Army vs. Rutgers Postgame Quotes

Nov. 12, 2011

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Army Head Coach Rich Ellerson
(Ref.: opening statement)
“I can’t say enough about how our football team continues to compete and fight and bounce back. Obviously, we have to play better but I can’t ask for more competitiveness. We can’t play much harder. There are 10,000 things we can do better, and some of our core competencies continue to frustrate us, but were determined to do that and turn that this season. We have two opportunities left. I’m not talking about something were doing in the future, but something were going to do now. God bless the guys. They’re hanging together and fighting hard. They are devastated but they’re so close”
(Ref.: the tripping call in the fourth quarter)
“I didn’t see it. I heard it was tripping but I didn’t see it.”

(Ref.: the conditions of the field)
“That’s why we were trying to go the other way in the fourth quarter. We need to stick our cleats in the ground while we’re playing. We have to be stronger and explosive while we’re playing.  If we get down to that soft stuff and start leaning on those big guys, we don’t have a chance. They’re not just big stiffs, they’re explosive guys too, but the conditions can be a little bit of a competitive disadvantage for an undersized guy because it’s a hard time to stick your cleats in the ground.”

(Ref.: kicking the field goal instead of going for it on fourth down near the goal line.)
“The first one, the conditions were there. It was a long yard, and we’ve struggled down there. I wasn’t confident the conditions would help us. I wanted the lead.”

(Ref.: the atmosphere at Yankee Stadium)
“The guys love playing here. It’s an exciting place to walk into. We’re in the locker room and the guys who grew up playing baseball were tourists for awhile. We had to find time to settle down.”

(Ref.: the blocked punt)
“We knew exactly what happened. It’s something we practice all the time. Everyone wasn’t on the same page. We have no margin for error, but if we’re doing what were supposed to be, we don’t need it. That’s not the only time we had a problem.”

(Ref.: Angel Santiago’s play)
“There are 10,000 things he could do better, but I love the way he goes out there and completes. He threw the ball better than I would have expected. There’s more there when you get his legs going. Rutgers defense is a real athletic defense. It’s encouraging that we have freshman center, a freshman quarterback, a freshman fullback and some freshmen halfbacks. We had the ball on the ground, but we didn’t turn it over. We had a punt blocked, but the offense didn’t turn it over and that was encouraging. It’s not nearly good enough, but it was nearly good enough for a lot of the time.”
(Ref.: the importance of special teams)
“One of our keys to victory is the kicking game. That makes it hard to win because we got the turnover battle by a good margin for the first time this year. We have to collaborate on the kicking game.”

Rutgers Head Coach Greg Schiano
(Ref.: Opening statement)
“That was a fun football game to be a part of. It was a lot of hard work. Hats off to Army. They did a lot of things we haven’t seen. Hats off to our coaches and players for the ability to adapt and get some things fixed early on. It didn’t feel like we had much of a handle on things. The kids really worked well with the coaches to get some things fixed.”

(Ref.: Mohamed Sanu’s records)
“As I’ve said many times, when you get to coach a guy like that, it’s special. His ability, number one, and all the things he does for us, but as you guys know, he’s not the best interviewer because he’s quiet and doesn’t want to ever take the credit. He’s a true team guy to cares about others. It’s great to have a player like that who has the success that he has and is able to remain humble. There are not many of them out there. Being the Big East leader for receptions is a pretty big deal.”

(Ref.: Army’s play)
“Like I said, they were doing things we hadn’t seen. Whenever we play Army or Navy, we have to adjust during the game. Maybe it is time to start doing other things, but it’s so hard for all the things they do. We just try to do our jobs, but we saw things that we haven’t seen on video ever before. Sometimes the answer is a great answer, but you can’t get it taught to your kids without repping it and teaching it on the film. I thought our kids were great tonight how they adapted.”

(Ref.: if it was a dominating performance)
“I don’t feel like we dominated them, but we found a way to win. Every time we have a tough football game with them. They play their butts off and Coach Ellerson - I can’t say enough good things about him as a coach and a person. They all just did a great job.”
(Ref.: special teams)
“We spend a lot of time on special teams at practice. Rob Smith does a tremendous job, and our kids want to play on that. Our punt block team is the most fun team we have. We felt we had an opportunity this week. It’s not easy to get them in a punt block situation. They don’t take many negative plays so we got them on one and what a critical play.

(Ref.: playing at Yankee Stadium)
“It was great. It’s neat. We don’t come to the stadium the day before. That’s not what we do. We came a little bit early because I knew they’d be excited. It’s a beautiful field, a beautiful facility. I told them to enjoy it and soak it up. I allowed them to take pictures, but when you walk up those steps get ready to play.

(Ref.: facing Army)
When you look at an Army football team, they’re tough, well coached and their backs were against the wall. If they didn’t win today they wouldn’t be bowl eligible. I knew what we were going to get, very similar to Navy when their backs were against the wall. These guys that play at the academies, you don’t want their backs against the wall, but that’s what it was tonight. We talked about it as a team all night you just have to be ready to keep coming back and they did.”

Army Senior K Alex Carlton
(Ref.: missed extra point)
“The footing at the one end was pretty bad, but it was fine at that end. I just pushed it and didn’t come all the way through. I pushed it. I didn’t bring my hips through all the way”

Army Junior RB Malcolm Brown
(Ref.: playing in Yankee Stadium)
“Back in New York, obviously. Yankee Stadium is special for anybody to play in.”

(Ref.: what he said to Eric LeGrand before the game at the coin toss)
“I just said ‘May the Lord bless you’ and ‘Have a good game’.”

(Ref.: emotions when he saw Eric LeGrand)
“It was a great feeling. It was kind of emotional. I got over and was able to say hi, and pass along my condolences.”

(Ref.: assessing today’s game)
“Obviously, it’s a heartbreaker, but we know we can build off of it and improve next week.”

(Ref.: Rutgers’ performance)
“They’re a great team, obviously. Their record shows they’re a great team. We, obviously, think we can beat them whenever we show up.”

(Ref.: conditions of the field)
“The grass was actually pretty tough out there. It was coming up almost every play. It was coming up pretty bad, especially on that first drive. We were all looking at each other like what’s going on. But, that’s no excuse.”

(Ref.: who has the advantage on a sloppy field)
“No one has the advantage because everyone is slipping. The defense is slipping just as much as we are coming off the ball.”

Army Freshman QB Angel Santiago
(Ref.: assessing his performance in his first career start)
“Coming into this game, I knew I had to go out there and show everybody that, even though I’m a freshman, I can still run this offense. I was really just trying to give my all for the team. Everybody fought hard, but unfortunately it didn’t’ come out the way we wanted.”

(Ref.: feelings following today’s loss)
“It hurts really bad. I really wanted to come out here and win this game to show that we still have what it takes. As you can see, a couple calls, a couple plays didn’t go our way. We just have to bounce back next week.”

(Ref.: assessing the field conditions)
“It was pretty difficult to get footing there, but, that was my fault. I should have been able to get it in from the two or three yard line. That’s no excuse for that.”

(Ref.: having to carry the ball so much, due to Rutgers’ defensive game plan)
“I’m reading the outside backer, and he kept on taking the outside runner. If you’re going to give me the lane to cut it up, I’m going to take those four or five yards every time. Eventually, when they did come in, I kicked it out to Fraser and that led to a bigger play. They stopped doing that, eventually, so we just had to keep taking those four and five yard chunks.”

Army Senior LB Steven Erzinger
(Ref.: today’s game)
“We’re doing all the right things. Defensively, we’re putting up a good fight. We’re battling offensively. Give credit to their defense; they’ve been good all year. We’re just working on that finishing part. We got ourselves in a predicament late in the fourth quarter with some bad mix-ups, and we just need to fix that and move on.

(Ref.: play of the Army defense)
“I think we just focus on really staying together and playing to the next play. You can have a great play and then get beat up the next play, and then the play after that have another great play. You don’t want to be a rollercoaster out there. You just want to focus on what you can do on the next play, no matter what happened before.”

(Ref.: thoughts on the Army defense’s performance today versus Rutgers)
“I’m proud of what the young guys did and what the defense did as a whole. We had a lot of good play from Thomas Holloway and some new guys stepping in. Kyler martin and Nate Combs did well. We were excited to see them play well.”

(Ref.: losing two close games in a row)
“I think it becomes a familiarity, which can be a good thing. It’s like ‘Hey, guys, we’re here; we know how to battle back. We know what we need to do.’ I think we were battling this game. Their defense made some plays for them especially that blocked punt. Give their special teams some credit, they played hard. It was still a one possession game after that and we still needed to play well, and we did. We competed, but there were some things that went there way.

(Ref.: assessing his play and the play of the Army defense)
“I can’t control everything, but I can control that I’m doing my job and I have to trust that everyone else is doing their job. Defensively, I know we all trust each other and we’re working on it. If some guy gets beat, it’s not a fault on him, it’s a fault on the defense and we need to react and recover.”

(Ref.: whether or not he has to lift the guys up)
“You want to keep their spirits high and make sure their heads are up, but I haven’t sense anyone’s getting down or pouting or anything like that. We’re coming out and playing and fighting, and tonight is evidence of that.”

Rutgers Junior WR Mohamed Sanu
(Ref.: Playing in Yankee Stadium)
“It was cool. I thought the stadium was amazing. It was my first time here. It was the coolest thing ever, watching it on tv and then being here. It was a really cool moment.”

(Ref.: breaking Rutgers’ single-season receptions record)
“They told me after the game, and I was just really excited I was able to attain that It’s just a blessing from God, and I am just thankful for my coaches and my teammates. If you ever told me this I would have never believed you. It’s just amazing to get this opportunity to play all of these teams and with these coaches and players being in this environment.”

“It was just an incredible feeling to just break his record and thank God that I am in this situation and I am thankful for it.”

(Ref.: his relationship with QB Chas Dodd)
“He;s just able to find me and I am able to get open.”

(Ref.: if he thinks about his numbers)
 “As long as I am helping my team get that W we wanted. I just go out there and do my job and execute.”

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