Final Round Of Game-Worn ACU Football Helmets Hit Auction Site

WEST POINT, N.Y. The Army Athletic Association is pleased to announce that the limited edition game-worn ACU helmets donned by the Army football team in the 109th Army-Navy Classic in Philadelphia are nearly sold out. Five helmets remain and will hit the auction block on Monday afternoon. Click here to place your bid.

Over the past two months, Army has actioned off more than 100 of these limited edition helmets, which begin at a minimum bid of $300. The final helmet up for auction is slated to end on Tuesday, Feb. 17, at 1 p.m.  

All of the helmets worn by Army's complete dress list for the Dec. 6 meeting have been auctioned off. The helmets feature an Army Combat Uniform (camouflage) pattern, a first of its kind film cover never before utilized by Riddell.

Army donned specially designed NIKE game jerseys in Saturday’s Army-Navy classic and the coaching staff sported Army baseball hats featuring a similar ACU pattern. Replicas of both products sold out quickly at the Army Gift Shop less than two hours after the beginning of the game. Gift shop officials expect to receive additional shipments of both items in the future.  Click here to visit Army's official online store.

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