Army vs. Dartmouth Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Jim Crews
“I thought that we did a good job. Nothing was easy. I thought we did a good job of digging in and making plays at the end. The first half, we were a little anxious defensively, and they were getting by us and really creating some good things for them. In the second half, they slowed it down, and I thought our guys really did a good job of not biting on the bait. They really stayed in a sound defensive position. We had good poise and made some good plays down the stretch.”

(Ref.: The first half of the season)
“Really, the whole semester has been a grind. I told the guys that I’m really pleased and proud of them because nothing has come easy. These guys have competed academically, they’ve competed with injuries and they’ve competed through adversity. The young guys have competed and started to understand the mentality of playing Division I basketball and how tough it is. Just because you play, doesn’t mean you understand it. I think our guys are growing. They’re staying with it. I think it’s been a good semester. I’m really fortunate to be around guys like this.”

(Ref.: Different players improving)
“Some guys are stepping up. It’s good to see Ty (Thompson) back in the mix a little bit. He really helped us. Doug did a great job completing plays.  Marcus is getting better and better offensively, which really helps us.”

(Ref.: Finding a balanced offense)
“We’re always talking about having five scorers. That doesn’t mean you have five guys who will shoot the ball from three, what it means is you have five guys that can find a way to score. Marcus’ shooting has really improved in practice and in the last couple of games.”
(Ref.: The team’s holiday schedule)
“The guys are scattering right now. I think our guys were the only ones in the barracks last night. This is a great time to be with their family and count their blessings. I’ve always believed, no matter where I’ve been coaching, in giving them a pretty good break. They’ll have about five days off and we’ll get back to work on the 28th.”

Junior F Doug Williams
(Ref.: His offensive performance)
“Their defense was geared toward not letting Jarell get the ball, and when they extend on Jarell, it allows me to get a couple more points because my man leaves me. I was just picking up the pieces.”

(Ref.: His increased confidence on the offensive end)
“In practice, we’ve really been working on just taking simple shots. The coaches told me that I was within a couple of feet of the basket, that’s my shot. I’ve been practicing that a lot, and I think that’s where the confidence comes from.”

(Ref.: Missing the first six games with an injury)
“The first few games were extremely frustrating just watching the team. You feel like you could have affected the game somehow.”

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