Army Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Zach Spiker
(Ref.: his thoughts on the game)
“We won a different way, and I’m happy that this is a terrific learning experience. Win or lose, we’re going to learn from it, but it’s much better to learn this way.”

(Ref.: Bryant’s three-point shooting)
“That’s a team that typically shoots 30 percent for the season (from three) and they go 53 percent, 8 for 15, in the first half. Those are the ones when you grab the stat sheet halfway through the first half to see if you read the numbers wrong. They cooled off a little bit in the second half. Hopefully, it had something to do with our guys’ sense of urgency. At the same time, I think they were very hot in the first half. If they kept it going, they deserved to win the game.”

(Ref.: Cleveland Richard)
“He’s been very good. I think he’s always been a talented scorer, but the number that jumps out to me tonight is six rebounds. He had no turnovers and on top of that he had five steals. He had eight against Princeton, and I think Cleveland will tell you that he’s not the quickest guy out on the court, but he’s a veteran. He knows what position he needs to be in. He’s in the right spot and he makes good plays. He’s a good passer on the offensive end. Good passers and good defenders see the court well, and he takes advantage of that skill on the defensive end.”

(Ref.: Ella Ellis)
“He’s not shy when he gets in there. He’s not shy on the defensive end to mix it up, and he’s not shy on the offensive end to get some shots up. That’s’ what we need. We need our younger guys to help us because once we get into the grinder of the Patriot League it’s going to be something where we have to call on everybody on this bench.”

Freshman F Ella Ellis
(Ref.: adjusting to the college game)
“It’s really been hard to adjust from high school to the prep school then to here. In high school, I played in the post and at the prep school I played guard so coming here I’ve had to kind of find my way into a position. Coach always tells me to be aggressive. My teammates always want me to be aggressive. In the first five games, I was kind of feeling it out. I was really nervous. Today, we needed somebody to step up so I came out on the floor and was aggressive.”

(Ref.: playing on a senior-laden team)
“Our seven seniors are great. Cleveland Richard is my mentor. We talk every day. He helps me out with school and helps me on and off the court. Everybody – Jon Sizemore, Eric Zastoupil, Chris Walker – all of them, are a big part of all the freshman on our team.”

(Ref.: Army’s defensive effort)
“When Coach Spiker came in he said we’re going to pride ourselves on defense so we end and begin practice with defense. Coach (Jim) Platt drives us every day in practice. We’re not going to stop practice until we get three stops in a row. That’s what’s gotten us this far.”

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