Postgame Quotes - Army vs. Kent State

Oct. 13, 2012

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Army Head Coach Rich Ellerson
(Ref.: opening statement)

“There is no mystery there. We got handled on offense, defense and in the kicking game. I don’t think we helped them well enough as coaches. I don’t think they played well enough. I think we lost enough of the physical match-ups out there, and it was going to be hard. Defensively, we did some things better; we played better, but we still gave up a 1,000-yard play when Archer is in the backfield and everyone knows exactly who is going to get the ball and what they’re going try to do in that situation and they can still do it. That hurts. Offensively, we just can’t have a bad play. They’re a good enough outfit on defense that you’re going to have to be able to put a lot of plays together that are maybe three or four yards long. And, if you get behind in the count against an outfit like that it’s really hard to make it up. Special teams-wise, we missed another field goal. We hit a bad one. Anyways, we had some chances there. We had a chance to get that onside kick. We had a chance to do some things, and we’re really close. But, we’re saying that way too much.”

(Ref.: the fourth-and-two play where Army fumbled in the fourth quarter)
“It was a two-possession game, and we were going to need to get the ball back. You could argue that we should have used a different tempo there. They called a good defense; they corner blitzed right into it, so give them credit. You’re on a long field, and on your good plays you’re getting four or five (yards), and when they get a good play you’re in trouble. We got stopped on that fourth down; we got stopped on a fourth and inches in a critical point in the game, which is just crazy. Give them a lot of the credit; I’m really disappointed we didn’t play better, I’m disappointed we didn’t coach better, I’m mad as hell at myself. I don’t think there was an effort issue; the guys were excited to play, they wanted to play. They knew it was a tough team; they knew it was going to be a 15-round fight. They were excited to play in the second half. It’s not especially mysterious; we were playing a good football team. We didn’t play or coach especially well, and they did.”

(Ref.: the play of senior RB Malcolm Brown)
“Malcolm (Brown) does some things really, really well. He didn’t practice all week. He had gotten some food poisoning and wasn’t able to practice this week. It was more what we were doing. We finally found something where we had them leaning pretty hard, and we were able to run our counter-option and we got the ball pitched a couple times. Obviously, he was on the receiving end of that.”

(Ref.: assessing the play of the Kent State defense)
“They clobbered us up front. At some point, you’re going to have to block some people, and we had a heck of a time controlling their back-side linebacker and safety. If it has been just their back-side linebacker and safety, it is one thing, but they had some guys on the front side step up. Their play-side linebacker made way too many tackles. In that defense, against our scheme, that just shouldn’t happen. Again, give them some credit. I don’t think we thought we’d see that eight-man under defense. I don’t think that was a big part of our preparation this week. The offense is rule driven, and the guys weren’t lost. We have a couple of ways of getting our numbers right, but at some point you have to block and run and all of those other things. Give them credit; they were better running that defense than we were running that offense today.”

(Ref.: Army’s emotional reaction to today’s game)
“I thought they prepared well; they know what it felt like to be in the moment; to have fun and compete. Offensively, we weren’t used to that; we don’t get stopped like that, and I’m not sure we handled that especially well emotionally, but we kept battling. Conversely, defensively, we continue to grow a little bit each week. But, we’ve got to eliminate those gashes. Make your opponent do something right. If we can eliminate that big play or two and get operating on offense, we can compete with that bunch. We almost dragged ourselves kicking and screaming back into that thing. It’s not inconceivable, but we’re going to have to play better and we’re going to have to coach better. You’re not going to be able to go in there on one leg and play in one phase of the game. We’re playing nothing but good football teams. You have to operate in every phase.”

(Ref.: his decision to insert freshman QB A.J. Schurr into the game in the fourth quarter)
“Trent (Steelman) had taken enough hits, and A.J. (Schurr) needs to play some, and I think you can see why. He’s an exciting guy; he can throw, he can run. Obviously, you’re looking for an opportunity to give him those precious game repetitions. You could argue we should do that more.”

Sophomore LB Geoffery Bacon

(Ref.: dealing with Kent State's speed on offense)
"A lot of times, we just didn't make the play. We knew they were fast, and we expected it. It was nothing new. We just didn't make the play like we needed to when we got there."

Senior RB Malcolm Brown
(Ref.: what the team has to do in order to rally from the 1-5 start)
"We just have to learn from the mistakes we made today and go out there on Monday and get better, and play like we know how to play."

Senior QB Trent Steelman
(Ref.: his health after taking a late hit in the fourth quarter and leaving the game)
"I'm okay; it's nothing that hasn't happened before. It's just one of those things; everyone is playing hard and playing to the end."

(Ref.: assessing the play of the Kent State defense)
"They are good; they have two defensive linemen that are very quick off the ball. They just outplayed us today. My hat is off to them. We didn't find a way to break through in either half. They played well."

(Ref.: the fourth-and-two play where Army fumbled in the fourth quarter)
"We had a little counter-option called, but they brought the corner and timed it up perfectly. It was another one of those things where they caught us at the right time and there's really nothing we can do against that. They timed it up well, ran a corner blitz and were in the right spot at the right time."


Head Coach Darrell Hazell
(Ref.: opening Statement)

“What a great team win that was. To come on the road and be able to slow that offense down, which worried me all week long because they were so efficient. I thought our defense did a phenomenal job, stuffed them the first half. They got some plays on us in the second half, but they fought back and got a big turnover on fourth down. I thought our offense was a little sporadic at times, but came up with some big plays that we needed to have to increase the score. I thought our special teams did another great job in terms of kicking and covering punts. That was a big win for us. Huge. Number five.”

(Ref.: halfback option during opening drive)
“That was something we had seen on film. They play a lot of man coverage, and when you play in man coverage, no one covers the quarterback. We saw that early in the week and I thought the first time we crossed the 30-yard line that was going to be one of our calls, and we actually set it up about three or four plays earlier. I thought Dri [Archer] made a good throw and Spencer [Keith] made a good catch on that play.”

(Ref.: reserving trick plays for later in the game)
“That’s a Bill Walsh theory. He thought if you’re going to try trick plays try them early enough so that if it doesn’t work you can always recover. The other thing was try them often enough to make the defense play honest.”

(Ref.: kicker Anthony Melchiori as a weapon)
“He made so many good kicks. That last kick, I said I want to one-step it, and I don’t care where it goes or what it looks like, I just want to one-step it, don’t get it blocked, and he dropped it in on the five, six or seven-yard line. He’s been through six games, and you wouldn’t even know he was a freshman. He’s played excellent for us.”

(Ref.: defending Army’s offense)
“The big thing that we talked about all week long was team discipline and ‘I’ discipline in our defense. There was a guy responsible for tackling the fullback, there was a guy responsible for handling the quarterback, and there was a guy responsible for handling the pitch. If we could stay true to that, we were going to have some success. That’s a lot harder to do than it sounds because their whole premise of the offense is to get you out of position, and I thought our defense did an excellent job.”

(Ref.: West Point)
“This is a great place. It stands for so much and there are so many people here at West Point. I thought it would be good for our team to take that tour yesterday and really learn about the country and why our country is so great with all the people who have represented our country from this university. I like this place a lot, and I can’t say enough good things about West Point.”

(Ref.: continuing winning)
“It’s all about preparation. Our guys have done an unbelievable job coming to work every single day and being mature about it and understanding that the only way to get that next win is by preparing. I think the message is getting across, and we’ll go back to work tomorrow. We’ll enjoy this win and go back to work tomorrow.”

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