Postgame Quotes - Army vs. Boston College

Oct. 6, 2012

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Head Coach Rich Ellerson
(Ref.: the team’s effort versus Boston College)

“That’s the culmination of a lot of stuff during the course of the contest. We were fortunate, but we played hard. We had a bunch of guys go down, and some of those were in for someone else who had already gone down. It was great to see those guys step up, keep making plays, keep making adjustments, and keep battling. It didn’t look like things could get any darker, but that’s okay. We kept playing and something good happened. There are so many lessons in a contest like that. We just need to make sure we grow. We don’t relax. We don’t take a step back. We grow from this because this feels so much better than the other stuff.”

(Ref.: Trent Steelman’s effort with the injured midsection)
“The thing I have to do is keep him in the practice environment. That’s the red line. We need that precision. We lose the turnover battle and still win the football game, which isn’t going to happen very often. That ability to be precise on offense and not lose those possessions is going to be crucial for us going forward.”

(Ref.: the defense’s performance)
“They keep getting better. I’m still a little frustrated because if we can keep the same guys out there week in and week out they will get better. The guys that have been able to stay out there like Nate (Combs) and Bobby Kough have made strides. We are seeing the game better. We have to find a way to get well and keep going because it’s not going to get any easier.”

(Ref. getting the team ready for Boston College)
“Every week you use the same mantra. We play because we like it. We love this stuff. We know we can play and compete at that level. We just can’t prove it. At least we can’t prove it all the way. We can prove that we can compete, we just have to prove that we can do it for four quarters and finish.”

(Ref.: his overall assessment of the game)
“It was a hard-fought game. We’re fortunate to win. There are so many great stories out there. It’s a wonderful reward for a group of guys who have continued to battle through all kinds of adversity. We ddi enough things right, and we kept battling.”

(Ref.: how he motivated the team to play this week)
“Our guys love to play, and that was kind of the war cry all week. We felt like a week ago, frankly, we didn’t act like we love to play. I don’t know what we were thinking about, but it wasn’t the love of the game or the love of the team. That was the focus. We knew it was going to be a hard game. We hoped it would be a hard game because if it wasn’t it meant that we weren’t in it. We expected it to be a 15-round fight. We didn’t expect to have as many guys go down, but guys kept stepping up and making plays. When it got its darkest, nobody blinked. Nobody liked it, but nobody blinked. We kept playing. That’s our only chance going forward. It doesn’t get any easier. If anything, it gets harder and harder. The guys love to play. They love to fight. Look at the schedule. We have a bunch more coming.”

(Ref.: what an 0-5 start would have meant)
“It never occurred to us that we wouldn’t be successful, just like it never occurred to us that we wouldn’t be successful every week.”

(Ref.: his thoughts on heading into Army’s final drive)
“We need to go score. We had decent field position. We were thinking about all those things that happen in the last minute of a football game with the clock and the tempo of our play. We still need to run our offense. We have some things we can do with our arm, but we need to run our offense. When you run triple option, none of those plays are designed to get three yards. They’re designed to get 30, and that fateful play it did.”

(Ref.: Trent Steelman’s touchdown run)
“He’s indicative of the kind of effort the team put forth. He’s had to battle, not just in the game, but to stay in practice. He knows where the red line is. As precise as we need to be with the football, he needs to be in the practice environment to be effective on Saturday. He was able to do that, and that paid off for him. The fact that he’ll play that well that late in the game that sore (is impressive). He’s got some tough hombres out there with him. He’s not the lone ranger. There are a bunch of great stories out there. He needed one more chance. Our defense gave him one more chance, and he finished it.”

(Ref.: Nate Combs and Trent Steelman being named captains this week and then playing well)
“Their teammates think it’s a big deal for them to be in the middle of the action, not just as players, but as leaders. When you’re at the premier leadership institution in the world and you’re singled out by extraordinary young leaders as their leaders, they’re special guys. I think they demonstrate that.”

(Ref. the play of CB Marques Avery)
“Marques is a young guy who is playing because J.J. (Josh Jackson) is out. He’s a very gifted athlete. In our defense that’s a lonely position. We can push some help out to you at times, but a lot of times your only help comes from the defensive line and the pass rush. Nobody is going to go undefeated out there against an opponent who can throw it as well as they can, but won just enough.”

(Ref.: Army’s 516 rushing yards)
“It’s extraordinary against anybody, but that is a big, physical defensive football team. We still turned the ball over twice, which is killing me.”

(Ref.: whether he felt the team finally got the win it deserved)
“I don’t know. I think the scoreboard during the course of the contest will lie to you. It will tell you all kinds of crazy things. At the end, it tells the truth, and at the end it said that we made one more play. We don’t want to start the celebration too early. There are going to be all kinds of take-aways we don’t like. We have the opportunity to take a giant step forward. As a coach, when you’re coming so close, but just not getting rewarded, you don’t coach quite as aggressively. You’re trying to keep people together. Now everyone feels pretty good about themselves. Now we can coach more aggressively because they want to be coached. They like what their feeling right now. They like that taste of what they just experienced. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be hard. We’re not going to be a favorite, but that’s okay. They like a fight. The good news is they have a bunch of them coming.”

Sophomore LB Geoffery Bacon
(Ref.: whether or not the Army defense matured today)

“We matured a lot today. People were helping each out, and we just stayed together. Their offensive line was big, but if they got to me somebody else was making the play, and vice versa. I think we took a huge step today, but we still have a long way to go.”

Senior LB Nate Combs
(Ref.: whether or not being named team captain motivated him on the field today)

“I don’t think the ‘C’ on our chest made a big difference on how we were leading out on the field. We share this with the senior class and any leaders who are on this team. It’s not just me, Trent and Jarrett (Mackey). It’s the whole senior class and anybody that has any type of positive influence.”

(Ref.: Army defense forcing Boston College into a three-and-out on its second-to-last possession)
“That was pretty fun. I think I got into a four-point (stance) three straight plays, just doing whatever I could, grabbing who I could. I think everyone was doing that. Then we saw our offense go down and score. That’s exactly what you picture before you go to sleep. You see these images, and it finally happened.”

Junior RB Raymond Maples
(Ref.: his career-high 186-yard rushing performance)

“Honestly, I have to give credit to our offensively line. Without them I wouldn’t have gotten anything. Also, I wasn’t really thinking about how many times I was getting. It’s kind of routine when we’re out there on the field.”

Senior QB Trent Steelman
(Ref.: making plays at the end of the game to earn a victory after suffering so many tough defeats this season)

“It’s a totally different feeling. I kind of got a little bit emotional coming off the field, just knowing that this team has fought through so much. We could easily have just rolled over, but we didn’t. We came out and fought like we knew we could, and it was a team win today. Without the defense stopping them on the last drive, we wouldn’t have finished the game off. I’m just so proud of the seniors for sticking with it and sticking close together.”

(Ref.: maintaining a positive spirit this week following an 0-4 start to the season)
“We just wanted to go out and have fun. We’ve been playing this game our whole life, but I think we just kind of got caught up in all of the outside voices and all of the pressure that whoever was putting on us. We lost that edge and we lost that ability to have fun. Today, we regained that. We went out there and played like we were back in sixth grade or middle school or high school, running around and having fun.”

(Ref.: his game-winning touchdown run with 45 seconds to play in the fourth quarter)
“It was kind of a new formation that we put in this week. We put it in specifically so that we could run the option to the back side. Hats off to our line and Malcolm Brown, who didn’t have his best game, but he stuck with it and made a very key block on that play. It just goes to show that these seniors are working hard. This whole team is working hard, and this is exactly what we needed to jumpstart our season.”

(Ref.: what he was thinking when Army got the ball back with one minute to play in the fourth quarter)

“I was thinking ‘A touchdown wins the game.’ There is really no other thought you can put in your head besides ‘Go make it happen.’ You live for these types of moments. You dream about these types of moments. To be put in that position and go finish is an unbelievable feeling. It’s an unbelievable feeling for this team.”

(Ref.: what he was thinking on his game-winning touchdown run)
“The quarterback’s job description in this type of offense is to take what the defense gives you. That’s just what I did. The corner was kind of baiting, and we’re taught that if he’s giving us inside leverage to give a pump fake and get what you can. I saw he was baiting, gave a little nod and the rest is history, I guess.”

(Ref.: the importance of Army’s field goal at the end of the first half)
“It was huge. Anytime you can get some points on the board going into halftime is a huge momentum swinger, and you could just feel the energy in the locker room. You could feel the energy in the team and the fans and crowd and the corps. You knew that field goal was going to mean something in the end, and sure enough it did.”


Frank Spaziani, Head Coach
"Once again it's a matter of execution. We had some change ups. It was a combination of them executing, us not executing when we had some time to execute, and then just not making enough plays. You still have to make some plays. We're going to have to look ourselves in the mirror and figure out where to go. There's no place to go but up. It's a matter of morality and some of the things we need corrected, some of the little things, like the off the things stuff, and little things at practice, are still kind of holding us back. We need to work through it."

(Ref.: Andre Williams)
"I mean, a 99-yard run. Dre's a good back. He misses some cuts but he makes some cuts, gets some runs in form. He did a lot of things well, but he made some mistakes obviously."

Junior WR Alex Amidon
(Ref.: where the team goes from here)
"They're all right there it seems like. [Next game is against] Florida State, one of the best teams in the country, so if we can get a win from them it'll change everything. We'll come back tomorrow and recoup. We (the offense) need to stay on the field more. Get better on third downs."

Junior QB Chase Rettig
(Ref.: feeling momentum in the first half)
"I thought we ran the ball pretty well in the first half at times. We mixed in some of our passing plays that we had just for this week and I thought they worked pretty well. Then we had two sacks in the first half - they gave us some problems in the middle. That gave them better field position, enough to make a field goal before halftime."

(Ref.: having a record of 1-4)
"We use it. We're already motivated, we just have to have a good week of practice. It's a good feeling to know someone has your back, but it has to be a better feeling when you know you're capable of having other guys on the team's back. That's really important. We'll recuperate and we'll get ready for Florida State next week It could be better. But could-be and should-be are out of the program after the first game." (Ref.: pressure with having to come up with more than 30 points to win) "Yeah but at the same time, we could have scored more points and that's all you can really say. You can never score enough points."

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