Postgame Quotes | Wake Forest 25, Army 11

Sept. 21, 2013

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Head Coach Rich Ellerson
(Ref.: the turning point of the game)
"There are more than a point. There were some opportunities in the first half where if we're better with the football. We handled some really adverse situations. We had them on their heels a little bit. Our defense had them on their heels a little bit. We survived some horrendous stuff that could have gotten us early, but we hung in there and hung in there, and battled back to get a lead in the third quarter. We were doing some things defensively that are a little bit off the beaten track. That was being effective, but they looked at it for too long. To their credit, they made a big play at the end of the first half, and then they started to calm down and run the ball. It's not a question so much of being worn down, but of just trying to stay a series ahead in terms of what they were up to. For the most part, I thought we were able to do that. The guys did a nice job of managing some personnel challenges we had. Offensively, we have to hold onto the ball. My hope was they wouldn't have that many looks at us defensively, and that we would possess the football and do what we do. The most disappointing things to me are the ball on the ground and those penalties, those unforced errors. That's tough."

(Ref.: Army's false start penalties)
"That's so uncharacteristic. That's something we pride ourselves on and have worked so hard on. Maybe some of those wrinkles we used trying to compensate for some personnel challenges were harder for us than they were for our opponent. Frankly, in the offensive line at least, we were able to keep it pretty consistent for those guys."

(Ref.: if today's outcome is a step back)
"Every week is a battle. Every week is its own monster. We had some built in challenges coming out of last week. We had a plan, and a lot of those things we found are going to stay a part of us as a result. We kicked three field goals and got a safety. That's going to make it hard to win a Division I game."

(Ref.: concern over the lack of scoring)
"We need to find some production, there is no doubt. The whole thing is exacerbated by an opponent that really understands what they're looking at. There is no mystery about what we do offensively to those guys. They've run that offense in their past, and they know exactly what they're looking at. They prepared well for it. They're good up front. Obviously, Whitlock is a nightmare. It was a little bit of a perfect storm, however the turnovers and the penalties don't need to be in our way. That takes us off the field, and it puts us on a longer field, and it allows that offense to keep looking at the defense and find some answers."

(Ref.: not getting out of bounds on the last play of the first half)
"We were trying to get the ball to the sideline, but the way the ball was thrown there was no way to get that done. That's not where the ball is supposed to be. We're trying to get him out of bounds, but the ball was thrown where he had to lay out to catch it in bounds. You'd rather him just let it bounce and throw one more into the end zone."

(Ref.: playing without Larry Dixon and Raymond Maples)
"We'll have to slow it down and see. Terry (Baggett) was making a lot of yards after someone was hitting him. We got him started some, but sometimes he had to get himself started. We were dabbling in some things to put the ball in his hands. If we're in our spread and have one running back on the field that they don't want to see, they can make it hard to get the ball in his hands. That's why we got into the I-formation some and did things like that. We could put the ball in his hands regardless of which way they wanted to lean defensively."

(Ref.: difficulty in maintaining pressure on Wake Forest)
"We had some wrinkles that maybe had them on their heels a little bit initially. There is no doubt they thickened it up and did some seven-man protection. We were leaning on our linebackers to generate some of that, and they have to be able to move. That last drive where they were just able to hand the ball off, that's what gets us. We were a little bit banged up on the front and we tried to fill that with linebackers so we were a little bit light."

(Ref.: Wake Forest nose tackle Nikita Whitlock)
"There are a lot of things about him. It's a very different challenge than we've faced. We've been seeing an odd front for a few weeks, and we've seen different kinds of nose tackles, good nose tackles, but different players. He's a challenge because of the quickness. The other guys were big and strong. Not bad athletes, don't get me wrong, but he's playing at a different speed."

Junior Free Safety Geoffery Bacon
(Ref.: his feelings after the loss)
"We lost. How are we supposed to feel after a loss? We're not playing to lose out there. No disrespect to Wake Forest, but we beat ourselves. That's a carryover from last week. Stanford is a great program, but that was us messing up. They didn't do anything crazy. Everything they threw at us we could handle. It's those couple of times that we slip up. We need to learn from this. When are we done slipping up? When is it going to get to the point where we are playing consistent football?"

(Ref.: what needs to change for Army)
"We need to play consistent. It's not enough to smack a running back or smack a receiver one time. The defensive line was balling, but it's not enough for them to just do it for one quarter or one half. We need to be hungry for the whole game."

Junior Quarterback Angel Santiago
(Ref.: his feelings following the loss)
"It's definitely disappointing. We were coming off a somewhat strong performance against Stanford. We are definitely tremendously better than what we showed today."

(Ref.: playing without Raymond Maples or Larry Dixon)
"Raymond and Larry are tremendous players and part of this offense, but we have depth at those positions. What it comes down to is that we went out there and didn't execute."

Junior Defensive Lineman Richard Glover
(Ref.: the difficulty maintaining pressure on Wake Forest)

"It wasn't difficult to maintain pressure. They had some good coaching and made some adjustments. They ran some draws to try and get us out of position. They know we're quick and move off the ball. We're not trying to stick on their offensive linemen so they tried to use our momentum against us by running those quick draws with the quarterback. Nine times out of ten, we'll make that play, but that 10th time we can't let them get first downs in critical situations."

Junior Running Back Terry Baggett
(Ref.: needing a big touchdown play to swing momentum)

"Execution killed a lot of our momentum along with the false starts in the middle of drives and at the end of drives. If we get those out of our game, we'll get small plays. We don't need big plays. Our offense isn't built big plays. It's built on continual four, five, 10-yard gains. When we get false starts in critical situations, that hurts."

(Ref.: Army's false start penalties)
"We didn't do that in practice. We didn't do that last week. That is something we have to address because that's not how we play."

Sophomore Kicker Daniel Grochowski
(Ref.: how far he could have attempted a field goal from at the end of the half)

"We haven't really tried any long field goals. Coach E (Rich Ellerson) tells us to go out and try to figure out a distance. We were going with the wind at that point so it possibly could have been 55 or 57 yards."


Wake Forest Head Coach Jim Grobe
(Ref.: on rushing game in the fourth quarter)
"That was the difference, and if we didn't get that going, we were in trouble. They were doing a really nice job of mixing their defenses up, and I couldn't be more proud of our defense today. I thought offensively, Army did a great job. They gave us some things that we hadn't seen in the first half, which kind of threw us off a little bit. Our coaches did a nice job at halftime of helping us figure out how to run our zone. We ran that a little bit better in the second half. In the fourth quarter, that was the big difference for us. To be able to run the ball down the field and not have to rely on throwing it every snap."

(Ref.: on how the game turned in Wake Forest's favor)
"We just changed our blocking scheme up front. To (Army's) credit, they were doing some things that were really hurting our run game and the schemes that we were running. When they switched, they gave us some problems. Changing the scheme really helped us in the second half."

(Ref.: on moving forward after this win)
"It gives us a lift mentally more than physically. We played an Army team today and I'm glad those guys are defending us, they're tough as pine knots. That's as physical a football game as we've ever been involved in. There were a lot of hits out there today on both sides of the ball. We haven't been able to get it done in the second half for two football games this year and we found a way to get it done today. We had a little bit of adversity in the third quarter and things weren't going our way, and we made some plays. I think that will help us mentally as much as anything."

Sophomore Tailback Josh Harris
(Ref.: getting the running game going)
"It felt so good because our first two games were tough. It just feels great for me and our offensive line to finally have that push. For me to see the holes and to get in those holes and make plays off the ground, makes me feel like next week we will know how to do these things. We should be pretty good from here on out."

(Ref.: playing in a big game like the one today against Army)
"Just the fact that we lost two games in a row, we couldn't afford to lose this game, especially with the teams we are playing in the next few weeks. We made sure that we had everything straight and make sure that we did the things we needed to do all week long. Now it just completely paid off."

Senior Quarterback Tanner Price
(Ref.: taking charge in the game and everything coming together)
"Our defense definitely gets the game ball this week, but our offense did a great job during the drive when we were given a chance to steal the game. They stepped up and we drove it down their throats, so kudos to those guys for playing hard and having a great game."

(Ref.: heading into Clemson with a 2-2 record)
"Like I said we really needed to get this win. It was great coming up here and doing what we had to do. Hopefully this will carry us into practice this week and then into the game on Saturday.

Senior Right Guard Frank Souza
(Ref.: getting into the momentum of the game)
"It was nice, we started hitting the run and finding out sweet spot. Tanner (Price) and all of the backs started to make big plays and we started rolling down the field from there."

(Ref.: finding something to work)
"We kind of fell into a scheme that we were good at and went off the ball and found a click that worked for us. We just kept hitting it and I don't think that they knew how to stop it. Our backs did a great job, and they were just hitting holes and making plays. We've worked harder than any team. We have extremely long practices and have been busting it during the season. It feels rewarding to finally be able to run some plays and get moving down the field."

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