Press Conference Quotes - Boo Corrigan, Army Director Of Athletics

March 6, 2014

Army Director of Athletics Boo Corrigan
(Ref.: opening statement)
"First and foremost, I would like to thank the Yankees, the Steinbrenner family, Randy Levine, Lonn Trost, our good friend who we talk to on a regular basis, Mark Holtzmann, and John Mosley is here as well. We are just thrilled to be a part of this. It's something that we get excited about, and we get to play Connecticut this year. We have a bit of history here with West Point and the Yankees that goes back to Ruth and Gehrig, and we are just thrilled as an athletic department to be here. We're excited to introduce our new head football coach, Jeff Monken, to the group here today. We are thrilled to have Jeff. He has been with us for about 70 days, and what we saw with him was a coach who really fit the mission at West Point. He brings toughness, effort, passion, the ability to gain trust and the ability to form togetherness, which is something that we have with our family at West Point."

(Ref.: the effect of playing at Yankee Stadium on the programs' national profile and recruiting)
"I think you get to a stage like this where you get the chance to play a team like Connecticut and it brings us forward in a way that gives people the opportunity to be a part of this and touch and feel what we are and who we are. I think it gets us to a grander stage and really shortens the distance from where we are to New York City. People think of us as upstate, but we are 52 miles from where we were this morning when we left. We are excited about the opportunity."

(Ref.: trying to bring some of the West Point game day experience to Yankee Stadium)
"We want to do that very much. We will have Black Knights Alley set up, and I know that we plan on doing a couple of clinics with our sprint football team. Some of our other sports are going to come down and be a part of it. A lot of the Corps will come. That is something that we've talked to both Mark (Holtzman) and John (Mosley) about, getting the Corps down here and potentially doing a march on. It is a special place and it deserves the best we have to offer."

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