Postgame Quotes



"Obviously tonight didn’t’ go the way we wanted but the positives that we will take out of this will carry us through to next week’s practice.
Like I told the team today, the only goal that was lost today was the perfect season. I still believe what we are doing is the right thing. The people that we have doing it are the right people. I feel like defensively, we played well enough to win, but the special teams were atrocious. Offensively, I think if we play with and practice with intensity we had on the first drive of the second half, we will be right where we want to be. We have a lot to work on, but I still believe in what we are doing."

(Ref.: Making too many turnovers)
"There was no question we had too many turnovers. You have to give Temple some credit for coming up with them, but there was 21 point that we gave them. As long as they are not due to a lack of effort, you can always make corrections. I feel good about the fact that these kids will work hard to fix their mistakes."

(Ref.: The positives he will take away from the game)
"We finally got to see some of the things that we need to see at full speed. Temple’s defense is better than our scout team defense so our offense hadn’t seen that speed and the tempo that they played with. Not putting our guys in a situation where that didn’t surprise them is the head coach’s fault. I think our offensive line was a little bit surprised at the speed that the Temple defense played with. I think that when we executed correctly, we gave ourselves and opportunity. Without the turnovers, I think we would have been in the football game."

(Ref.:The play of Carson Williams)
"I though maybe he also was a little surprised by the speed of the defense. I told Carson at halftime I was ready to pull him, but Coach (Tim) Walsh wanted me to see how he handled one more drive and he went out there and handled it right. He made things happen and I think he learned a lot today."

(Ref.: Being down 21 points but still sticking with the running attack)
"That is who we are. That is what I said over the headphones, we are who we are. We are going to run the option. We are just going to continue to do what we do, and see what happens. I want to do what we do. That is how we are going to play football. I also told them I wasn’t interested in punting our kicking field goals either."

(Ref.: The play of the defense)
"I thought they were flying around and made some great plays. (Temple’s Adam) DiMichele is a great quarterback, but I think we held him below his averages. There are some things that we can correct, but I thought they played well enough to win."


Senior LB Frank Scappaticci

(Ref.: the disappointment of the loss)
“Of course, we’re disappointed. We put our heart and soul into working this offseason. We really expected to win this game. We put 100 percent into it. We’re obviously disappointed we came up short, but we’re going to come back next week and work hard.”

(Ref.: the young defensive players’ performance)
“I think the young guys did a pretty good job. They went after them a few times. They’ve been improving, and I think they did a pretty good job. If our defense wants to be good, we have to make plays. We didn’t force enough turnovers. We can’t have a bend but not break mentality. If you want to be a good defense you have to go make plays, not just let them come to you.”

(Ref.: whether the defense played well enough to win the game)
“No. If you want to be a good defense you have to make plays. You have to force turnovers. You have to score when the team needs it, and we weren’t able to do that today.”

(Ref.: the importance of winning the New Hampshire game next week)
“That’s what we said in the locker room. We just have to put this behind us and prepare harder than we have been in practice. Practice is going to be more intense this week because we need that confidence. We need to get a win under our belt.”

(Ref.: his message to the defense next week)
“Just be more consistent. Just be more aggressive. We need to make a few more hits and get some more turnovers. We need to be more sound in our assignments. At times I thought we were good today, but I feel like we could be great. We need to prepare harder.”

Junior QB Carson Williams

(Ref.: running the option in a game for the first time)
“I would say there is still a lot to work on. We worked on it for the spring and then all fall going into this game. At times, we thought we were on our way. Going into the game we thought that maybe we had this figured out, but this was the real test. It’s obvious we still need to work on a few things.”

(Ref.: Temple’s team speed on defense)
“We knew they were going to be quick. Definitely the ends crashed a lot harder than what we had seen, but I wouldn’t blame it all on the fact that they were faster than we expected them to be.”

(Ref.: Army’s 3rd quarter touchdown drive)
“Any time you enter a half and you’re down, it’s very vital you get some momentum going. I think we did that. I think that first drive of the third quarter was how we should have played the entire game. If we had started the game with that drive then the outcome would have been a little bit different.”

Senior FB Collin Mooney

(Ref.: the offense’s performance)
“I don’t want to make excuses for the offense. I don’t want to say things like, Well, we’ve never run this before so it’s hard for us.’ We’ve had plenty of time for preparation. In my heart, I thought we were ready, but we just didn’t produce like we should have.”

(Ref.: his message to the offense next week)
“As far as the offense goes, don’t get down on yourself. This was only the first game. We still have a lot of games to go. We have to pick up the intensity a little bit. We just didn’t have it tonight.”

(Ref.: how close the offense is to clicking)
“I think we’re close. It’s a game of inches. You miss one block by an inch, and the play doesn’t go. I think we’re very close.”


Temple Head Coach Al Golden
(Ref: thoughts on the game)
“We hung in there. It was a tough attack. We didn’t know what they were going to do on offense and defense. They threw a lot at us on defense, which was different than their approach last year. I would say we hung in there together in all three phases. It was the first time since I have been here that we’ve produced in there in all three phases.”

(Ref: difference from last year’s team)
“Last year’s team was a selfish team and this year’s team is less selfish. This year’s team also had a training camp, and I think that showed tonight.”

(Ref: play calling)
“It’s just what we see when the game is unfolding. We played a lot of two-backs tonight too. We just tried to calm down their pressure with the two backs and with some change in tempo. We’re no different from any other team, they all have different tempos, and so do we. It was just a question of what was working best, because we were reacting on the fly.”

(Ref: starting the season with a win and having high expectations)
“I don’t know about the big year or anything, I am just trying to get the guys to focus on the process.  That means attack, execute, and finish every play.”

(Ref: halftime message to the team)
“Just keep focusing on the process.  We knew that they could comeback.  [Army] is one of the most relentless teams. When you play these guys, they start with toughness, IQ, leadership, and with relentless passion for the game.  That is who they are and that’s who they get.   I think they did a great job with their offense tonight.  They gave us all they could handle.  Our defense reacted very well.  I think Coach Brock is going to be pleased when he looks at the film when he sees what they can do and the things that they did do.”

(Ref: planning for Army’s defense)
“It had to do with what they did last year.  They weren’t as big a pressure team.  They had those safeties last year that were really good and could fill in the run.  They had a little more experience at linebacker.  They are a bit younger so they brought more pressure, so we just decided to protect Adam [DiMichele] at that point.”

(Ref: quarterback Adam DiMichele)
What can you say about him?  Should he even be out there medically?  He’s a great kid, he looked good, no limp, just really did a nice job.”

(Ref: performance of the Temple defensive line)
“When you have a man over you, blocking you, and then they give it to a 250-pound guy behind him, it’s twice your bodyweight coming at you. I really though they did a nice job hanging in there”.

Senior QB Adam DiMichele
(Ref: starting the season with a big win)
“It’s a different feeling, but in the same way we know that we still have a long way to go.  We did some good things. The defense played extremely well. I didn’t have a doubt about that. I talked to the guys all week, and I had a feeling they would play very well.  We did some great things on special teams. On offense we didn’t have the ball as much as we thought we would, but we did some positive things.”

(Ref: Temple’s 71-yard scoring drive)
“That was big. We wanted that one drive to show that we could move the ball. We’re not always going to have the luxury of the defense making a play for us. So as an offense that is a big challenge for us.”

(Ref: play of the Army secondary)
“We knew Army was going to play hard. They have new guys in the secondary, but we knew that they were going to play hard all day”

Sophomore Cornerback Jamal Schulters
(Ref: difference from last season’s Army-Temple game)
“Last year, Army had the better special teams. We were tough on offense and defense, but they had us on special teams and we had to emphasize that coming into this game.”

(Ref: the impact of preseason training camp)
“That helped a lot. Guys got a chance to work on their techniques, and really practice what they need to do. We had many scrimmages that helped a lot.”


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