Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Jim Crews

(Ref.: His team’s comeback)
“They were very resilient. We kept talking about having to earn this. It wasn’t just going to happen. You have to keep plugging away and doing the things we’re supposed to be doing. We knew Lehigh would really fight hard, and I knew our kids would fight hard. We just kept saying we have to have purpose when we fight. You just can’t fight with your head down and start swinging. You have to know what you’re hitting once in awhile. We had some droughts offensively. I think we were stuck on 17 for about a month and a half, and then early in the second half we weren’t very good offensively. We got better as the game went on. We stayed with it. Even during that time we got in the double bonus, and I thought that was very beneficial to us.”

(Ref.: Doug Williams in overtime)
“Doug’s free throws were huge. Doug rebounded really well for us in the second half. Jarell did a good job. They concentrate so darn much on him, that it opened up some things for us and we took advantage enough - maybe not a whole lot, but enough.”

(Ref.: Josh Miller’s performance)
“And he had nine rebounds. He had a great stat line in terms of points, rebounds and assists to turnovers, and he handled the ball for us. He guarded tough players. I thought we did a really good job on Marquis Hall. He’s one of the premier guards in the conference and Marcus (Nelson), Rickey (Royal) and Josh did a real nice job on him. (Bryan) White got away from us this game. He had a great game.”

(Ref.: Losing to American twice during the regular season)
“It’s one game. You can take the last two chapters, and they’re totally irrelevant. It’s a 40-minute game, and the team that makes the most plays and executes better is going to win the game. We’re just concentrating on getting better. We’re goofy sometimes, and we’re pretty good sometimes. We just have to get better every day.”

(Ref.: The defensive plan on Lehigh’s final possession)
“Nothing special. He’s such a good player. He can knock in a three, he can drive it in there, and he’s an excellent passer so he puts the trifecta problem on you. We just wanted to keep everybody in front of us and hold our ground like we try to do on every other possession.”

(Ref.; Josh Miller’s scoring)
“I had no idea he had that many points. They do a great job on Jarell, and we were able to get some open drives and open slips because they were hugging Jarell. Jarell’s man was not going to play team defense. He was going to take care of Jarell. I thought our guys did a good job of taking advantage.”

(Ref.: His comments to the team down by seven points with less than four minutes left)
“Our guys are pretty resilient. We told them to keep hanging in and keep pounding. We had to earn some things. It’s not going to be given to you. It starts on the defensive end, so let’s get a stop. Then let’s value the ball and get a good crack at it. We had some decent shots that we didn’t convert, but our guys did a good job of getting into the double bonus. We shot free throws well, and shot a lot for us.”

Sophomore G Josh Miller

(Ref.: The importance of the victory for the program)
“It is definitely the biggest win for this program, but we’re looking forward to winning two more. We have American coming up, and we have to prepare. We’re definitely going to enjoy it, but we have to get ready for American.’

(Ref.: The team’s mindset in the final minutes)
“We’ve been here before. We’ve been in many close games this season two points here, two points there so we’ve learned over the course of the season if we don’t beat ourselves, we’re going to win, or at least have a fighting chance to win. Coach talks about that all the time. Great teams don’t beat themselves. That was a focus we had coming into tonight.”

(Ref.: The team’s attitude after the win)
“We’re not satisfied. We’re doing a lot of great things as a program. We’re coming along and getting some wins we haven’t had in years, like sweeping Bucknell, but at the same time we want more than that. We’ve been the laughingstock for awhile, and we’re here to get respect. We want our respect.”

(Ref.: Winning in the Patriot League Tournament for the second year in a row)
“We’re very proud of where we’ve come from as a program to where we are now, but we’re not satisfied with one victory. Last year we won here and then laid an egg at Bucknell. We’ve got that in the back of our minds, and we’re going to be more focused and more determined and try to get past American.”

(Ref.: Stepping up to take on the scoring role)
“Every night guys are looking to take Jarell (Brown) away. He’s our best scorer. He’s our leader offensively and defensively. He’s our spirit. He’s done a lot for us this season so when other teams are looking to take him out someone else has to step up. Myself, Marcus Nelson, Cleveland Richard, Doug Williams someone has to step up and take that role. Jarell did a great job of taking on those double teams and passing out of them. That’s how I scored a few buckets tonight. He kicked it to me out of a double team, and I was fortunate enough to score.”

(Ref.: The final defensive stand)
“Defensive pressure is key. We have to make sure we get a hand up on the shot or a pass flick the little things that will slow up the offense for maybe just that one second and give us time to recover. We went locked in to get that one stop. One stop is all you need sometimes, and we were fortunate enough to get it.”

(Ref.: His thoughts on the team’s chances versus American)
“We know we can play with anyone. The conference has shown that anyone can beat anyone else. That’s the great thing about our conference. There’s a lot of competition. It’s going to be a great game Sunday afternoon, and we’re looking forward to playing. American beat us twice this year so we’ve got to come out and go. No half-stepping on Sunday.”

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