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Head Coach Rich Ellerson
(Ref.: his overall assessment of the game)
"I have to coach better. The things that stick out are the turnovers on offense. It's something we take a lot of pride in, and we were horrible at it. There are all kinds of things to work on there. We get ourselves settled down on defense a little bit, a little bit, but we still got pushed around by a really good offensive line. At least they had to do the damage. We played the defense. We competed. That was a step forward, believe it or not. We're finding out that against a really good football, team, and that's as good a football team as you'll see running power and split zone, that we have to grow and get better. We were getting beat by them as opposed to beating ourselves, which we did the past couple of weeks."

(Ref.: the offense's performance)
"We need to be able to operate without error and delay. We had untimely penalties, and obviously the turnovers. We can move the ball. We actually threw the ball a little bit early today when there was play action, and that was a positive."

(Ref.: if the team underestimated Stony Brook)
"Letting someone else tell you who the opponent is, and not bringing the energy or emotion that the game demand, I don't know what in their minds what they expected that to be. I bet about half of our guys will say that was as good of a player they've lined up against, or a better guy, all year. I don't think we could bring ourselves to believe that. If we did believe it, I don't know if we looked forward to it or were afraid of it because, `well, it's Stony Brook.' We couldn't handle that part of it. I'm so frustrated as a coach. I'm not getting them to the edge. I'm not getting them to play with their hair on fire. I'm not getting them to do the things that are consistent with winning."

(Ref. getting the team ready for Boston College)
"Every week you use the same mantra. We play because we like it. We love this stuff. We know we can play and compete at that level. We just can't prove it. At least we can't prove it all the way. We can prove that we can compete, we just have to prove that we can do it for four quarters and finish."

(Ref.: if he was embarrassed by the loss)
"Always. Here's the challenge, and this is where I have a lot of things I have to do better as a coach. What you just said there is such a trap. I was trying say earlier in the week what a good football team this was. I told you, as I told our players, that we were going to be lining up in some instances against someone who was good or better than anyone we've seen so far, and we've played some good people. That was absolutely the case. What that needs to mean is that it's going to be exciting. It's going to be competitive. I don't think our guys could hear that. I think our guys saw Stony Brook. They watched the tape and they knew they could play, but they carried that expectation around. It worked against them. If you turn the ball over that many times, I don't care who you are playing, you don't have a chance to win. That's coaching, and that's me. I'm responsible for those standards. I'm responsible for what happens in the practice environment. I made the decision that Trent was going to be able to play and operate. Don't misunderstand how good of a team Stony Brook is and how good of players they are. What they do, they do very well."

(Ref.: the defense's improvement)
"We played better on defense not in that we stopped them, but that we played the defense. They had to whoop us. What has been killing us the last couple of weeks is that we were beating ourselves. Don't misunderstand, we still go whooped, but they did it. Our opponent came out and did it. We battled and made some plays. Don't get me wrong, there are things that will drive us crazy, but our guys had their feet and their eyes set and they got to compete."

(Ref.: the absence of center Ryan Powis)
"That had nothing to do with the turnovers, and the turnovers are the difference for us. We'll have a productive day offensively from a point standpoint if we take care of the football. The issue wasn't what they were doing. It was that standard of managing the football that we were just horrible at. I don't care who you're playing, and in this case we were playing a really good football team."

(Ref.: defensive adjustments after the long touchdown run in the first quarter)
"We didn't make any adjustments, we just started playing. We settled in and competed. They still made plenty of plays, but we made guys a chance to compete and battle. We didn't do it well enough. It's an uphill fight for some of those guys physically, but they competed. The rest of it is emotion, execution and fundamentals."

(Ref.: his postgame message to the team about the rest of the season)
"We don't have a rest of the season. What we have is Boston College. Period."


Head Coach Chuck Priore
(Ref.: message to team all week after Syracuse loss)

“Sometimes challenging games make you grow up as a football team. I think we were able to reflect back on halftime a week ago, the adversity we overcame and how we played in the second half, which I thought was a great effort to be successful. We just parlayed that into this week. I think this team rode last year’s team up until the second half of last week. It was all about last year and what we did. I think we came out and made a statement in the second half. I told them if they really wanted to make it their team they had to come out and do something today, because if not, they’re going to keep on talking about last year. Hopefully we got rid of Hofstra transfer questions, now we got rid of last year, and now we can talk about being 4-1.”

(Ref.: beating an FBS school)
“It’s rewarding. When you put a plan together you very rarely execute it to the level that our kids and coaches executed today. We needed to possess the ball more than them – we had it for 38 minutes, they had it 21 minutes. We needed to win the turnover battle – we won it 4-to-1. We needed to be great on third-down conversions – we were 11-of-17. We needed to not give them possessions and we only punted twice. We needed to not give up a big play on defense, we didn’t. We were efficient in the pass game. When you execute your plan, it’s very rewarding for the kids because that’s not easy to do all the time.”

Senior LB Dan Mulrooney
(Ref.: stopping Army QB Trent Steelman on the one-yard line on a 4th-and-goal)
“I read my key. I was fortunate enough to escape the block and make the play. I think that was a big moment.”

(Ref.: Army’s fumbles)
“When you’re playing an option team, you know the ball is going to be on the ground at some point. It’s just a matter of capitalizing when it is. I think we did a great job when it was. We were 4-for-4 on fumble recoveries. That’s a great stat.”

(Ref.: facing the triple option)
“They shot themselves in the foot a little bit with the fumbles, but because we were fundamentally sound we made the plays at the right time. Good coaching, good defensive adjustments.”

(Ref.: long offensive drives keeping the SBU defense off the field)
“That was huge. That third-quarter drive was unbelievable. We didn’t come out there until six minutes. That’s huge when your offense can control the ball like that.”

Senior RB Miguel Maysonet
(Ref.: changes to normal blocking schemes)

“We added a few little wrinkles because of what they ran on defense, but nothing too crazy. We were able to block whatever they threw at us and you could see that by our rushing average.”

(Ref.: scoring on their first drive)
“It was huge. For us to come out and score right away made us excited to play the game. It showed that we can come out there and compete with them.”

(Ref.: SBU’s ball control)
“The way we were running the ball, the way our offensive line was blocking, the way our fullbacks and tight ends were blocking, I knew we were going to be able to control the ball the whole game.”

(Ref.: being one man away from a 95-yard touchdown)
“They had great blocking on the outside and I just took it. At the end of the day, we still were able to come out with the win.”

(Ref.: beating an FBS school for the first time in program history)
“I’m excited for us to be able to say that we were the first team to be able to do that in Stony Brook history.”

Junior OL Scott Hernandez
(Ref.: why the blocks worked so well on one side)

“Honestly, we don’t think about left side or right side, it’s what the coach calls and we go out and execute. We knew No. 22 was going to be a great player. He takes his guy pretty hard out of the play, and our job was to take our guy even stronger than he was taking his, which I think we executed pretty well.”

(Ref. pleasure taken from Miguel Maysonet’s success)

“When I see Miguel score, to me it’s like I’m scoring. It’s the fruit of my work. We don’t get glory for what we do, so seeing him do what we does is amazing. It’s reward enough for blocking. I don’t need anything but to see him do his thing.”

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