Black Knights Hold First Spring Scrimmage

A.J. Schurr

A.J. Schurr

April 5, 2014

WEST POINT, N.Y.   – The Army football team held its seventh workout of the spring Saturday morning, holding the first offense versus defense scrimmage of the season. The 15-posssession scrimmage was contested under game-like conditions that also utilized special teams.

The Army offense mustered three scores, a five-yard touchdown run by quarterback Matthew Kaufmann, a 28-yard field goal by Ralph Freibert and a 24-yard field goal by Mitchell Howard. The Army defense forced five three-and-outs and recovered three fumbles.

“They (the defense) did a good job stopping the run,” head coach Jeff Monken said following the session. “They allowed some big plays on broken plays. We lost contain on the quarterback a couple of times and he was able to scramble. We didn’t run the ball inside effectively enough on offense. We’ve been doing that fairly decently at times this spring. I’m not happy with how physical we are playing with. There is a lack of that. I’d like to see us play more physical, play harder and tougher in every phase. Hopefully, we’ll get better at that and see an improvement in the next two weeks.”


Head Coach Jeff Monken
(Ref: Derek Sanchez’s play)
“Everybody has made some good plays. I don’t know that I’m ready to call out one guy and say he’s where he needs to be. Derek is working hard. He’s a guy that plays hard and flies around, and I appreciate watching that, but I’m more concerned about how we play collectively as a team.”

(Ref: the adjustment to the new offense)
“There is a base of knowledge. The actions and angles are similar, but the terminology is different. Some of the fundamentals, and certainly the coaching points that we stress, are different from the past. It’s going to take some time, but that’s no excuse for not blocking the guy we’re supposed to or not doing a good job with the mesh. They should be able to handle that stuff.”

(Ref: what he wants to see improve)
“I want to see our guys play their assignments. Have the guy on offense go block the right person on defense. That way we see a one-on-one battle. We’ll see if a guy can beat a block and if a guy can sustain a block. Those are the things that need to happen. When we have 11 guys going where they’re supposed to we’ll really find out, man for man, who is the better guy and who is capable of making a play. When they know and have confidence in their assignments, they’ll be able to turn it loose and play more physical. That will really give us an idea of the guys who will rise to the top. It’s a little difficult to evaluate until we get to that point.

Junior OLB Derek Sanchez
(Ref: the defense’s progression)
“The defense is really coming together. The coaches talk about physicality and playing with great effort on every play. That’s what we try to bring to the field every single day.”

(Ref: the competition for starting spots)
“Every day as a team, we come out here and work every drill. Everyone is playing for a starting spot, everyone.”

(Ref: the energy level on defense)
“It’s incredible the energy these coaches bring to the defense every day. We feed off that. We love it.”

Quarterback A.J. Schurr
(Ref: getting on the field for the first scrimmage)
“You look forward to competing against your teammates. You don’t always look forward to the plays where you have to make something out of nothing, but you have to tip your cap to the defense. As an offense, we made a couple of mistakes today and they capitalized. When the defense makes mistakes, we need to capitalize. I think the defense did a little better job from that standpoint today. That’s not to say that is where we’re going to be as a team. That’s not where we are going to be as a team. We need to expect more of ourselves. We’ll get better.”

(Ref: the offense's performance)
“When you’re going against a defense every day, you have an idea of what they’re going to run and they have an idea what we’re going to run. Coach Monken wants to see the offense execute and the defense execute and see who comes out on top. If we make a mistake and the defense capitalizes, or the defense makes a mistake and we capitalize, that’s really not what they’re looking for. They want to see us all do what we’re supposed to do and see who comes out on top.”

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