Zach Spiker Postgame Quotes

(Ref.: the team’s overall performance)
“I’m very, very happy with the effort. Win or lose, we had a terrific effort today. That’s the thing that sticks out even when you look at the numbers. There’s tremendous satisfaction for our class of seniors to make the improvement from the tough night last Friday turning the ball over to a very respectable number tonight. It was a terrific effort.”

(Ref.: rebounding and taking care of the ball)
“We have three goals throughout the season that are going to be consistent. One is rebounding, another is valuing the basketball, which I don’t think we hit the mark last Friday, but certainly we did tonight and we’re on the road to make an improvement in that category. The other is defending the drive, and we had a terrific overall game defending. They got some buckets late because they were driving and we didn’t want to foul, but overall it was a terrific performance and great effort.”

(Ref.: coming back after LIU cut the lead to one point)
“We talked about poise versus pressure tonight before the game. Last week we saw some pressure and we didn’t have the best poise the whole night. Tonight, we had great poise versus pressure. We were able to run a couple of sets, get a layup for Jeremy Hence, which was huge, and get a three for Julian Simmons in the corner and everyone has great confidence in his shooting ability. That poise, that leadership, that character, it’s that attitude that this group has been there before.”

(Ref.: defeating LIU)
“It is a very good team. They’re very talented. They’re picked second for a reason. They have some terrific guard play and individual talent. I was just really proud of the overall effort to respond to their run. So many times you see teams have a big lead, then it gets tight and then they get tight and turn the ball over and kick it around a little bit. Tonight it got tight, but we didn’t get tight. We executed and that was terrific.”
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