Army-Florida Gulf Coast Postgame Quotes

Army Head Coach Jim Crews

(Ref.: Florida Gulf Coast)

“They have very good players. I kept telling our guys that. People get fooled because they’re a first-year Division I program, but they have transfers from conferences like the Big Ten and the MAC. They’re older too. They have four or five seniors.”


(Ref.: The team’s overall performance)

First of all they’re good. Second, we were just awful defensively in transition in the first half. They got five or six threes because we were scrambling around and not finding a man. They did a great job exposing that. The flip side was, defensively, we really created some things in the second half. We got the ball knocked loose quite a bit, we got the ball up floor and got some buckets.”


(Ref.: Marcus Nelson’s play)

“I thought Marcus did an excellent job. We’re really trying to work on him in terms of being more offensive minded. He’s always done a good job being the quarterback,’ but we have to get him screening, cutting and scoring.”


(Ref.: The first half performance)

“The first half was disappointing for me because we really had a good week of practice. Sunday was a disappointing loss. We played alright, but we just didn’t make enough plays. We came back Tuesday and Wednesday with really our best practices of the year. That was really great to see the kids respond and have that resiliency. We really dug in during the second half.”


(Ref.: Marcus Nelson and the other players’ offense picking up Jarell Brown)

“He’s got to get to the core of the defense, and I thought he did a good job of that tonight. He had seven assists and 14 points. He had one steal, but got his hands on quite a few balls. We have to have five guys that are offensive minded. We’re getting there. Nate Hedgecock came in and did a real nice job for us tonight.”


(Ref.: Nelson running the fast break)

“I thought he was really on balance. He made the defense commit one way or the other so he could either pull up for the shot or make a play. There were a lot of opportunities on the break tonight, and I thought for the most part, we were very successful.”


(Ref.: Doug Williams)

“He didn’t have a full practice until the VMI game. He’d practiced about 15 minutes on Friday and then we threw him in there Saturday. He does a lot of great things, not only rebounding, but he cleans some things up for us defensively. He’s going to score some points for us. He’s not going to be 15 or 20 a night, but he’s going to score some points for us.”


Sophomore G Marcus Nelson

(Ref.: The other players scoring to take pressure off of Jarell Brown)

“I think helping out Jarell was really important tonight. The difference between this game and the rest of this year was we had to get out, cause some turnovers and get into the open floor a little bit. I got a lot of points in the open court.”


(Ref.: About becoming more aggressive on offense)

“My coaches have really been getting on me about just standing around. They’ve been on me about it all year. In practice this week, I’ve been working on seeing the angles and just going. It doesn’t matter how tired you are or if your legs are burning, just keep doing it and good things will happen.”


(Ref.: On the team’s performance)

“We didn’t do a great job of taking care of the ball, and that’s essential to our offense. On defense, we just wanted to get back and make stops on every possession. We really take pride in getting back, staying in front of our man and playing defense.”

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