Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Jim Crews

(Ref.: American’s Garrison Carr)
“Carr’s a great player. What I like about him, is that if I’m correct, he didn’t play a whole lot as a freshman, and he’s gotten in there and he’s made himself, not only an excellent offensive player, but an excellent defensive player. He did a good job on Jarell. They have good team defense, and that’s part of it too. I have a lot of respect for Carr, and how he’s handled his career in terms of getting better and better.”

(Ref.: His team’s performance)
“We played alright. We played better in the second half for the most part. They’d make big buckets when they needed to or get fouled. We got it within shouting distance pretty quickly, but just couldn’t get over the hump. We missed a few good looks, and we made some defensive breakdowns that cost us and would take it from five to eight or four to seven, whatever the difference was.”

(Ref.: American’s success at the foul line)
“They’ve hurt us in all the games with free throws. We try not to foul, obviously, but that’s easier said than done. Those kids are all aggressive, and they play well as a team. They know each other’s assets.”

(Ref.: Army senior Jarell Brown)
“Everyone knows Jarell. We don’t have a lot of scorers so the focus is on him. It’s amazing how well he’s done in his career and this year because of that. He’s a kid that plays 40 minutes a game. He’s a kid that’s had terrible feet for three years. He’s had big-time foot problems, and he’s had a bad back since we played Lafayette the first time. He gets back spasms all the time. I have all the respect for him. He gets kind of beat up, and I overplay him. He’s done an amazing job.”

(Ref.: The scoring runs during the game)
“I think the game was kind of who we are. We played a lot of good basketball, and I thought we played a lot of not-so-good of basketball. We’re all good, but not consistent in the things we’re working to get done. The game symbolized where we are as a team.”

(Ref.: Army’s four seniors)
“They’ve been great. The four seniors all have different stories about what their career was all about, but the one theme is they’ve all had great careers. They understand what sports are all about. They serve their teammates, they serve the program, they’ve represented West Point, and they’ve represented their families in a first-class fashion. They were doing things for the program and the team that no one sees even some of their younger teammates. The guys in the locker room know who has great careers. There is always going to be a newspaper or Sports Illustrated, and they’re going to say who has a great career because they scored a lot of points, but teammates around the country know who has a great career. We have four guys who had great careers. I’m very fortunate and very blessed to have been a small part of that in terms just being involved. I’m blessed to be around those types of people. “

(Ref.: The future of Army basketball)
“We’re very excited about the future. The sophomores last year were just young, wet-behind-the-ear guys who had great energy and did well for us. They had such solid leadership in terms of these seniors and last year with Matt, Cory, Jimmy and Marshall. Now, all of a sudden, they’re a little bit older and more responsibilities come their way in terms of leadership and on the floor. Now you have to pass the knowledge in terms of the game plan instead of Matt Bell telling you or Grant Carter telling you. I think this year they were probably typical sophomores kind of in between. They’re not there yet in terms of understanding responsibilities and knowing what it takes to get it done, but they have their feet wet a little bit. We’re excited about that. I think we’re going to see some kids that really mature.”

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