Postgame Quotes


Army Head Coach Stan Brock
“I’m embarrassed and ashamed, not that we lost to New Hampshire because they are a good football team, but by the way we did it. I apologize to the Corps of Cadets and the United States Military Academy, and anyone who watched that game. That is not the way these kids play.”

(Ref.: Where the team goes after this game)
“We go up from here. We go back and work hard. As coaches, we go back and watch the film and see where we made mistakes. We’ll be back here tomorrow to go back to work. We have a bye week and these will be the longest two weeks of our lives because the memory of the way that we played will burn with us the whole time.”

(Ref.: Carson Williams’ play)
“I thought he was playing well. He was making proper reads and the ability to throw the ball was something we hoped he would be able to do. I think he was 7-for-7 when he went out. He was making some good reads and was in good shape.”

(Ref.: Momentum swinging New Hampshire’s way after the Army turnovers)
“I think one of the problems is, we haven’t finished drives in two weeks. We have had some good ones that we can kind of hang our hats on, but we have to be able to sustain drives every time we have the ball. We have to be able to finish and get some points and quit turning the ball over.”

(Ref.: The play of Chip Bowden)
“I think he did some things well. He does a good job of running the ball. We had prepared all week for a four-man front and they came out in a three-man front so we had to make some adjustments. I think he did a good job and made some plays. When he turns it up, he adds a little something more to the offense.”

FB Collin Mooney
(Ref.: First-half fumble)
“I just didn’t hold on to the ball. I got hit quickly and I couldn’t hold onto it.”

(Ref.: The offense)
“We put some drives together today, we just couldn’t put it into the end zone and didn’t finish.”

(Ref.: Halftime attitude)
“It was 14-10 and it was no big deal, we’ve been in that situation before. The locker room was ready to play. We were trying to regain our tempo.”

(Ref.: What offense needs to do to finish drives)
“We have to finish drives. There is no real answer. It’s a matter of playing hard and finishing every drive. We have to score touchdowns, we can’t just move the ball.”

(Ref.: Work during bye week)
“We have to come in tomorrow and practice harder. Coach (Brock) hit on it in the locker room about never giving up and never quitting. We have to come in tomorrow and have a good practice.”

LB John Plumstead
(Ref.: Work during the bye week)
 “We need to go to work in practice every day. I thought the last two weeks we worked very hard and would come out here and win. The seniors need to step up and raise the bar. Right now, we’re not playing at a winning level. I’m not exactly sure how to get there. The coaches will help us with that and we trust in our coaches. We need senior leadership and need to take care of business the next two weeks.”

DB Lowell Garthwaite
(Ref.: Second-half play)
“I didn’t see anyone quit. We’re not quitters. During the game, everyone is going 100 percent. We’re Army football players, we don’t quit.”

(Ref.: Work during bye week)
“It starts with the attitude. We have to be more positive. With the drives with defense, we need to believe as a unit and come together collectively as a team.”

QB Chip Bowden
(Ref.: Performance on Saturday)
“I started off and had that drop and that wasn’t very good. I think we started drives but turnovers or penalties hurt us real bad.”

(Ref.: Second half fumble)
“It was my fault. I need to hang onto the football. We were driving and it was probably another seven for us. I just need to hold onto the ball.”

New Hampshire Head Coach Scott McDonell
 “The team bought into everything we’ve talked about since January about playing hard. We knew we were going to make some mistakes. We had a couple of turnovers in the first half and the big play on the bubble screen when they got down the sideline. The kids kept grinding and they stuck with it.  We had a big play on special teams, a great run by Johnny [Clements] on the kickoff return where he broke a couple tackles. We learned from our mistakes in the first half, which was key. I think the best thing from our football team was the way we grinded today. It was unbelievable.”

(Ref: Players standing out on defense)
“I have to give it to Hugo Sousa for making a fumble recovery for a touchdown.  Inside, I  believe Jordan Long, Steve Young, Brian McNally, Kyle Maroney, Kevin Peters, and the two inside linebackers did their job keeping the fullback from creasing us, and our outside guys were athletic enough to run people down.  They did a great job.”

(Ref: Coming out after halftime with the game still close)
“We had the ball and we always talk about fast starts, and we went down and scored a touchdown right out of the gate.  As a team we have been talking about wanting to finish games, finish the second half, and finish the fourth quarter.”

(Ref: New Hampshire quarterback R.J. Toman)
“R.J. did a good job. He settled down after the first couple of throws and then he made a rookie mistake and tried to go deep with the play pass.  After that, he made a couple nice throws to Mike Boyle and scrambled one time.”

(Ref: Competing with a FBS Subdivision school)
“We have some talented kinds in this program that were overlooked in the recruiting process because they were not big enough or not fast enough.  They can play football though and they showed it today.  I thought we matched up well speed-wise.  I was concerned with the physicality, but I think Young and Long did a nice job in there for us.”

SS Hugo Sousa
(Ref: Stopping the Army run)
“That was the big focus, stopping the fullback because he weighed 240 pounds, but the linebackers weighed the same. We managed and we did well.”

(Ref: How the UNH team felt at halftime)
“We had a great feeling.  We knew the defense had to step it up, and we wanted a fast start coming out in the second half.  That’s exactly what we did.”

RB Chad Kackert
(Ref: The defense holding Army to 10 points)
“The defense did a great job.  Everyone knew who they had at what time and they were running hard and making plays out there.”

(Ref: Respect for the cadets on the Army football team)
“I have a ton of respect for those men.  I am friends with one of them and I know what it took to get where he is.  When you step on the football field, you are just playing another football team.  When you look back, it’s a great thing and it has been a great experience just seeing the place.  The whole aura of West Point is a lot of fun.  We went to the chapel and went down the Hudson River, it was very nice.”


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