown on the board so we weren’t messing around with field goals. When my number is called, I just try and make plays.”

(Ref.: his touchdown catch)
“We just put in that play this week just for this specific defense. We faked the run a little bit and Carson rolled out. The safety bit hard on the play fake, and I just took it to the corner. Carson just threw it up. That was about it from my side.”

Army DE Victory Ugenyi
(Ref.: his 9-tackle, 3-tackle for loss performance)
“Nine tackles and a sack is fine, but that wasn’t just me. We weren’t getting great pressure up the middle and making the quarterback scramble out, and I just cleaned up what they started. On the last drive, John (Wright) put the fullback down, and again I was just cleaning up after him. We were all building off one another. One person would make a good play, and the next person would make a play. That’s how you win.”

(Ref.: any doubt as to whether Army would win)
“There was no doubt. Coach told us from the beginning that bad stuff happens, and you just have to believe. That’s one of our mottos believe the man next to you is going to do his job and that you’re going to do yours.”

Army FB Mike Viti
(Ref.: getting the victory)
“The most important thing is that we came out here and we won. We talked about what type of team we are. We realized the type of team we are. We’re going to claw our way to victory no matter what. We can’t take anybody lightly. We realize that. I don’t think it was taking them lightly. They came in and played a tough game. They deserve all the credit in the world. In the end the offense made a play when it needed to, and we rode the back of the defense all game.”

(Ref.: Stan Brock’s first win)
“We’re really happy to get Coach Brock his first win. To me, he’s the ultimate player’s coach. The way he coaches is almost like having another player out there. Every player feels, not an obligation, but a true passion to win for that man. There’s just a true respect for him. He puts his heart and soul into us, and we want to do the same for him.”

(Ref.: Coach Brock’s postgame remarks)
“I think the most special thing he said was that he was really proud of us and how we fought. That meant a lot to us. A win is a win. We realize that.”

(Ref.: Carson Williams’ performance)
“He did a great job. When Carson came in, the offense didn’t lose a step, and might of even gained a step. That’s important for the backup. Like Coach Brock said, Carson could have very easily been the starter at the beginning of the season. Today, he stepped up and ran the offense. I’m happy he’s on my team.”

(Ref.: thinking about possible losing to a Football Bowl Subdivision team)
“I think there was a sense of urgency, maybe a little bit more than if it was another opponent. Coming into the game, we respected what Rhode Island is all about. We knew they had good players. We understand the parity in college football. We also realized at halftime that we weren’t doing our part. We weren’t executing on our side of the ball. We knew once we took care of business, we would make some plays and kept the defense off the field a little bit, everything was going to be alright.”
Army QB Carson Williams
(Ref.: his feelings on the game after coming in on relief of David Pevoto)
“It’s unbelievable, especially after that pass to (Justin) Larson. I started walking back, and it took a minute to hit me about what exactly just happened. After that pass, the rest of the game I had chills, weak knees and everything. It’s probably one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever had.”

(Ref.: his mindset when he came into the game)
“It’s pretty random. You don’t know when it’s going to happen. It’s hard to stay in the game like a quarterback that’s playing, especially standing on the sidelines. It’s just something that you have to do. You have to focus. When he went down, I knew what they were running, what we were running and what we were trying to do. It was almost as if I’d been playing the whole time.”

(Ref.: how long it took him to get into a rhythm)
“The first series, we moved kind of slow, but after the half we came out and ironed out a few wrinkles.”

(Ref.: the touchdown pass in overtime)
“Coach (Walsh) had put it in on Wednesday, and told us if we ever got a chance to run it that it was going to be money. The way they cover it, it was going to be wide open. We called it, and I started to remember us talking about it on Wednesday. I got out there and they lined up just like we had planned, and I thought that if I gave a good fake it was going to be a touchdown. I made a good fake, was real patient with it and turned around and saw Larson just like we had practiced.”

(Ref.:  the locker room at halftime)
“We came back after the half was over and had a halftime get together. Everybody came together, and we decided we were going to win the game. As soon as we got on the field we had momentum, and it just kept going throughout the game.”

(Ref.: his performance)
“I played like I should have played. There are still definitely a few things I can improve on, but you never know when you’re going to get the call as the second-stringer. It could be for one play, or it could be for the entire game. You just have to be ready.”

(Ref.: what he saw on the touchdown pass)
“It was exactly like we practiced. The safety that was supposed to be on Justin, when I faked, I had my back to him so he couldn’t see the ball. I knew if I had a good fake than it was going to be a touchdown. I just did my job, and he did his.”

(Ref.: staying ready to come in at any time)
“Half of me was ready. I was in the game the entire time up until that point. I’ve been watching what they were doing and what we were running. Any time you go into a football game, the first play you’re going to have butterflies. Part of me definitely was nervous. I stuck with it and finished the game.”


Rhode Island Head Coach Tim Stowers
(Ref.: goal-line stand in overtime)
“We gotta get in the end zone on the first play on the four-yard line. They made a good play and then they made a good play when we went outside too. On the last play, well, we scored on that play earlier but they made some changes and did things different that time around. They made a good call.”

(Ref.: defining moments in the game)
“We should have won the game a long time ago, to be honest with you. We had two critical fumbles. We drove down, had the ball centered up against a D1 team on the road and all we had to do was kick the ball down the middle. The fumbles and the missed field goal were critical.”

(Ref.: outlook for the future)
“We lost by, what, four points last weekend? I think if we play we can play with anyone in the country. I mean, we came in against Army and weren’t intimidated and really improved a lot from last weekend’s game to this weekend so I was proud of the way our kids played.”

(Ref.: Do you prefer overtime or to end a game in a tie?”
“I like overtime. I do like it. I think when you get to four, five or six OT’s it gets ridiculous, but one or two isn’t bad at all. We might feel a little better with a tie than we do now.”

(Ref.: final thoughts)
“We could very easily be 2-0 with one more play each game. We had a chance to win this game. We drove down the field and missed the field goal then had to go to overtime and they made a big play and we didn’t respond.”

Junior QB Derek Cassidy
(Ref.: thoughts on the game)
“It felt like we let one get away. It’s all about turnovers. We missed opportunities and killed ourselves on that last drive. We’ve just been shooting ourselves in the foot. I mean its tough to win in general, much less against a D1 team, but we beat ourselves really.”

(Ref.: play calling on the last four plays)
“I love to have the ball in my hands at the end of the game but we scored on the toss earlier in the game. It was a tough play call being fourth and game really, and not being a passing team. It’s tough for the coaches to call a pass there.”

(Ref.: passing game)
“We just have to keep getting better. If we can start to balance out it will cause a lot of problems for defenses.”

 (Ref.: his expectations on Rhode Island’s competitiveness with Army)
“I can guarantee you that there is probably 80 people in this locker room and that’s about it that thought we could win this game. We came in with nothing to lose. We showed up and the defense played great. On the offense, we just missed opportunities.”

(Ref.: overtime vs. a tie)
“Overtime is definitely needed. We’d feel pretty bad going all the way back to URI with just a tie.”

(Ref.: this game’s impact on the season)
“Next week is the next game. I think these last two games are going to help us to be honest. We’re probably going to play teams that are as tough as Army but this experience in front of this many people and this kind of crowd, to even take it to OT is incredible. I think its going to carry over.”

Junior RB Michael Bland
(Ref.: Army’s conditioning vs. URI’s conditioning)
“Our defense just kept going and we proved to ourselves that we could play with them. Army is a good team, and we knew we were dealing with Army and their conditioning but we pride ourselves on being conditioned too. Coach Stowers tells us all the time to finish strong.”

(Ref.: overtime vs. a tie)
“Never end in a tie. You always want the W. It hurts to lose games like this though.”

(Ref.: thoughts on the game)
“I think we played better than they did today but we just had some missed opportunities at some big points in the game.”

(Ref.: Williams’ touchdown pass in overtime)
“It was a good play. Yeah, it was a good play.”

Rhode Island FB Joe Casey:
(Ref.: thoughts on the missed field goal)
“You can’t put all the pressure on a kicker like that. We should have punched it in there in the end. I put that on us. That’s two weeks in a row that we got down in the red zone and we couldn’t finish and I put that on the offense.”

(Ref.: play calling on the final series)
“We had a few good calls down there. They are all reads. We just got pushed off the ball up front at the end of the play there. I don’t question the call though. We’re a running team.”

(Ref.: Did you think you would carry the ball for over 100 yards against a D1 opponent?)
“Absolutely. Our offense is based around the fullback. That’s how we do it. Anywhere we go we’re going to run the ball like that.”


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