Army Postgame Quotes

Senior F Cleveland Richard
(Ref.: Mount Saint Vincent's performance)
"They played really well today. They were knocking down shots from all over the place. They should be pretty good in their league. We're happy to come out with a win."

(Ref.: answering the Dolphins' play)
"Our challenge is to play well when the other team is playing well also. It's something we have to go back and work on."

(Ref.: playing after finals)
"We have a test, maybe two per day that usually lasts three hours. Maybe that's why some of the guys were flat. I'm not sure. I guess we'll see when we look at the film."

(Ref.: the team's 8-2 start)
"We just have to get better every day. We just take things one day at a time. If you try to think about too much at one time, you just overload. We need to get better each day and win the day, as coach says."

Head Coach Zach Spiker
(Ref.: his team's performance)
"I was proud of our effort. I think they're a really good basketball team. They played with a little bit more emotion to start the game, and built themselves, not so much a lead, but rather some confidence. They went into the half down one and were feeling good. We responded when we needed to. It wasn't ideal, but you know what? It's a win, and we get to learn while we're winning, and we have a lot to learn from."

(Ref.: Army's effort)
"I think they hit some shots that gave them confidence. The other side of that was as the game wore on, there were a couple of mental lapses on defensive assignments, but it had nothing to do with our effort. I was happy with our effort, again. The problem today was the execution level didn't match our energy level. Our energy was high. Everyone talks about finals, but there are no excuses in terms of that. I thought our energy level was great. The concern was our ability to execute. We had 12 assists and 20 turnovers in an entirely zone game, that's frustrating. We just need to do a better job with the basketball. I'm pleased with our effort. I'm happy for these seniors. We continue to learn, and right now we continue to win."

(Ref.: ending on a positive note before the holiday break)
"We can end on a positive note. There is a game on Tuesday, but we have practice on Sunday and practice on Monday so we have three days to really improve. What we need to do is take advantage of these next two days. The score will take care of itself on Tuesday. What we need to do is make sure we're trending toward our best basketball in March. I think we're doing that. I'm proud of the way we answered some adversity today."
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