Follow Army Men's Basketball On Twitter

Follow Josh Herbeck and the Black Knights on Twitter.

Follow Josh Herbeck and the Black Knights on Twitter.

Sept. 18, 2012

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Army fans will be able to get all the latest news, including real-time game day updates, by following @Army_MBB on Twitter. The Black Knights will announce their 2012-13 schedule via the new handle on Wednesday.

The new page is part of Army Athletics' expanded social media program that will include specific pages for each of Army's sports.

The new @Army_MBB should be every Army fans' choice to follow. In addition to providing news and information, it will be a prime source of information on game day. Updates onpromotions and in-game updates will be provided each game.

Army will still maintain its @ArmyAthletics handle. The first home of Army Athletics on Twitter will continue to be the main feed for major announcements in Army Athletics. ArmyAthletics will focus on news, links and other information concerning the athletic department, while sport-specific handles will carry in-game updates and detailed sport-specific content.

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